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Indian Army Soldier GD Syllabus, Exam Pattern, Sample Papers PDF 2019

Join Indian Army GD Syllabus 2019:- Start preparation using Army GD Syllabus PDF In Hindi and get Indian Army Exam Pattern 2019 and Indian Army GD Sample Paper/Old Question paper PDF File for better practice. Every year the Indian Army Service holds the recruitment/bharti every now and then for the vacancy in the different post in the service and the recruitment /bharti is held in the different regions of the Indian sub continent.

The bharti rallies or the recruitment attracts a massive gathering of the youths of the country who look forward to be recruited into the service with their dreams of serving the country and there are some who carry the dreams of their beloved ones.

However the recruitment process is of toughest level but not impossible because the recruitment process or the bharti is cleared by huge number of new cadets who are eligible and have the quality to overcome the toughness of the recruitment procedure.

Any candidate with the required eligibility,quality and qualification is able to be recruited in the service with a good preparation and the determination to be selected for the service in one of the honorable and glorious field of  service known as the Indian Army. Since there are various stages of the recruitment procedure  such as the physical test,medical test ,the written test and finally the commission training which should be cleared by any cadet to be commissioned in the service of Indian army.

But in this article we will discuss  only about the written test which is a tricky test for the candidates,here we will provide the interested candidate with the information regarding the syllabus for the exams,exam pattern,sample papers,marks distribution subject wise and the marks required to clear the written test.Some suggestions will be provided for the candidates to help them regarding the preparations for the written test. Buy Indian Army GD Book and check Indian Army Recruitment 2019 for all post.

Indian Army Soldier GD Exam Syllabus In Hindi 

Due to the reason there are number of students who are unable to clear the written test because of poor information encase of the written test,as the test for the recruitment covers some of the major subjects that provides a vast section for the questions. Check out the Indian Army GD Syllabus In Hindi and prepare for the Written exam.

Even the scale of the syllabus the candidate has to cover to  pass the written test the recruitment of the new candidates are the living proof that with the wright preparations and dedication a candidate can clear all the recruitment stages and then clear the written test because at the end all you need is preparation for the the whole recruitment specially for the written test and some faith in yourself that makes you believe that its not impossible to pass the written test.

  1. The written exams for the GD is conducted based on the syllabus  under the subjects that is set according to the authorities of the Indian military service.
  2. The written test conducted are for overall 100 marks which is distributed subject wise and the total time for the written test is of 1 hour.
  3. The candidates are given the question pattern of the multiple choices where the candidate has to select one of the given 4 options as the answer to that specific question.
  4. There are 100 questions given in the written test and each of the question carries 1 mark and a candidate must score a minimum of total of 32 marks to clear the exam.
Download Indian Army Syllabus PDF 2019:- 

 Indian Army GD Exam Pattern 2019 (PDF File)

1).General Knowledge for 30 marks
2).Greneral Science for 40 marks
3).Maths for 30 marks respectively.

*Total marks of the written exam is:100 marks
*Total number of questions:50 questions.
*Question type:Multiple choice
*Duration of the exam :1 hour
*Marks required to pass the written test :32 marks/32%.

Passing Marks
General Knowledge
32 Marks
General Science

The candidate must answer all the question according to his knowledge and intelligence since any misbehavior of the candidate during the written test shall see the rejection of the candidate and shall be expelled form the recruitment/bharti  so it is advised that a candidate appears the written within the rules of the examination. You can Download and save the Indian Army GD Exam Pattern 2019 and Exam Pattern PDF File from here.

The questions that are set are usually based on the syllabus similar to that of the syllabus of the 10th standard,so it can be assumed that the question are all not that tough and out of the syllabus question may not be the problem.

But the preparation shall be done thoroughly for a certian period of time but with the determination adn dedication if the candidate wants to pass the written test will flying colours.

Indian Army Soldier GD Exam Syllabus 2019

Now lets discuss in brief about the subjects that we need to focus upon and in which the written exams are conducted and all the questions that are set from. There are three major sections of subjects in which the candidate has to prepare and has to appear during the written test. Check below Indian Army GD Soldier Syllabus 2019 and Download the Army GD Syllabus PDF File for your better help.

Following are the sections of the subjects for the written test:

1). Army GD General Knowledge (GK) Syllabus:- 

This section of among the others yields the most diverse question ass the question are based upon the general knowledge where the candidate must improve his Gk for passing the written test.
The question are of multiple choice so there is some relief in it but it also makes confusing for the candidates,so it is suggested that the candidate must remain calm during the written test and while answering the questions.

Some of the important topics upon which the question for for the GK section is set for the written test are;

a).Award and Prizes:- National awards,Gallantry awards,Noble prizes.
b).Terminology:-Geographical terms,Economical terms,Legal terms.
c).History:- Indian history,world history,National movements pre-independence & post-independence.
d).Geography:-World geography,Indian geography.
e).Sports:-National and International.

Question From
National and International both
Battles & dates in Indian as well as world History. Important dates and national movement
Common object and phrases, Scientific, places, people etc
Geographical, economic and Astronomical terms, Legal terms etc.
Solar System, Desserts, Peaks Lakes, waterfalls, questions on biggest and tallest etc
Awards & Prizes              
Gallantry Awards, National-International Awards, Nobel Prizes etc
Other Topics     
Books and Authors, UNO, Indian Armed forces, States and Capitals, UTs, Researches, Festivals of India and the world, Current Affairs etc
The mentioned above are the important section which is the source for the questions set in terms of GK(General Knowledge question pattern).Although the section is vast,still there are good source of  information that can be gained and utilized by the candidate for the preparation of written test.

NOTE:- Newspapers, weekly or monthly magazines such ;wisdom ,Readers digest,watching the national or international news channels may provide the candidate with some of the beneficial information regarding the national and international issues.

The candidates can go through the books of 9th and 10th classes for the information regarding the History and Geography sections.The section of GK provides varieties of questions that needs to be answered precisely by the candidate and the section of GK is the reliable section where there is possibility for scoring maximum marks by the candidate which only helps himself during the written test results.So preparations should be done for the toughest question pattern possible.

2) Indian Army GD General Science Syllabus PDF:- 

This section of General science contains the highest marks allotment among the other sections which carries a total marks of 40% from a total of 100%.So it is considered to be the most important subject for the written test.But with the wright preparations and the proper source of information regarding this particular section can make a candidate eligible to handle the section with ease.

Thus the proper preparation should be done and the information gathered should be of reliable source. Here are listed below some of important topics under which the section of General science from which  the questions are set for the written test:

a).Biology:- Basic biology such as the human body(organs ,functions,structure,parts of the body,etc.)and day to day activities.
b).Scientific section:- Scientific names of basic organisms(8th,9th,10th standards) and terms used often in daily life and Research institutes (established,founder,fulform,etc.)
c).Physics:- Basic or general physics related to  the day to day activities(8th,9th,10th standard based).
d).Chemistry:- Basic or General chemistry for day to day activities(name of the chemical,scientific  symbols of the chemicals,based upon 9th,10th standard).

Question From
General Biology
General Questions related to day to day activity (General Physics)
General Chemistry)
Scientific Terminology   
Commonly used scientific terms in day to day life

NOTE:- Since this section is based upon the general science  and the syllabus are extracted mostly from the primary syllabus of the 9th and 10th classes.So the basic need of information for any candidate can be gathered mostly form the books of the 8th,9th,10th standards. Even there are books recommended for this section which come with reasonable price.

If the candidate is willing to prepare for a certain period of time with the dedication to pass the section of general science then it is possible for any individual to pass it with the proper preparation and information.A well prepared individual would have the wright information to pass the section scoring better marks.

3) Indian Army GD Mathematics Syllabus:- 

The most confusing section among all would be preferred as the section of mathematics which includes the numeral problems,fractions and of all the topics of the geometry ,algebra tends to makes it a tough section when compared to the other sections.

However without the solution there is no existence of the problems in case of life and since maths was the creation of man it is advisable that the problems of maths always lies in the question and with the practice under good care shall see a candidate clear this section without any problem.

Since the questions set in this section is mostly form the syllabus of 8th,9th,and majority from 10th standard,so the suggestion would be that it is easier to go through all the basic maths and solving problem from the mathematics books of 8th,9th,and 10th standard. Here are some of the topics under this section which may help a candidate to have a light of information for the candidate to focus on:
  1. Mensuration:- Study of area and perimeter of squares,rectangle,cubes,circles(is found in the books of 9th ,10th standard books of any board).
  2. Geometry:- study of lines,triangles,quadrilaterals,parallelograms,and circles(available in 9th and 10th standard books of any board). 
  3. Arithmetic:- Study of simple interest,compound interest,HCF,LCM,fractions,square roots,ratio and proportion profit & loss,work & distance(based upon the books of 9th,10th).
  4. Algebra:- Study of basic operations,factorization,HCF,LCM and quadratic equations(9th ,10th standard based).

Question From
Lines and angles, triangles, circles, quadrilaterals, parallelograms
Area and perimeters of rectangles, squares, circle, parallelogram. Volume and surface area of cube, cylinder, sphere etc.
Questions on Work, time & distance, simple and compound interest, HCF, LCM, Decimal, Fraction, Square roots , questions on average, ratio, proportion, profit, loss etc.
Basic Algebra operations, factors and quadratic equations etc.
NOTE:- The questions set for the section is based upon the basic problems from the maths of the 9th and majority from the 10th standard. Since it is the section of the maths the questions should be solved with every step being accurate along with the answer.

How To Prepare For Indian Army Soldier GD (Written Exam)

A candidate can start the preparation straight form learning the basic formulas of the different topics within the section and solve problems based or related to the topics and the syllabus of the section.
Preparation for a certain period of time shall improve the ability of solving mathematical problems faced by a dedicated candidate.

As the questions are generally basic one and studied by the candidate during his schooling periods.
The best form of practicing maths will be preparing with the students of 10th standard or 12th standard from science background which may help the candidate to figure out the mistakes and to improve in this particular section.


Since the recruitment process for the Indian Army bharti or recruitment is of the toughest level that includes the written exam among the other section.The section or the written test selection is based upon the intelligence ability of the candidate who should clear the written test with the required marks from the total mark of the exam.

The written exam is conducted with form the syllabus of the three major subjects as mentioned above with the marks distribution as given,due to the written exam being a intelligence test the questions are of its toughest level.

The reason for that makes its a tough one is the syllabus and the topic the three section covers as it provides with a expandable section with various or numerious choices quetstions  that that can be set.
However the written exam can be passed by any candidate if the preparation are done according to the syllabus an the topics within a suitable period of time before the written exam.

Indian Army GD Written Exam Sample Papers PDF File Download 2019

All candidates who want to clear the Indian Army GD Written Exam, they all need to prepare very well for the exam. One of main part of preparing is old question paper of Army GD Sample Paper 2015, 2016 and 2017 years. Here we will update very soon all 4 to 5 previous year Army GD Sample Paper or Question paper. 

Large number of new recruits are taken into the service every year and it is one of the reason to believe that with the preparation and the reliable information and knowledge the written exams can be cleared.

Download Indian Army GD Sample Paper:- PDF

Here are some of my personal and reliable source for some important informations that may  be of some help:
Although these are my personal thought for the source of information  gathering.

  1. Newspapers,readers digest.
  2. News channels (National,regional,international).
  3. Television is also a good source for information.
  4. Libraries for public assistance.
  5. Learning app Specially for the general science section).
  6. Books of 9th,10th standard for all the three section as mentioned above(Any board )
  7. Internet site  provides with information in every field.
  8. Monthly or weekly magazines.
  9. Information can also be gathered from newly recruited service men
Any candidate who prepare with the sheer will and dedication with the proper routine and determiantion can clear the toughest written test for the Indian Army recruitment/bharti.
There are number of books that can be recommended for the preparation of written exam but the books can be fetched for a reasonable price so the best source to get it are from the public libraries. Hope this article of Indian Army GD sample Paper pdf 2019 and army syllabus related details will helpful you all guys. Comment for any queries and best of luck for your future, Jai Hind. 

TA Army Result 2019 - Territorial Army GD, Tradesman Officer Result

TA Army Result 2019 - Territorial Army GD, Tradesman Officer Result: All candidates who clear their TA Army Bharti 2019 all selection process and waiting for their TA Army Result for GD, Clerk, Tradesman, Nursing Assistant, Technical and Officer post. Then here you will get your Territorial Army Written Exam result. TA refers Territorial Army and also known as Territory. It is take second position in defence line after Indian Army. Presently approx 40000+ active personnel are attached with TA and work under this department.

TA is not a occupation or source of employment. This army force is for army employed people, Semi and central governemnt employed or for those employed candidate who have their own business. It has four zones(TA Zone 1, TA Zone 2, TA Zone 3, TA Zone 4) which consider various states and districts. Who want job in their profession and want to join Territorial Army are check the eligibility for TA General Duty(GD), Clerk, Tradesmen and other post of TA. TA HQ release zone wise result to all participants of TA recruitment.

Territorial Army one of the pleasured profession of India. It has five(5) group HQ of TA such as Southern command, Eastern command, Western command, Central command and Northern command. TA recruiting board release bharti only for male candidates, because TA does not release bharti for female candidates.

TA Army Result 2019 - Territorial Army GD, Tradesman Officer Result

Every year organization pass the schedule for TA army bharti for those interested candidates who want to join military after having a secure profession in particular field. TA such a most biggest unit of military which consider different task under the government of India. The whole unit of Territory are filled with various ranks of men officers. TA recruiting board hire applicants according to their performance. ANd the behalf of each selection round board upload result at territorial army official portal. TA result always declare separately for civilian entry applicants and Ex-service men.

As we know when TA board conduct the exam then two or three or more as much applicants participate for GD, Tradesmen, Clerk and all posts. After PIB(Preliminary Interview Board) or ASB(Army Selection Board) physical, written and medical test selection, board announce the official result of passed examinees.

If you are the examinee of instant TA exams, keep up to date with result section, TA result going to upload soon. TA applicants who well sited in written exam, now excited or scared to their exam result are able to see, print, and screenshot result via roll number, name or date of birth. TA exam examnees your waiting time is over, now the time is to check your performance result from TA official web page. TA Officer Result and Territorial Army Result 2019 download steps are here. Follow these steps.

How To Check TA Army Result 2019 - Officer Result

  1. Visit at
  2. If you want to see written exam result, then click on Written Exam Result(PIB).
  3. Then seclect the TA command and click on perticuler. 
  4. Then you will see text link of "Click here for eastern/ western/ northern/ southern/ central command result" click on them.
  5. Hereafter you will redirect on result pdf file. 
  6. Download it or print as you wish.  
  7. If you want to see Interview result, then click on PIB Interview Result.
  8. Then click on this PIB Interview Result text link.
  9. Then click on particular command(PIB) interview result or "RESULT OF PIB INTERVIEW 2019".
  10. Just clinking on this link you will redirect on Result of PIB interview 2019 command wise.
  11. Here you will verify your roll and name of candidates command wise.
Official Website:-

TA Army Result 2019 - Territorial Army GD, Tradesman Officer Result

All candidates need to follow the above steps for download their TA Army Bharti Result 2019 from the Territorial army website. All candidates will get their result pdf for the upcoming army rally. 

For more details about the TA Army bharti 2019 Result please visit the official website link. Best of luck to all of you for your TA Army Result.

Khasa Army Bharti 2019-20 Amritsar Khasa Army Rally Date

Khasa Army Bharti 2019-20: Join Indian Army is going to conduct the Indian Army Rally In Amritsar Khasa for the 2019 years. All candidates from the Tarn Taran, Pathankot, Gurdaspur and Amritsar can apply for the Khasa Army Recruitment rally 2019. Indian Army Khasa Amritsar is going to conduct army open rally for the Punjba state candidates. Every year Indian army boar d conduct this rally for the Punjab and other state candidates.

Now board invite candidates district wise and candidates need to fill their online application form for the Indian Army Khasa Army rally. Final date of recruitment rally will be organized here soon and candidates need to keep in touch with us for final date schedule of the rally. Indian Army board conduct this rally for soldier general duty, clerk, skt, tradesman, soldier technical and nursing assistant post.

All candidates from Amritsar need to fill online application form. Before fill the form you need to check you are eligible for the rally or not. All candidates whose age limit is between 17 Years 6 months to 23 years can apply for this upcoming army recruitment rally.

All candidates who are looking for khasa bharti date they all need to keep in touch with the official website for final date of the army rally. Khasa is a district comes under the Punjab and indian army board conduct the rally for all state candidates. All candidates who are practicing for Khasa Army Bharti 2019 they all need to keep in touch for the final date list.

Khasa Army Bharti Date 2019-20 Date Schedule 

Fill your online application form before the last date and form submission starting date, last date, bharti date, bharti venue related all information will be provided here. You need to practice regular for the Race and pull ups. The first physical test is race and maximum candidates out in their race. So you need atleast 3-4 months practice for qualify in the race. 

Final date of the bharti will be published on newspaper and official website. Once board declared the bharti notification then we will update here Khasa Bharti Date 2019 for all youngster of Amritsar, Khasa and Pathankot. 

  1. Organization Name:- Indian Army
  2. State:- Punjab
  3. ARO Zone:- Amritsar
  4. Post/Trades:- GD, Clerk,SKT,Soldier Technical, Tradesman, NA
  5. District:-  update soon
  6. Online Form Starting date:-  update soon
  7. Online Form Last Date:- update soon
  8. Admit Card:- update soon
  9. Bharti Date:- update soon
  10. Bharti Venue:- update soon

NOTE:- All district bharti date schedule will be updated here when board released new vacancy for the Khasa Amritsar candidates. 

ARO Jabalpur Open Bharti Rally 2019 - Eligibility Criteria

1. Age Limit:- 
  • GD:- 17 ½ to 21 Years. 
  • All other Cat:- 17 ½ to 23 Years. 
  • Havildar:- 20 to 25 Years
  • Religious Teachers:- 27 to 34 Years

2. Height:- 
  • Sol GD:- 168 cm
  • Sol Clerk/SKT:- 162 cm
  • Soldier Technical:- 167 cm
  • Sol Tradesman:- 168 Cm
  • Haviladar:- 168 cm
  • NA:- 167 Cm
3. Weight:- 
All category or trades candidates weight should be minimum 50 kg.

4. Chest:-

Chest should be 76 to 81 for Soldier Technical and Chest should be 77 cm without expansion and 82 after expansion for all other candidates.

5. Education Qualification:- 
  • Soldier GD:- Class 10th pass with 45% aggregate marks. No percentage required for 12th pass or graduate candidates.
  • Soldier Tradesman:- 8th Pass or 10th pass according trades.
  • Clerk/SKT:- 12th pass from any stream with 60% aggregate and 50% marks in each subjects. 
  • Sol Technical:- 12th pass with Physics, chemistry, maths and English. Also have 50 % aggregate and 40% marks in each subjects.  Or 10th Pass with 50 % marks and 3 years Diploma in engineering from AICTE institutes. 
  • Nursing Assistant:- 12th pass with 50% aggregate marks with Physics, Chemistry and Biology.  

6. Physical Fitness Test:- 
(a). 1.6 Km Running:- 
  • Group I:- 5 minutes 30 seconds (60 Marks)
  • Group II:- 5 Minutes 31 seconds to 5 Minutes 45 Seconds (48 marks).
(b). Pull Ups
  • 10 pull ups:- 40 marks
  • 9 pull ups:-  33 marks
  • 8 pull ups:- 27 marks
  • 7 pull ups:- 21 marks
  • 6 pull ups:- 16 marks
(c). Balance:- Qualify

(d). 9 Fit Ditch Jump:- Qualify

7. Required Documents:- 
  • Admit Card Black and White
  • Education Certificate
  • Domicile Certificate
  • Aadhar Card/Pan Card
  • NCC Certificate
  • Caste Certificate (For SC/ST/OBC)
  • Character Certificate
  • Unmarried Certificate
  • Sports Certificate (if have)
  • Photographs

Amritsar (Khasa) Army Rally 2019 Admit Card & Result

Admit Card is must for the written exam and physical test. You need to download your Khasa Army Rally Admit card for enter in army rally. Indian Army Admit Card will be available on official website after the last date of registration and before 15 days of army rally. 

Khasa Army Bharti Result 2019 and Indian Army Merit List will be declared after the written exam of the candidates. All candidates who will selected for written exam will get their final result of the exam after 2 week of the written exam. Candidates need to keep in touch with official website and with us for your final result. 

For more details about the Indian Army Amritsar Army Rally 2019 please visit the official website of Indian Army board. If you have any query regrading this army rally then you can comment here. Best of luck to all of you, Jai Hind. 

ARO Hamirpur Army Open Bharti 2019-20 - Una Army Rally

ARO Hamirpur Army Open Bharti 2019-20:- Fill online application form for Una Army Bharti 2019. Check Bilaspur Himanchal Pradesh (HP) Army Rally Recruitment Admit Card, Merit List, Result, eligibility criteria, height, weight and age limit details. Indian Army is the biggest armed force in India and 3rd number largest armed force. We feel proud to be an Indian and on our army.

Indian Army is the best army and so why maximum youngsters wants to Join Indian Army after their education. Boys complete their 10th, 12th class schooling and start practice for the Indian Army Bharti Rally. Indian Army is a government organization and provide various post vacancy for the all over India candidates. Every year huge number of applicants apply for the army rally and participates on the bharti rally.

Indian Army provide a secure future job and so why the competition for Joining Indian Army is also high. So guys if you want to make your career in Indian Army, then work hard for the physical standards and attend the rally. Main physical fitness test is Running, maximum candidates outs in the Race. Around 80% candidates are out from the first selection process that is Race. So practice regularly for the race and make your future in Indian Army.

Every year Army recruiting office Hamirpur conduct the army rally for the some districts of Himanchal Pradesh states. All candidates whose comes under the ARO Hamirpur, they all will get
their Hamirpur Army Recruiting Rally 2019 bharti notification very soon in the official website and on this website.

Board will update their official notification pdf very soon on its portal for the Hamirpur, Bilaspur, Una and some other districts of Himanchal Pradesh. Final date of covered districts and bharti venue will be updated here when board release Bilaspur Army Rally notification.

Hamirpur Army Bharti 2019 Important Details

Indian Army Bharti 2019 Important Details
Organization Name
Indian Army
Post Name
Soldier GD, Clerk, SKT, Tradesman, Technical and Nursing Assistant
Number Of Vacancies
Eligibility Criteria
Age Limit
17.5 Years to 21 Years for GD.
17.5 Years to 23 Years for Clerk, Tradesman, Technical, SKT & NA.
Educational Qualification
Minimum 10th & 8th Pass For GD Tradesman
12th Pass For Clerk, SKT, Technical and NA Trades
Selection Process
Physical Test
Running:- 1.6 Km
Pull Ups:- Minimum 6 Pull ups
Balance:- Qualify
9 Fit Ditch:- Qualify
Medical Test
Eye, Ear, Teeth and all other body Parts.
Written Exam
Final Exam
Important Links
Official Notification
Apply Online
Admit Card
Official Website

ARO Hamirpur Army Bharti Rally Recruitment 2019 - Date Schedule 

All candidates who are waiting for the Una Army Bharti Rally 2019, they all need to fill their online application form after the notification. Submit your form before the last date of Army online form submission. Eligibility criteria, date schedule, age limit, height, weight, chest, educational qualification and required documents related all details is below. All interested and eligible candidates can apply for the General Duty, Clerk, SKT, Soldier Technical, Tradesman and Nursing Assistant post.

Una bharti date and ARO Hamirpur army rally date schedule districts wise will be updated here when notification will be updated on official website. Before this we provide here all the important details and information about the army rally. Online registration is necessary for all the candidates. Register yourself on the army site with correct details. Fill your Hamirpur Army Rally Online application form with correct details and download the pdf of the form for further use.

  1. Organization Name:- Indian Army
  2. State:- Himanchal Pradesh
  3. ARO:- Hamirpur
  4. Post/Trades:- GD, Clerk,SKT,Soldier Technical, Tradesman, NA.
  5. District:- Bilaspur, Hamirpur and Una.
  6. Online Form Starting date:-  updated soon
  7. Online Form Last Date:- updated soon
  8. Admit Card:- updated soon
  9. Bharti Date:- 10 October to 16 October 2018
  10. Bharti Venue:- Hamirpur

All district bharti date schedule will be updated here when board released new vacancy for the Himrpur Bilaspur Una HP candidates. 

HP Hamirpur Open Bharti Rally 2019 - Eligibility Criteria

1. Age Limit:- 
  • GD:- 17 ½ to 21 Years. 
  • All other Cat:- 17 ½ to 23 Years. 

2. Height:- 
  • Sol GD:- 166 cm
  • Sol Clerk/SKT:- 162 cm
  • Soldier Technical:- 163 cm
  • Sol Tradesman:- 166 Cm
  • NA:- 163 Cm
3. Weight:- 
All category or trades candidates weight should be minimum 48 kg.

4. Chest:-
Chest should be 77 cm without expansion and 82 after expansion for all other candidates.

5. Education Qualification:- 
  • Soldier GD:- Class 10th pass with 45% aggregate marks. No percentage required for 12th pass or graduate candidates.
  • Soldier Tradesman:- 8th Pass or 10th pass according trades.
  • Clerk/SKT:- 12th pass from any stream with 60% aggregate and 50% marks in each subjects. 
  • Sol Technical:- 12th pass with Physics, chemistry, maths and English. Also have 50 % aggregate and 40% marks in each subjects.  Or 10th Pass with 50 % marks and 3 years Diploma in engineering from AICTE institutes. 
  • Nursing Assistant:- 12th pass with 50% aggregate marks with Physics, Chemistry and Biology. 
  • Havildar Group X:- MA/M.Sc/MCA or BA//B.Sc/BCA/B.Sc.IT with B.Ed.
  • Havildar Group Y:- BA//B.Sc/BCA/B.Sc.IT  without B.ed. 
  • Religious Teacher:- Graduate from any institutes. 

6. Physical Fitness Test:- 
(a). 1.6 Km Running:- 
  • Group I:- 5 minutes 30 seconds (60 Marks)
  • Group II:- 5 Minutes 31 seconds to 5 Minutes 45 Seconds (48 marks).
(b). Pull Ups
  • 10 pull ups:- 40 marks
  • 9 pull ups:-  33 marks
  • 8 pull ups:- 27 marks
  • 7 pull ups:- 21 marks
  • 6 pull ups:- 16 marks
(c). Balance:- Qualify

(d). 9 Fit Ditch Jump:- Qualify

7. Required Documents:- 
  • Admit Card Black and White
  • Education Certificate
  • Domicile Certificate
  • Unmarried Certificate
  • Sports Certificate (if have)
  • Photographs
  • Aadhar Card/Pan Card
  • NCC Certificate
  • Caste Certificate (For SC/ST/OBC)
  • Character Certificate

Hamirpur (Bilaspur, Una) Army Open Bharti Admit Card 2019 

All candidates who registered in the army site and fill their online application form for the Hamirpur (HP) Army rally, need to download their admit card from the army website. For download Indian Army Admit Card you need to login in your profile and then click on the admit card. Print your admit card in black and white for the army rally. Without admit card, candidates are not allowed in the army rally site.

Admit card will be available after 1 or 2 days of the form submission last date and will be open before the bharti rally. So download Una Army Bharti Admit Card and participates on this army rally.

Indian Army Bharti Rally Una Hamirpur HP Merit List & Result 2019

All candidates who clear their physical test and medical test will be go for the next round that is Written Exam. Written Exam is the last selection process for the Indian Army. All candidates who attend the written exam will get the Indian Army result of written exam after 1 month on the army website and on some local newspapers. Selected candidates will get their name and roll number on the newspaper. In last candidates will get call latter for their joining. Best of luck to all of you for your future. Jai Hind.

Indian Army GD, Tradesman Eligibility Criteria, Age Limit & Selection Process 2019-20

Indian Army GD, Tradesman Eligibility Criteria & Selection Process 2019-20: Check Indian Army GD Soldier Age Limit, Height Weight Chart and all Qualification details PDF. Also check Indian Army Tradesman Eligibility Criteria, Physical and Educational Qualification details. The Indian army is served by the force of different regiments under the Indian Army where the new candidates are recruited by conducting the recruitment in various regions or the states of the Indian constitution. Among the various post in the Indian Army the GD recruitment is conducted frequently and the maximum number of new service men are recruited for the post of GD (General Duty).

These recruitment of new cadets are done commonly through the Army Bharti Rallies which is a open recruitment of new service men. Candidates are asked to be eligible and qualified to be enrolled for the bharti that requires specific educational qualification,physical health and medical stability and the intelligence test.

However there are certain field of service in the Indian Army that requires particular or specific eligibility criteria to be enrolled for the concerned post in the service of the Indian Army. Tradesman post in the Indian army is of high value as the service men in the section of tradesmen fulfill the  duty of connecting the personnel with the service they provide in their field of expertise and the assistance provide to the other field of service men.

Check here all the details about the Indian Army GD and Tradesman Post. Know what is the maximum age limit to join Indian army GD Post. Some candidates who want to Join Indian Army after 12th class, want to know about Indian army physical qualification & Educational Qualification details. So in this one article we put all details about the Indian Army GD Age Limit, Qualification Details, Height, Weight and Tradesman Post details. Check out all important points given below.

Indian Army GD Eligibility Criteria & Age Limit 2019-20

The recruitment for the tradesmen post is conducted according to the vacancy in the post and there are specific eligibility criteria to be fulfilled by the candidate applying for the post of  a tradesman.
There are the stages of the selection to be cleared by the cadets to be commissioned for the service in the Indian Army. All candidates who want to apply for upcoming Bharti rally, they need to know first about the Indian Army GD Eligibility Criteria. Tradesman candidates need to check Indian Army Eligibility criteria For Tradesman Post.

The recruitment phases for the selection of a candidate are such:-
1)Physical test
2).Medical test
3)Written test, and finally
4).The Commission training.

Although the candidate must clear the above mentioned 1st three tests to be selected,the latter training of the candidate known as the Commission training must be cleared by the candidate to be commissioned. The commission training is regarded as the toughest test of all that is for a period of 9 months.

Recruitment of new candidates for the GD(General Duty) is conducted in various regions with the eligibility criteria  depending upon the venue or place for bharti. The recruitment eligibility criteria state wise differs in the criteria of,Physical appearance such as the height,weight,chest,etc.

The process for the recruitment is done within the informed date,time and place,therefore it is necessary for the candidate to be present on the day of the recruitment. The candidates must show or submit the required documents and certificates in the day of the bharti/recruitment.

Indian Army GD & Tradesman Eligibility 2019 ( height, weight, age chart )

1).Age limit:-
  •  For GD Post:- Minimum age:17 years and 6 months during the day of the bharti.
      Maximum age:21 Years.
  •  For Tradesman post:-Minimum age:17 years and 6 months old.
     Maximum:23 Years.
2).Educational Qualification:-

  a).Candidate must be 10th pass from a recognized board(ANY BOARD).
  b).Candidates with higher educational qualification i,e.12th pass or a graduate are eligible fo bharti.

3).Martial Status:- Candidate must be unmarried to apply for the bharti/recruitment.


 a).Indian citizenship candidates.
 b).Nepalese citizen candidates
 c).Bhutanese citizen candidates.
 d).Tibetan candidates settled permanently in India are eligible for the bharti/recruitment.

5). Documents required:-

  1. a).Academic certificates according to the educational qualification of the candidate.
  2. b).Birth certificate to ensure the age eligibility of the candidate.
  3. c).Citizenship certificate
  4. d).Noc certificte incase of any criminal record.
  5. e)Domicile certificate.
  6. f)Aadhar card
  7. g).Character certificate(not less than 6 months old).
  8. h)20 passport size photos of the candidate.

Indian Army Selection Process For GD (General Duty Soldier) & Tradesman Post

Here is the complete selection process details for Indian Army GD and Tradesman post. Check all important point here and apply for Indian Army Bharti Rally 2019.

1). Registration for the bharti/recruitment:-

The candidate must enroll oneself through the online form fill up or by off lines means withing the deadline given by the authorities. All the information filled up in the from by the candidate must be genuine and the details should be the same when compared with the original certificates or documents of the candidate on the day of bharti/recruitment.

The mentioned above criteria are of top most importance that candidate must have to ensure his enrollment for the recruitment process to be followed.

The army bharti rallies are a open recruitment process for the new candidates and the process are followed as mentioned below.
  • Physical test
  • Medical test
  • Written test
  • Aptitude test(only for the Tradesman post recruitment)

2). Physical test:-

The physical test is the first step of the recruitment process where the candidate is examined for the physical fitness and the development of the body or the physique of the enrolling candidate.
Height of the candidate is measured first and then followed by the measurement of the weight and the chest of the candidate to make sure the physical development of the candidate.

These physical criteria for a GD candidate is different when compared to the state wise bharti where the height,weight,and chest for the recruitment are different.

However generally the required  physical criteria for the  candidate are;
  • a).Height:160 cm. Both for the GD and Tradesman post.
  • b).Weight:50 kg for the GD and 
  • c).Chest:77 cm without expansion and 5 cm more with expansion.
Ladakhi Candidates        
Nepalese, Indians and Gurkhas
Lakshadweep Group including Minicoy, Andaman Nicobar Islands
The Locals Candidates
Recognized tribal areas
Brigade of the Guards
Med Arty

After this steps of physical test the endurance and the physical fitness of the candidate is tested such as

a).Running:- A candidate must complete the run of 1 mile within the given time and the marks will be given based upon the time taken by the candidate to complete the run..

b).Pull ups:- The pull ups are based upon the fitness of the candidate,where the candidate can complete maximum number of pull ups in given time.
The marks are based upon the number of pull ups done by the candidate with in the time..

c).Push ups:- Push us are similar to the pull up process and the marks allotted are also the same.

d).Balancing and Jump test:- The balancing is one of the physical criteria a candidate must clear as to carry on with the task during GD.The test for the balancing and jumping is of no marks but the candidate must clear the test by performing his body balance during the test and jump of the candidate is tested by letting the candidate to jump a ditch of minimum 9ft.

3). Medical test:-

The physical test is then followed by the medical test of the candidate where the candidate must clear the test to be selected for the next phase. It is the most important test as a candidate can be rejected for a simple medical unfitness and candidates with medical issues are  considered not eligible.

To pass the test the candidate must be medically fit with no sign of any presence for long term illness or any medical drawback.Candidate must be mentally stable and should not contain any sign of illness as it may effect the candidate and the other service men.

The medical test usually consists of the following:
a).Eye sight
b).Hearing ability
c).verbal ability
d).Mental health
d).Urine examination
e).Oral health.

The candidates must be medically fit to be selected for the written test and the further tests for the commission. Candidates declared as temporarily unfit during the medical test cam approach the special review from a Army Medical Corps authority or a medical staff of the army for a particular fee.
However the candidate must submit the report within the deadline of usually 21 days..

4). Written test:-

Written test is a important test a candidate has to clear for their selection in the merit list and to move on to the next and the final test for the recruitment before the commission of the candidate.
The written test for the GD candidate are conducted on major subjects such as the;

a).General Knowledge(30 marks):- It is focused on the general knowledge of the candidate.The mentioned below are the topics the paper of GK is conducted on:-

1).History:Mostly based on Indian History.
2).Geography:Basically based upon the the geographial section of the Earth and  Indian geography..
3).Terminology:it consists of Economics,Astrology,Legal rights.
4). Other topics such as:UNO,Indian Armed Forces of India,Indian territory,Indian constitution,mostly the subjects is based upon the Indian region...

b).General science(40 marks):Basically the subject of general science is to test the basic knowledge of the candidate in terms of science.The general science is conducted upon the general science group such as:

 1).Human body
 5).Medical department
 6).Scientific sections.

c).Mathematics(30 marks):-The subject of maths comprises of the basic mathematics studied by the candidate during class 10 as most of the sections of the subjects deals with the basic mathematics problems taught in class 10 standard.This paper of maths are based on the sections of;

Aptitude test(Only for the Tradesmen post):- This test is conducted only for the candidates applied for the tradesmen post.The test is of importance as the candidate applying for the tradesman post must clear it.

The test will be conducted on the specific field for the tradesmen post applied by the candidate.
However the candidate has to pass the test and the secured marks by the candidate will be added into the final written test.

5). Merit list:-

The merit list is the final list of the candidates those who have been selected for the final training of the recruitment. The ranking in the merit list of the candidates will be based upon the performance of the candidate in the entrance exam and the other  sort of test the candidate cleared to be selected in the merit list.The merit list will be published on the dame day the written test was held or  will be updated online later according to the informed date by the authority..

6). Commission training:-

The candidates with their name in the merit list will be asked to be present at the informed training camp where they will be provided with their further training before being commissioned. The candidate must clear the commission training period of 9 case the candidate is unable to fulfill the training period of 9 months then the candidate will be rejected.

This stage of the training is of toughest level and the candidates are trained in the field of navigation ,weaponry,field training. Candidates who fulfill their commission training for 9 months will be commissioned after the completion of the training.

Indian Army GD, Tradesman Eligibility Criteria, Age Limit & Selection Process 2019

For any other details about the Indian Army GD Selection and Indian Army Tradesman Eligibility Criteria 2019 related details, you can comment here. We will solve your all queries regarding the Bharti Selection process in GD and Tradesman Post. Best of luck guys for your Future. 

UP Police Payslip 2019 Online | UPP Pay Slip, Constable Monthly Salary Slip

UP Police Payslip 2019 Online: Check UPP Pay Slip 2019UP Police Salary Slip, UPP Con Pay Slip details for Constable, SI, Inspector and other post. Know about upp pay slip for January, February, March, April, May, June, July, August, September, October, November and December month.

Uttar Pradesh Police is also known as UP Police. UP Police is a law enforcement agency of the Uttar Pradesh State. The headquarters of UP Police is allocated in Allahabad. This police force is headed by a DGP.

Uttar Pradesh police is a largest police force in the India and world. UP Police was formed in 1863. The main task of UP police is to maintain law and order in the UP state. UP is a biggest state in India and UP Police Zone is divided into 8 Police Zones.

Their are huge number of empoyees in the UP Police and all want to check their UPP Pay Slip. All emplyoee who work under the UP Police organization will get here uppolicepayslip downoading steps.

Every year UP Police board released number of vacancy for the youngsters and country peoples who want to make their career in Police Force. Apply for the UP Police if you are a citizen of India and citizen of UP state. UP Police board also released vacancy for the non UP candidates. So you have chances to get a Police job In UP.

How To Download UP Police Payslip 2019 - Step By Step Guide 

UP police Department is considered as one of the best police department in India. So all employees who are in UP Police and want to know about their UP Police Payslip 2019.

All candidates need to follow the given steps for check the upp pay slip. All steps are for your help, for download the UP Police Payslip you need to visit the official website of the UPPolice.

  1. For Download your monthly payslip you need to type up police nominal roll keyword. 
  2. Another step is open the given link that is
  3. Now a Uttar Pradesh Police Nominal Roll System page will open.
  4. Click on UP Police Payslip option. 
  5. Then a new page will open, fill the asked details in that page. 
  6. Enter your Personal Number, enter month and enter year and click on show report. 
  7. After this your uppolicepayslip will open in your screen.
  8. Take a print out of your payslip for further use. 

UP Police Monthly Salary Slip 2019 Rank Wise

All candidates who want to about the UP Police Salary Slip or Salary structure, they all get here Rank wise salary structure of up police.

1. Constable
  • Monthly Salary:- Up to Rs.20,200
  • Grade Pay:- Rs.7,200
2. Head Constable
  • Monthly Salary:- Rs.5,200 to Rs.20,200
  •  Grade Pay:- Rs.9,400
3. Assistant Sub-inspector
  • Monthly Salary:- Rs.5,200 to Rs.20,200
  • Grade Pay:- Rs.10,400
4. SI 
  • Monthly Salary:- Rs.9,300 to Rs.34,800
  • Grade Pay:- Rs.12,600
5. Inspector
  • Monthly Salary:-  Rs.9,300 to Rs.34,800
  • Grade Pay:- Rs.13,800
6. Assistant Commandant
  • Monthly Salary:- Rs.15,600 to Rs.39,100
  • Grade Pay:- Rs.16,200
7. Deputy Commandant
  • Monthly Salary:- Rs.15,600 to Rs.39,100
  • Grade Pay:- Rs.19,800
 8. Second-in Commandant
  • Monthly Salary:- Rs.39,100
  • Grade Pay:- Rs.22,800
9. Commandant
  • Monthly Salary:- Up to Rs.67,000
  • Grade Pay:- Rs.26,100
10. DIG
  • Monthly Salary:- Up to Rs.67,000
  • Grade Pay:- Rs.30,000
11. IG
  • Monthly Salary:- Rs.37,400 to Rs.67,000
  • Grade Pay:- Rs.35,000
12. ADG
  • Monthly Salary:- Rs.79,000
13. SDG
  • Monthly Salary:- Rs.75.500 to Rs.80,000
14. DG
  • Monthly Salary:- Up to Rs.80,000
NOTE:- Under 7th pay commission up police salary is increased by the board. 

Hope the given information and given steps will be helpful for download up police pay slip online. For any query you can comment here and ask your queries. Our Team will help you to solve your queries, Thanks to all of you, Jai Hind. 
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