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Territorial Army (TA) Exam Syllabus, Exam Pattern, Books PDF Download 2018

Territorial Army TA Exam Syllabus 2018 PDF:- Download TA Exam Pattern 2018 and Books PDF For Written Exam Preparation. Download Territorial Army Question Paper PDF of last 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014, 2013 & 2012 Years. The Territorial Army was founded under the Indian Military Act under the provision of the Constitution of the Indian Democracy for their assistance to the Regular Army of the Indian Military when required.

Territorial Army is among the armed force unit of the Central Armed Forces which is also a part of the regular army or the Indian Army which in times are entrusted to provide necessary support to the Indian Army when required.

They are also an active armed force in order to provide static duties and to assist the administration of the public sector during the events of natural disaster that hit various regions of the country to provide relief to the regional civilians and operate rescue missions of those who are stranded in those natural calamities. All candidates can check below TA Exam Syllabus 2018 and Download Territorial Army Exam Pattern 2018 PDF.

The armed unit of TA is also regarded to be the second line of defense with an approximate number of 200,000 plus  service men serving under the service of Territorial Army. Since the foundation of this unit has contributed large scale of service to the Indian Democracy in time of national security and has engaged in major conflicts of some of the major operations that of Indo-Pak war of 1962,1965 & 1971 and in some of the major operations that taken over the past time such as Operation Pawan,Operation Rakshak,Operation Rhino,etc.

The armed unit of the Territorial Army has been a major influence for the nation which has been an integral part of the Regular Army and has been honored with some of the highest gallantry awards that has been conferred to the service men for their outstanding duty and service.

The TA service men are some of the best men regarding their fields of service  which the unit has provided with exceptional level of assistance in term of national safety and the protection from the foreign threats. Check below TA Exam Books PDF For written exam preparation.

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Territorial Army Previous Year Question Paper PDF Download 

The TA unit has made its mark in the history of the nation and even in the present time the service of the TA unit is of the highest level there is as a armed force unit. This unit of the armed force has been active during the 1st & 2nd  World War which is regarded as one of the extreme warfare conflicts the world has ever witnessed till now. Download Last Previous Year 2013, 2014, 2015, 2016 and 2017 Question paper PDF.

Free Download Territorial Army Question Paper 2017 PDF and start preparation. The armed unit of TA recruits those individuals who are eligible to to enroll for the recruitment of the Territorial Army under the requirements and qualifications which are as prescribed by the selection board. Every year the recruitment for the TA unit are held and number of new cadets are elected through this recruitment,but only those cadets who are eligible  will be able to apply for the recruitment.

There are various selection stages that makes up the entire recruitment but among these selection stages the most important is the written exam test although the other stages are equally important for the candidates to clear.But due to the reason that massive number of cadets are shortlisted during the written test is because of the nature of the exam and the requirements to clear the exam are entirely different when compared to the other sets of selection test. Click on the below links for Download Territorial Army Question Paper PDF.

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  • Preliminary Interview Board  FEB 2015:- Click here
  • Preliminary Interview Board AUG 2015:- Click here
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Therefore in this article we will discuss the various information related to the written exams which are conducted during the recruitment of the new cadets for the new batch of the TA unit. Further on we will provide the interested individuals with the overall information regarding the exam pattern and the entire syllabus and the topics which covers the written exam of TA recruitment.

It has been suggested that in order to prepare for written exam for any armed force recruitment one must consider the information regarding the exam pattern and the syllabus that are prescribed for the specific exams because the information regarding the exam will certainly benefit the individuals during their preparation and while appearing the exams.

Here we are to provide the best information that has been acquired through various and legit source so that the candidates are able to get the best assistance and information which will be helpful for their preparation for the written exam of the TA recruitment. Hence further on the information regarding the written exam are mentioned in detail and the individuals are advised to go through each and every details for their own benefit.

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Territorial Army (TA) Written Exam Pattern 2018 PDF

If the candidates are to read out the information carefully than it would be easy for them to understand the overall exam pattern ,regarding the marks , question pattern, which is set for the written exams. However the exam pattern will be according to the pattern of the TA which will be set as prescribed by the selection board authorities. Check Territorial Army Exam Pattern 2018 and start preparation according the written exam pattern.

In order to clear the written exam test the candidates must score the minimum passing marks which will be mentioned below along with the entire exam patter that is set.

  1. Total Marks:- 200 Marks.
  2. Minimum Passing Marks:- 40 Marks(Each Section), & 50%  in aggregate in order to qualify the written exam.
  3. Question Pattern:- Objective Multiole Choice.
  4. Total Exam Time:- 2 Hours( 120 Minutes).
  5. Negative Marks:- 0.5 Marks ( 1 Mark for every two incorrect answer by the cadets).
  6. Exam Paper:- Section 1 & 2.
As mentioned above that the written exam for the TA recruitment consists of two different sections and which again covers various topics and syllabus as prescribed by the concerned board authorities.
The overall detail regarding the Section 1 & Section 2 will be mentioned below,but the candidates should know that the passing marks marks are set separately and also in aggregate therefore the cadets will have t pass each section with the required marks as mentioned and also in aggregate with the marks that is mentioned above. This is the details about TA Exam Pattern 2018 - 19.

So the mentioned above information are regarding the exam pattern which is set for the recruitment of new cadets during the written exams,following on we will be mention all the details regarding the exam syllabus and the topics that cover up the entire written exam questions.

Territorial Army (TA) Written Exam Syllabus 2018 & Topics List

Now this part of the written exam is bit tricky since it is already mentioned that the written exam will be conducted based on two different section which will cover various other syllabus and topics as prescribed by the authorities. Here is the Territorial Army Exam Syllabus 2018 details. Check paper section and topics name.

Further on the candidates will have to read the information carefully in order t understand the syllabus and the topics under the 2 sections of the written exams. Since the written exams consists of two major section,now let us discuss these section in details and provide better assistance to ensure that the individuals get the correct information and idea for the syllabus and topics portion.

Section 1:-

This section is comprised of two major subject or part which will cover the various syllabus of topics that have been prescribed for the specific part by the authorities and these two part of section one are :- Reasoning(Part 1) & Elementary Mathematics(Part 2).Each of the part will be conducted for 50 marks each which will be for 100 marks in total for the section 1.

1).Reasoning (Part 1):- 

This part of the section 1 is among the important syllabus that is included for the written exams and will be based on the reasoning ability of the cadets.It usually comprises of reasoning problems,logical problems and most importantly the state of  mind of the candidates.This syllabus is include to test the general ability of the candidates which is very important.

2).Elementary Mathematics(Part 2):-

The section of mathematics is among the complex subjects which has made some of the fascinating discoveries and inventions in the past time and in present due to which the subject of mathematics is considered to be the major syllabus which is included in every major competitive exams as it is necessary even to carry on the daily task.

However the part of elementary maths will cover some of the basic portion of arithmetic, algebra, trigonometry, geometry etc. The overall details and the topics under the part will be mentioned below.

Section 2:- 

Similar to section 1 this section will also cover two part which will cover various topics under the syllabus that has been prescribed for the written exam.The section will contain two of the most important and basic syllabus which is included such as the :-
General Knowledge(Part 1) & English( Part 2).Each part wlll be for 50 marks each.

1).General Knowledge(Part 1):- 

Since the General Knowledge part is among the vast syllabus that covers massive number of topics which include the topics of Current Events ,History,Geography, and that in terms of national or international level.This section is included usually to acquire the general ability or knowledge of the candidates.Therefore the entire part will depend upon the general awareness of the candidates.However the entire topics under this part will be mentioned below.

2).English(Part 2):-

As being used in the whole world and one of the founding and basic language the English subject has been the most  important of all therefore the knowledge of English is absolute for every candidates. This part will be based on the ability of the cadets in terms of general English.The English section will cover mostly the grammar section which is the basic requirement in order to obtain knowledge regarding English.The entire topics will be mention below.

So the above mentioned are the entire information regarding the written exam pattern and the syllabus and the topics that will cover the entire written exams for the recruitment of new cadets for the TA armed force unit.

Candidates are advised to goo through the entire information which will prove to be helpful for the candidates for their preparation which the individuals will do through various study materials.
For further information regarding the study material such as the books the individuals will be able to download on the form of pdf files.

Territorial Army Written Exam Books PDF File Download

There are various books that are recommended by the experts for the preparations of TA written exam which the candidates will fine it very helpful for their preparation.The candidates will be able to get this books through online methods and some in the form of pdf files that will be provide by the websites. You can buy these all Territorial Army Exam Books from the nearby book stores and can Download the Territorial Army Exam Books PDF from the official website.
There are various books which has found to be effective for the preparation for the written exam.
  1. 155 Essays by Arihant
  2. General English by Arihant
  3. General Knowledge 6250+Q
  4. Lucent General Knowledge
  5. A Modern Approach to Verbal & non verbal Reasoning by R.S Agarwal.
  6. Quantitative Aptitude by S Chand.

The mentioned above are the names of some of the effective books that will be helpful for the candidates while preparing for the written exams of TA recruitment. Candidates can also prepare through the study materials that are available such as the books of any educational board specially the 12th standard books.

Hope the Information that has been provide above are useful for the candidates who will be soon appearing their TA written exams.Individuals with any queries regarding the TA armed force unit are advised to leave their queries on the comment so that we are able to provide the information based on the queries. Best of luck to all of you, Jai Hind. 

TA Army Salary Structure 2018 - GD, Clerk, Tradesman Rank Wise Salary

TA Army Salary Structure 2018:- Check Territorial Army Soldier GD, Clerk, Tradesman, Technical Rank Wise Pay Slip, Military Service Pay, Pay Band and Pay Scale related details. Are you looking for Territorial Army Salary System, pension scheme, officer job profile related details, then we will discuss these all terms here.

There are various ranks of TA such that Lieutenant, Captain, Major, Lt.Colonel, Colonel, Brigadier, MG(Major General), Lt. General, Vice Chief Of Army Staff & Chief of Army Staff. Lieutenant, Captain, Major they all three are comes under pay-band scale is 3 means salary package are same but grade pay is different to each other (15,600-39100 with grade pay Rs.5400/ 6100/ 6600) of TA.

Lieutenant Colonel, Colonel, Brigadier & Major General are comes under pay-band 4 that means their salary start from 37,400-6700 to 80,000-90,000 with different suitable grad pay. Vice Chief of Army Staff (VCOAS) & Chief of Army Staff (COAS) get fixed salary without any grade pay.

TA refers Territorial Army, which also known as terriers. It was formed in October 1917 by British clutch, after independence of India, it officially inaugurated by the Governor General Mr. C Rajagopalachari in October 1949. It has been a integral part of regular army, which serves the regular army service.

It has five group HQ such as Eastern Command, Western Command, Northern Command, Southern Command & Central Command. These group of headquarter play most effective role to command the TA army. Every year HQ of TA offers huge vacancies for TA trades. Check below Territorial Army Soldier Salary and know about GD Pay Scale, Clerk Salary and all other trades/post salary.

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Territorial Army Salary 2018 - GD, Clerk, Tradesman Rank Wise Pay Band, Military Service Pay

TA is most honorable job of India. Most of people want to join Territorial Army and also search what is the salary of Territorial army employee rank wise. Here given information is for those visitors who search for TA rank wise salary, before applying you must know about their ranks and salary chart of TA ranks.

Through this article we will tell you TA salary structure by rank wise. If you see this article then you get a suitable structure of TA salary chart that was permitted by central government of India. Salary of government employees are always calculate including some extra pay of TA, DA, Rent, Grade Pay and other allowance.

Those candidate are confused in TA ranks and their salary package look below, the allowance structure of TA payment is mention here in suitable format. According to govt. pay commission of India, Indian army grade pay has 1800-10,000. Get more detail regarding salary/ pay scale/ salary chart/ salary structure/ salary package of TA from here.

1. Brigadier
  • Pay Band:- Pay Band 4 (37400-67000)
  • Grade Pay:- 8900
  • Military Service Pay:- 6000

2. Colonel
  • Pay Band:- Pay Band 4 (37400-67000)
  • Grade Pay:- 8700
  • Military Service Pay:- 6000

3. Lieutenant Colonel
  • Pay Band:- Pay Band 4 (37400-67000)
  • Grade Pay:- 8000
  • Military Service Pay:- 6000

4. Major
  • Pay Band:- Pay Band 3 (15600-39100)
  • Grade Pay:- 8000
  • Military Service Pay:- 6000

5. Captain
  • Pay Band:- Pay Band 3 (15600-39100)
  • Grade Pay:- 6100
  • Military Service Pay:- 6000

6. Lieutenant 
  • Pay Band:- Pay Band 3 (15600-39100)  
  • Grade Pay:- 5400
  • Military Service Pay:- 6000

7. Subedar Major
  • Pay Band:- 9300-34800
  • Grade Pay:- 4800
  • Military Service Pay:- 2000

8. Subedar
  • Pay Band:- 9300-34800
  • Grade Pay:- 4600
  • Military Service Pay:- 2000

9. Naib Subedar
  • Pay Band:-  9300-34800
  • Grade Pay:- 4200
  • Military Service Pay:- 2000

10. Havildar
  • Pay Band:- 5200 - 20200
  • Grade Pay:- 2800
  • Military Service Pay:- 2000

11. Naik
  • Pay Band:- 5200- 20,2000
  • Grade Pay:- 2400
  • Military Service Pay:- 2000

12. Lance Naik
  • Pay Band:- 5200 - 20200
  • Grade Pay:- 2000 
  • Militery Service Pay:- 2000

13. Rifle Man (GD):- 
  • Pay Band:- 5200 - 20, 200
  • Grade Pay:- 1800
  • Militery Service Pay:- 2000

NOTE:- This TA Army salary is bases on the Indian Army Salary structure, so this can be little bit different from the army salary structure.

Get:- Indian Army Salary 

TA Army GD, Clerk, Tradesman Rank Wise Salary Slip, Benefits & Allowances 

TA Army Perks (Benefits ):- All employee of Territorial army will get pay and allowances of rank as applicable too regular army. All officers will get camp allowance on their training periods. Free Rations, Defense Canteen facilities, Army Medical Facilities, accommodation, travel pay is provided by the TA Board for their employees. Pension for officers and medical facilities to pensioners.

Pay and Allowances:- 
  • TA army get same allowance, pay and service perks same as the Indian Army. 
  • Camp Allowance 
  • TA group Insurance
  • Terminal Gratuity
  • Pension (on completion of 20 years physical service)
  • Free Medical Treatment
  • Medals and Awards
Check the above given TA Army Salary structure, for any other details regarding TA Army you can comment here and ask your queries, Jai Hind. 

Territorial Army (TA) Officer Recruitment 2018-19 - Application Form

Territorial Army (TA) Officer Recruitment 2018:- Fill Online Application Form For TA Officer Recruitment 2018 and check TA 2018 Selection Process For Open Bharti Rally. The Territorial Army (TA) was officially inaugurated by the first ever Indian Governor General Shri C Rajagopalachari on the 9th of October 1949 after the Territorial Army Act was passed during after the independence of India in 1948. This unit of armed force was however established by the British in 1920 based on the Indian Territorial Act of 1920.

All together the unit of TA is formed with two distinct wings under it which are known as The Auxiliary Force and The Indian Territorial Force. These unit of TA was basically formed for their distinct purpose or the field for their service each of the unit of TA were of formed for the with the various units such a the armored regiments,infantry battalions,air defence,medical regiments,engineers field park companies, signal regiments,Electrical and Mechanical Engineers EME workshops,coast batteries,Army Service Corps GT Coy,ASC Compo PL,and AMC field ambulances.

However these various units of the TA were disbanded or converted into the regular armed force or with the exception off infantry battalions. Since the establishment of the armed force of TA it  has been quite active in many occasions of warfare that included the Indian Democracy. Territorial Army unit is considered to the the second line of defence of the Nation of India and which is a integral part of the regular Indian Army.

The most important priority of the TA is to secure the peace throughout the domestic territory of the country assisting the regular Indian Army and to relieve the Regular Army Rom their respective static duty and to provide assistance to the civil administration in case of any natural calamities and to offer the necessity service in order to maintain the situations affected by the domestic conflicts or by the threat cause by the outer source in case of national security.

The TA also provides the Regular Indian Army with the service of the personnel under the TA  when required by the Indian Army in situations of warfare conflicts which may jeopardize the overall peace of the Nation. We will update here TA Officer Recruitment 2018 related details when board release new vacancy.

Check here:- TA Open Bharti 2018.

Territorial Army (TA) Officer Recruitment 2018 - Online Application Form 

The Territorial Army (TA) is served by the strength of approximately 40,000 first line troops and 160,000 second line troops which is including the departmental Territorial Army such as Railway,IOC,ONGC,Telecommunication and General Hospitals, and the non-departmental Territorial Army units of the Infantry battalions and the ecological regiments which are affiliated to the various infantry battalions of the Territorial Army. All candidates need to fill TA Officer Recruitment 2018 Application Form for their selection in the TA.

Board release number of officer vacancy for the TA Officers, So all eligible candidates need to fill the online application form for their selection.

The various units of the Territorial Army(TA) are posted in the different territories of the country and these units are under the supervision of the respective Group Headquarters of the region.
These headquarters are important for the TA t function smoothly and under which the operational task are carried under the supervision of the higher authorities of the headquarters.

There are 5 Group Headquarters of the Territorial Army which are as follows:-

1).Southrn Command:- Pune,Maharashtra.
2).Eastern Command:-Kolkata,West Bengal.
3).Western Command:-Chandigarh(Union Territory)
4).Central Command:-Lucknow,Uttar Pradesh.
5).Nothern Command:-Udhampur,Jammu & Kashmir.

The group headquarters is the backbone of the unit which is the most important base of the Indian Territorial Army through which the different task and the duties are carried and fulfilled by the service men of the unit. 

The Group Headquarters are the supervising force of the various Territorial Army based or posted in the various regions of the country. The major priority of the Territorial Army is the safety of the respective region where the unit is based,therefore the recruitment of the is as held based upon the regions under the the group headquarters.

As these Group Headquarters covers different regions under its jurisdiction therefore the recruitment of new service men are conducted by the Group Headquarters.

The TA offers various units for the recruitment of new service for their service under the TA to serve the territorial administration of the country and to protect the domestic peace from the threats or within or from behind the boundaries of the nation.

Recruitment of the new service men for TA are held according to the vacancies that are available in the different units of the TA and these units or the trades requires various eligibliity ,qualification ,therefore these requirements varies from trade to trade or among the units of the TA.
These requirements may also vary according to the region of recruitment that has been held.

TA Officer Recruitment 2018 Eligibility Criteria 

The recruitment for the different post of TA are held in different regions under the Region Command or the Group Headquarters based on the various eligibility and qualification requirements.
These eligibility and qualification recruitment are the most important factor based upon which the selection for the new service men are conducted.

Therefore the candidates must qualify under the certain criteria to be able to apply for the recruitment of TA.

1). Age Limit:- 18 - 40 Years (For all candidates and ex-service men).

2).Educational Qualification:- Any Graduate candidate is eligible to apply for the recruitment of the TA(Any Stream/Discipline).

3).Nationality:- Indian Citizen only.

4).Employment:- Gainfully Employed(Central govt./union territory/semi govt./self-employed/private).

The candidates are required to qualify under the eligibility criteria to apply for the TA recruitment for the various post. Any candidate serving under the regular Indian Army armed force such as the Army,Navy ,and Air Force are not allowed to apply for the recruitment.

Territorial Army (TA) Officer Recruitment 2018 Selection Procedure

The selection procedure for the recruitment of the new candidates for the various post or the unit of the TA are simple and are similar to each other. However the selection procedure are conducted based on the entry type of the candidate which is the civilian entry and the ex-service men entry selection process.

Although the selection process are similar to each other in some of the process that are conducted for the recruitment of new candidates. Further on the information of selection procedure will be provided according to the entry type of the candidates.:-

Selection Process for Civilian Entry :-

a). Application form:- The candidate who have been found eligible and have provide the correct information and are found eligible  are approved for the selection of the TA are called for the screening in the respective Group Headquarters.

b). Preliminary Interview Board(PIB):- The candidates who are selected for the screening in respective TA headquarters will have to clear the following test  in order to be shortlisted for the next selection phase.

1).Written Exam:- The written exams will be based on the intelligence ability of the candidate and it will comprise of objective type questions and will cover mostly the General Awareness of issues related to Political and Economical affairs,international and national affairs and sports.

2).Interview:- Interview will be conducted by the authorities in the prescribe manner be it in a group or individual interview manner. Bio-Data and employment details along with monthly income of the candidate from various source should be produced.

The candidate who are found to be eligible are then selected for the final stage of the selection process.

c). Service Selection Board(SSB):- The selection stage of the SSB is conducted by the authorities of the SSB and comprise of the following test.

1).Medical Test:- Medical test will be conducted to examine the medical status of the candidate and those who are medically unfit will be disqualified. The candidates must be medically fit to be shortlisted by the SSB for the training.

Territorial Army Recruitment Process For Ex-servicemen

The selection process for the ex-service men is simple for which the candidates needs to follow the step and the selection process will be done accordingly.

a). Application form:-

The candidate must fill up the form with the correct information and along with thr release order and medical release certificate will have to submit it to the respective Addl. Directorate General TA.

b). ASB (Army Selection Board):-

The candidates who are selected for the final screening are then selected based on the test conducted by the ASB(Army Selection Board) which is held in TA Headquarters in New Delhi. The candidates must pass the written test will be shortlisted in the final list of the selected candidates.

c). Interview:- Candidates who have cleared the written test will be then have to go through the stage of interview by the authorities. The candidate who are selected for the final selection then have to go through the medical test conducted by the medical authorities.

Training:- Candidates who have been selected for the training session of the TA are then to report for one month of basic training in the first year of commission. Two months of annual training camp every year from the first year of commission is conducted for the candidates who have been commissioned.

Finally three months of training after commissioning training within first two years is conducted in the IMA (Indian Military Academy).

The candidate who have been selected through the selection stage of the PIB (incase of civilian entry) & ASB(in case of ex-service men entry)will have to produce the following documents which should be attested by the concerned authorities at the time of interview.

Required Documents:- 

  • Educational Certificate (Metric onward).
  • Physical fitness certificate from a registered MBBS Doctor.
  • Identity proof(Voter id/Pan card/Passport/Driving license).
  • Domicile/Residential certificate.
  • Birth certificate.
  • service certificate(Central govt./Union Territory/Semi govt./Private).
  • Self-employed candidates are required to provide the affidavit on non-judicial stamp paper of the minimum value duly attested stating nature of self employment and the income of the candidate. 
For any query regarding to the TA Officer Recruitment 2018, you can comment here and ask your queries. Best of luck to all of you, Jai Hind. 
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