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India-China border dispute - Army Chief Bipin Rawat To Visit Sikkim

India -China border dispute - Army Chief Bipin Rawat To Visit Sikkim  

Army chief General Bipin Rawat reached the Sikkim tour on today 29 June, amidst mounting stance between the India and China. After the strike between India and China troops in Sikkim sector.
The Army Chief Bipin Rawat will take stock of the operational matters in this border state and meet the top commanders in the Formation Headquarters.

There is a buzz about the boundary dispute between the two countries. Before this two jathas of Indian pilgrims who traveled to Manasarovar did not allow China to proceed beyond Nathula-due to which they had to return from travel. On the same day, China removed the old bunker on the border with India and Bhutan on Wednesday.

It is understood that there is a dispute between the two countries on the construction of China's road in the Donglong region. It is a small but strategically important Tri Junction for India, China and Bhutan. Although official sources told General Rawat to visit Sikkim as a regular visit. In a two-day tour, General Rawat will go to the headquarters of various formations in the Northeast and review operational matters in this area.

North-East is very important in strategic terms. From Jammu and Kashmir to Arunachal Pradesh, much of the 3,488-km long border of India's border with China is in this area. Indo-China alone shares a 220-km range in Sikkim alone. China began building a road in Donglang region, but was stopped by Indian troops said by Chinese Defence Ministry. So China is making interface in this situation. Indian Army need to take a step. 

Warning - If China enters In India border

India has overtaken since 1962 in every sense. Whether it is a strategic situation or a financial situation , India has reached a much better position. China gives repeated threats to 1962, but he must understand that this is 55 years old. China should also remember a bit about Indian final condition.

40 years have passed since the 1962 Indo-China war, but the fork of defeat is still there for the rest of the year. Despite the sacrifices of thousands of Indian warriors, we had to eat the mouth. They fought very well, but our sacrifice did not work. But Now Indian Force have more power than last 1962 war.

After 1962, in 1967, between Nathula and India, there was a swath between India and China, then India gave the Mutahode answer to China. After this, under the Sundaram Chu, in 1987, the Chinese soldier had tried to enter the Indian territory, then Indian army chief General Sujtharji had taken the immediate action and put China in such a scandal that his soldiers had to go in secret .

Apart from this, China should also have remembered that when China tried to teach Vietnam a lesson in 1979, she had to learn her lessons. Therefore, China should not give the threat of surplus and childlessness.

In 1962, the political leadership of India had taken up the matter of military campaign, many generals had not played their responsibility, so India had to face defeat. All the books that are coming out about the 1962 war, it is clear from all that the army had left the entire responsibility to Prime Minister Nehru and his defense minister Krishnan Menon. This is a warning for the China and their Army.

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Lashkar commander Junaid Mattoo among two militants killed

Lashkar commander Junaid Mattoo among two militants killed In a Counter Jammu and Kashmir

On this Friday three militants are killed by the Indian Army in a counter. Also Indian Army killed Lashkar-e-Toiba commander Junaid Mattoo. Junaid Mattoo is a top terrorist and police said he is killed by the arm forced in a counter attack. All fours body are recovered from  Arwani in south Kashmir’s.

He was the top commander of Pakistan terrorist group. Police tell the report about the counter and said his body recovered from the counter site. Matto was involved in many attacks in Kashmir. 3 weapons and AK 47 guns, and six magazines were also recovered from the counter site.

Police is searching other all clue from the counter place. He was with in two civilians and one of them was under 18, he is also killed by Arm Force in this Counter. After this indecent at Kashmir many activities are done by the protesters. Their are some clash Brock out between protesters and security forces.

This encounter took place on the Friday afternoon and after this in other place on the state terrorist state laid an ambush and brutally killed six policemen. terrorist spraying bullets on the faces of police mans. Now after this DGP said we will trace all those terrorist and also said this attack was the different kind of attack and this is very bad news for we all.

Every day Pakistani terrorist attacking on the Indian police and Army. So Indian force need to take a step against them and show them the power of Indian Army. Report about this counter is cleared and they all stay so many days in the Arvani Village. 
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