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Indian Army GD Sample Paper, Question Paper & Model Paper PDF 2020

Indian Army GD Sample Paper 2020: Download Indian Army Soldier GD Previous Year Paper PDF File and Solved Model Paper Free PDF File For Written Exam Preparation. The Indian Army is a respected unit of servicemen and among the honorable field of service that has been a major support for the Indian democracy since the independence of the Indian sub-continent. Every year new candidates enroll themselves for the recruitment / Bharti rallies that are held in different regions of the country.

A huge number of new recruits are selected through the recruitment or Bharti and are taken under the wings of the Indian Army for their service in the field of national security. During the Bharti or the recruitment which attracts the youths of the country in massive numbers but only the best candidates are then selected for their service to the country through the Indian Army service.

The Indian Army offers the new candidates with many of their units with different field of service that can be taken as by the candidates. However there are various requirements for the various field of the service, the selection or the recruitment of the new candidates are also conducted according to the field of service or the trades of the Indian Army. We update this article for your help and we will upload Indian Army GD Sample Paper PDF and Indian Army Previous Year Question Paper PDF File here in 1 week, so keep updated with us.

Different trades of the Indian Army require distinct qualifications and the eligibility criteria and most important the candidates enrolled for the recruitment /Bharti must clear all the recruitment process and if the candidates have the desire to be commissioned then the name of the candidate should be shortlisted on the merit list among the other candidates who have been shortlisted for the final training known to be as the commission training which is for a total period of 9 months.

The recruitment or the Bharti is considered to be of the highest level for candidates to clear with the basic objective of shortlisting the candidates from the very first stage of the selection.

Due to the large gathering of the interested youths, it offers the authorities with wider options for the selection of new servicemen. Hence the shortlisting continues till the final selection of the candidates that is conducted through the final merit list of the candidates who have been select for the final training before being commissioned under the service of the Indian Army.

Indian Army General Duty GD Sample Paper PDF Download

The major test for the candidates applying for the post of a GD(General Duty) trade or the unit of the army, is considered to be the written test for the written exam of the candidates who have been selected through the earlier phases of the recruitment.

The merit list is made after the written exams are conducted so due to the reason the written test is a vital one for each and every candidate. The shortlisting of the candidates are based upon the overall performance of the candidates which comprises of all the marks or score secured by the candidates in each of the recruitment stages.

Only the candidates who have scored the best marks (overall marks) among the other selected candidates shall be shortlisted in the merit list. Since a number of the candidates are rejected form due to their low score generally in the written exams due to inadequate information and poor preparation materials upon which a candidate has to prepare from.

So further on we will be providing the candidates with the information regarding the written exam along with so of the helpful information related to the written exams.

This article will be providing the candidates with some of the basic and important information regarding the written exams for the better understanding of the written exams. The exam patterns will be here along with the marks distribution and most importantly the model papers in pdf and the sample papers pdf and the previous year question pdf.

So that with the proper preparation materials the candidates can have a better chance of being shortlisted in the final merit list. Due to the reason that a candidate can increase the overall marks by scoring higher marks in the written exam which subsequently will be added along with the other test scores of the candidate.

Therefore it is very important to remember by the candidates that each of the stages of the recruitment is very important in terms of being selected for eh-next phase or for the final selection that is conducted on the basis of the overall scores and the performance of the candidates.

Indian Army GD Previous Year Solved Question Paper PDF File

The written exams are based upon the three major subjects of :

1).General Knowledge (30 Marks)
2).General Science (40 Marks)
3).Mathematics (30 Marks)

These above mentioned are the major subjects that cover the topics of the written exams for recruitment.

Although there are just three subjects the topics that are provided by these subjects are ones with some of the vast field of topics which makes it a harder test when compared to the other stages.
A massive number of questions can be obtained from the topics under the subjects which sets the questions for the written test.
To clear the written test the candidates must have the proper information on topics that are covered by the subjects respectively. Some of the major topics that are covered by these particular subjects are mentioned below:-

1).General Knowledge:-
    b).Currents afairs (National & International)
    c).History(Indian & World)
    d).Geography(Indian & World)
    e).Awards(National,International,Global ).

2).General Science:-
   a).Basic biology 
   b).Basic physics
   c).Basic chemistry

   c).Numerical problems

Indian Army GD Model Paper File Download From Official Site

The most common source of the preparations materials for the candidates who have enrolled for the trade of the GD is known to be the syllabus books of the 9th and 10th standard because the generally the subjects and the topics are related to the syllabus books of the 9th and 10th standard of any board.
However, the candidates can also prepare themselves with the materials such as the model papers, sample papers and with the questions of the previous year which in the future can be beneficial for the candidates during their written exams.

There are various books that can be useful for the preparation of the subjects of General science and Mathematics but the major subject of GK which is a wide subject to be covered requires a variety of preparation materials for the candidate to prepare the form.

Therefore the preparation for the section of GK will be tougher and lengthy for a candidate. But the preparations from the model paper or the sample papers and the previous year questions paper may give the candidate so better idea for which topic shall they focus upon more so that the candidate can score better and higher % in the written exams.

Although the written exams are based upon the multiple-choice sets which make it hard for the section of mathematics so we advise the candidate to go through the sample, model and previous question papers that will be provided by the site.

The better and proper information of the written exams questions and the pattern will certainly help the candidate to prepare in the manner of the question set that is the major factor for candidates to prepare the best way possible.
Preparing according to the type of question sets may not only help the candidates to remain calm during the written exam but also will be helpful for the candidates to try to score the highest marks possible.


Join Indian Army GD Exam Pattern And Marks Scheme 

The candidates who seek the information regarding the questions papers shall need to check the link of the sites provided from where they will be able to obtain the required papers of their choice for their better and proper preparation for the written exams. More information's regarding the Indian Amy will be updated on regular terms so that the candidates looking for the information can obtain those information's that are proved to be vital during their recruitment days.

  1.  Total Marks: 100 Marks.
  2.  Minimum Passing Mark: 32 Marks.
  3.  Total Questions:50.
  4.  Duration of Exam: 1 Hour.
  5.  Question Type: Multiple Choice.
As mentioned above are the basic information that is provided for the candidates which are useful for the candidates to prepare for the written exams accordingly.

Several books that are recommended for the preparation of the written exams for the trade of GD and other trades will also be available in the form of pdf files for the interested candidates who can get a hold of those important books in pdf files for a reasonable price. Check Indian Army GD Book In Hindi For your better preparation.

Lastly the candidates who are preparing for their recruitment or bharti rallies are advised to set a proper routine starting form this day which is a possible way for their selection if the candidate is determined and desires to be selected into the Indian Army for their service in the unit or the trade of GD(General Duty).
Hope the information proves to be useful for the candidates who are preparing for their recruitment who they can be selected with better results that will lead them to a brighter future.

Thank you and best of luck to all the candidates who will soon be appearing for their recruitment /Bharti rallies held in the different regions of the Indian democracy. 

Indian Army Written Exam Question Paper & Sample Paper In Hindi PDF

Join Indian Army Questions And Answers PDF:- Download Army Previous Year Solved Question Paper, Sample Paper and Model Paper In Hindi For GD, Clerk, Tradesman, Soldier Technical, RT JCO, Havildar and NA Trades. Indian Army is one of the honorable and prestigious armed force component of the Indian Military and is also the mostly decorated armed force among the three of the integral military components of the Indian Defense.

About:- The large unit of the Indian Army was founded on the 1st of April 1895 and since then the unit has provided the country with the highest level of service one can offer.

The Indian Army is considered to be the 3rd largest military component in the world among the various other military enforcement which is served by approximate number of 1,237,117 plus active and 990,960 reserve personnel with 136 aircraft.

The President of India is honored as the Supreme Commander of this huge military armed force and is assisted by the Chief of Army Staffs(COAS) who are in-charge of the operational command of the units of the army. These COAS are conferred with the rank of four star Army General which is the highest ranking office among the army staffs.

The Indian Army is an land based armed force unit which is entrusted with the primary objective to maintain national security and to safe guard the Indian territories which adjoins the nation with foreign territories and to demolish such threats and aggression which is caused by the internal or the external force.

The Indian Army has not only been active in some of the major warfare involving the neighboring nations but has also been of massive support in terms of national emergency such has during the periods of internal conflicts in order to maintain stability in the area and have been actively engaged to provide relief and carry on search and rescue operations during the times of extreme natural disaster that hit the country in past times.

The Indian Army has contributed an extensive service which has seen the nation overcome some of the toughest hardships in the past time,hence its is respected as one of the honorable and prestigious component and line of service in the country.

Indian Army is a large component which is comprised of various regiments that have been divided geographically and according to the  operational task that have been entrusted each of these regiments for safety of their respective region or territory.

Indian Army Written Exam Important Questions & Answer 2018

Every year the Indian Army holds the recruitment throughout the country in different regions for new batch of candidates for various trades depending upon the vacancies that are available and only the limited number of candidates are recruited depending upon the number to be inducted.

The recruitment are the golden opportunity for the young and enthusiastic youths of the country to part of the prestigious and honorable armed force component of the Indian Military. Below are the Indian Army Questions and Answers PDF file for GD, Clerk, Tradesman, Technical, NA and all other trades.

Thus these recruitment attracts huge gathering of candidates who eagerly desire to  be recruited in order to serve their beloved motherland and provide necessary protection and ensure national safety and the liberty of an Republic state which is the fundamental democratic rights.

However for the individuals should be eligible under the criteria or the requirements that are required in order to apply for these recruitment that are held  for the various trades. Such as under the eligibility criteria of age limit,educational qualification,marital status and in terms of nationality,as mentioned these criteria are the initial requirement that are set in terms of eligibility of the candidates.

The candidates who qualify under these requirement will under go the selection process that is the most important phase of the recruitment which is comprised of Physical test,Medical test and the Written exams but the final selection will be based on the merit list that will list the final selection of the individuals. You can Download Indian Army Sample Papers through clicking on the given link.

The candidates must clear each of the selection process,among these selection test the Written exam is considered to be the toughest of them all as the exam will be based on the intelligence capability of the candidates over the syllabus us and the topics that have been prescribed for each and every trade in a different manner.

Therefore the main priority of this article is to provide the necessary information regarding the exam and to assist the individuals to acquire the important study materials such as the important questions ,solved question paper,sample and model paper which are strictly based on the prescribed syllabus and topics for all the trades of the Indian Army.

Download Army Question Paper, Solved Paper, Sample Paper And Model Paper

The study material will be provided according to the availability of these sets of paper and will be mentioned for the specific trade so that the candidates will be able to obtain it in a simple manner without any confusion. Below are the Download link of Indian Army Model paper PDF.

The article will be updated in regular terms in case of any additional information is to be provided to the candidates therefore the candidates are welcome to visit the website to acquire new information. 
Since the recruitment are commonly held for the following trades of the Indian Army:-
Soldier GD, Tradesmen, Clerk/SKT, Soldier Technical, Nursing Assistant, Educational Havildar, Religious Teacher(JCO), hence we will mainly focus on the mentioned trades of the Indian Army for the individuals who will be applying for the recruitment held for any of these trade.

The written exam for all the trade will be based on objective type question which will contain multiple choice answer,however there will be negative marking scheme for every incorrect answer provided by the individuals which is the tricky part of the exam.

The written exams will be based on various section or subjects that will comprise of certain marks and the candidates are to score the minimum passing marks set for the specific section or subject which must,although the candidates must be able to score the minimum passing marks in aggregate as per the requirement.

However the marks and the time duration for the written exam will vary according to the trade hence the candidates must complete the exam within the give time.

NOTE:- Last 5 Years Question paper For Indian Army All trades will be updated here very soon.

Indian Army GD (General Duty) Question Paper PDF

Since the trade of Soldier GD is one of the common post for which huge number of candidates take their chance during the recruitment but only the best candidates are recruited after the selection process is conducted.

One of the fact is that candidates will be able to clear most of the selection test but not in the case of written exam where number of candidates fail and are rejected. Download Indian Army GD Question Paper In Hindi PDF and GD Sample Paper For Written exam preparation.

One factor for the candidates being unable to clear the written exam is the poor information and inadequate study materials through which the candidates prepare for their written exam.

Therefore in order to assist the individual to have a proper and effective preparation we have provided some of the important study material that are available for the individuals and they can download through the links that we have provided below.

Indian Army Soldier GD is the most faborable post in Indian Army and after 10th or 12th class education candidates can apply for GD. Now all candidates can get question paper and exam format or pattern details here. For GD Exam their are 50 multiple type questions and their will be 4option for every question and one of them is the right anwer. You Need to choose or tick on right answer of the question. Total number of marks will be 100 and out of 100 candidates need 32 marks for qualify the exam.

Time limit is 1 hour and paper is divided into three section. General Knowledge, General Sceince and Maths.  If you have National Cadet Corps certificate then you need to only clear physical or medical test of the selection process.

Download GD Paper:- Click Here

Indian Army Tradesman Model Question In Hindi

Among the various trades the Tradesman /Tradesman mate offers the individuals with various post or ranks under this trade which is divided according to the duty that have been entrusted to each of the trade under the Tradesman. Get Army Tradesman Paper Set and Model Paper In Hindi. This is the article where you will get Army Tradesman Very Important Paper details.

The individuals who desire to apply or the trade of Tradesman are provided with the important study materials that have been considered to have helped the individuals over the past years to have better preparation for the written exam.

Since the trade is comprised of various categories  there are various  study materials which will be required by the candidates in order to prepare. So further on we will be providing the necessary information and the study materials that have been gather for the specific post or the trade of Tradesman.

Soldier Tradesman candidates need 32 marks to qualify in the written exam. Paper is same as the GD paper and the time duration for tradesman candidates is 1 hours. Paper Consist GD, Maths and General Science Subjects questions.

Tradesman candidates need to buy tradesman book or practice fro,8th or 10th class books.

Download Paper:- Click Here
Paper 2:- Click Here

Indian Army Clerk Previous Year Question Paper 

The Clerk/SKT (Shop Keeper Technical) is one of the important trade of the Indian Army which is a integral trade of every unit of the army.The entire administrative section of the unit is entrusted to the trade and the responsibility of handling the daily documentation record of the entire unit is to be handled by the personnel of this trade.

Hence this is one of the delicate and important task which requires eligible candidates who will be able to complete these task without fail. Now from the given link you can get Indian Army Clerk Sample Paper of last 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014 and 2013 Years.

The candidates will have to clear the written exam that are conducted based on the syllabus and the topics that have been prescribed for the trade and therefore the candidates will be required to pass in every section of the exam and in aggregate terms with the minimum passing marks.

So to assist the individuals to have a effective preparation we have listed some of the important study materials and important question that hold some importance for the written exam.

Clerk candidates exam pattern is Objective type and Subjective type. Both type question are comes in the exam. Both Objective and Subjective type consist 100-100 marks.

Download Paper:- Click Here

Indian Army Soldier Technical Model Question Paper PDF

The huge number of candidates will be applying for the trade of the Soldier Technical that is composed of three branches such as the Soldier Technical,Ammunition and Army Air Defense,which recruits new batch of candidates depending upon the eligibility and qualification of the candidates for these branches of the Soldier Technical trade.

The written exam for this trade will be based on some of the complex syllabus and trades of modern subjects that have been prescribed by the authorities. Now Indian Army Technical Question Paper PDF is available here.

In order to clear the written exams the candidates will require to cover a vast section of topics and syllabus that will set the entire written exam. Therefore to provide the candidates with proper information and important study materials we have provided some of the useful study materials for the preparation of written exam for the trade of Soldier Technical:-

Soldier Technical candidates question paper is 200 marks and candidates need to get 80 Marks for qualify in the writtene exam. Paper will consisit General Knowldege, Maths, Chemistry and Physics. So prepare from 12th class books or use Indian Army Technical book.

Download Paper:- Click Here
Paper 2:- Click Here

Indian Army Nursing Assistant Sample Paper

Since the medical status of the service men are the most important for the service men to carry on and complete their daily routine task which is necessary to maintain the smooth functioning of the unit.
Therefore the unit of army as allotted with their own medical facilities,and these medical facilities are responsible to provide the necessary ,medical assistance to the service  men.

The Assistant Nurse are the staff who assist the specialist of the medical unit ,therefore every year number of individuals apply for the post of Assistant Nurse of the Military Medical Corps in order to provide the necessary medical facilities to the service  men who requires such attention. Download Indian Army Nursing Assistant Question Paper 2017, 2016 and 2015 years.

The candidates will require to pass the selection process which include the written exam,hence following are the important study materials that have been acquired and provided for the candidates  which will be useful during their preparation.

Nursing Assistant exam syllabus comes from 10th or 12th class subjects. Paper consist GK, Maths, Biology and chemistry subjects. So prepare according the section for the written exam. Candidates need 80 marks to pass the exam out of 200 marks.

Download Paper:- Click Here

Army Education Havildar Model Question Paper PDF

Every army unit is comprised of educational section under the Military Educational Corps which is the source of knowledge for the up coming generation of the servicemen and which is a huge responsibility for the service men of this section which require intellectual individuals depending upon their field of expertise as there are various categories under the section.

Every individual applying for the Education Havildar post will require to appear the written exam in two part one as a common test and the second part will be based on the category of the individual which one has enrolled for.

Download Indian Army Education Havildar Question Paper PDF from the official website of the Indian Army. All candidates need to check all important details about their written exams.

Indian Army (Religious Teacher) RT JCO Question Paper In Hindi Pdf 

Indian Army comprises of various regiments and which is served by huge number of service men who hail form various religious background and therefore they have different religious belief which is provided by the religious teacher who have been recruited through the JCO entry scheme.

These religious teachers are selected based on the religious aspects for the particular religion that is available for the recruitment of new batch of candidates. Here is the RT JCO Question Paper In Hindi for all candidates who are preparing for RT JCO trades.

However the candidates have to clear through series of selection process and the written exam which is conducted based on similar pattern the Education Havildar  where the candidates will have to appear in two section where the 1st section will be the common entrance exam and the 2nd section will be based on the category(religion) of the candidates has applied for.

3).Pandit (Gorkha)
4).Maulvi (Shia)
5).Bodh Monk(Mahayana)

Indian Army Written Exam Important Question & Answers PDF 

The information have been extracted from various source and from the official website of the Indian Army (,therefore the information are legit and are dependable. The study material that are provided are strictly based upon the entire syllabus and topics that have been prescribed for each of the above mentioned trades of the Indian Army. Check Official website for more Indian army questions and answers pdf details.

Hope the information and the study materials we have provided will be helpful for the individuals to attain effective preparation in order to clear the written exams and achieve their goal to be recruited in the Indian Army.

Individuals who seek any sort of information regarding the Indian Army are asked to place their queries in the comment box and we will get back to you with the best of information regarding your query. Thank You and Good Luck.
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