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Indian Army GD, Tradesman Eligibility Criteria, Age Limit & Selection Process 2018

Indian Army GD, Tradesman Eligibility Criteria & Selection Process 2018: Check Indian Army GD Soldier Age Limit, Height Weight Chart and all Qualification details PDF. Also check Indian Army Tradesman Eligibility Criteria, Physical and Educational Qualification details. The Indian army is served by the force of different regiments under the Indian Army where the new candidates are recruited by conducting the recruitment in various regions or the states of the Indian constitution. Among the various post in the Indian Army the GD recruitment is conducted frequently and the maximum number of new service men are recruited for the post of GD (General Duty).

These recruitment of new cadets are done commonly through the Army Bharti Rallies which is a open recruitment of new service men. Candidates are asked to be eligible and qualified to be enrolled for the bharti that requires specific educational qualification,physical health and medical stability and the intelligence test.

However there are certain field of service in the Indian Army that requires particular or specific eligibility criteria to be enrolled for the concerned post in the service of the Indian Army. Tradesman post in the Indian army is of high value as the service men in the section of tradesmen fulfill the  duty of connecting the personnel with the service they provide in their field of expertise and the assistance provide to the other field of service men.

Check here all the details about the Indian Army GD and Tradesman Post. Know what is the maximum age limit to join Indian army GD Post. Some candidates who want to Join Indian Army after 12th class, want to know about Indian army physical qualification & Educational Qualification details. So in this one article we put all details about the Indian Army GD Age Limit, Qualification Details, Height, Weight and Tradesman Post details. Check out all important points given below.

Assam Rifles Salary

Indian Army GD Eligibility Criteria & Age Limit 2018

The recruitment for the tradesmen post is conducted according to the vacancy in the post and there are specific eligibility criteria to be fulfilled by the candidate applying for the post of  a tradesman.
There are the stages of the selection to be cleared by the cadets to be commissioned for the service in the Indian Army. All candidates who want to apply for upcoming Bharti rally, they need to know first about the Indian Army GD Eligibility Criteria. Tradesman candidates need to check Indian Army Eligibility criteria For Tradesman Post.

The recruitment phases for the selection of a candidate are such:-
1)Physical test
2).Medical test
3)Written test, and finally
4).The Commission training.

Although the candidate must clear the above mentioned 1st three tests to be selected,the latter training of the candidate known as the Commission training must be cleared by the candidate to be commissioned. The commission training is regarded as the toughest test of all that is for a period of 9 months.

Recruitment of new candidates for the GD(General Duty) is conducted in various regions with the eligibility criteria  depending upon the venue or place for bharti. The recruitment eligibility criteria state wise differs in the criteria of,Physical appearance such as the height,weight,chest,etc.

The process for the recruitment is done within the informed date,time and place,therefore it is necessary for the candidate to be present on the day of the recruitment. The candidates must show or submit the required documents and certificates in the day of the bharti/recruitment.

Indian Army GD & Tradesman Eligibility 2018 ( height, weight, age chart )

1).Age limit:-
  •  For GD Post:- Minimum age:17 years and 6 months during the day of the bharti.
      Maximum age:21 Years.
  •  For Tradesman post:-Minimum age:17 years and 6 months old.
     Maximum:23 Years.
2).Educational Qualification:-

  a).Candidate must be 10th pass from a recognized board(ANY BOARD).
  b).Candidates with higher educational qualification i,e.12th pass or a graduate are eligible fo bharti.
3).Martial Status:- Candidate must be unmarried to apply for the bharti/recruitment.


 a).Indian citizenship candidates.
 b).Nepalese citizen candidates
 c).Bhutanese citizen candidates.
 d).Tibetan candidates settled permanently in India are eligible for the bharti/recruitment.

5). Documents required:-

  1. a).Academic certificates according to the educational qualification of the candidate.
  2. b).Birth certificate to ensure the age eligibility of the candidate.
  3. c).Citizenship certificate
  4. d).Noc certificte incase of any criminal record.
  5. e)Domicile certificate.
  6. f)Aadhar card
  7. g).Character certificate(not less than 6 months old).
  8. h)20 passport size photos of the candidate.

Indian Army Selection Process For GD (General Duty Soldier) & Tradesman Post

Here is the complete selection process details for Indian Army GD and Tradesman post. Check all important point here and apply for Indian Army Bharti Rally 2018.

1). Registration for the bharti/recruitment:-

The candidate must enroll oneself through the online form fill up or by off lines means withing the deadline given by the authorities. All the information filled up in the from by the candidate must be genuine and the details should be the same when compared with the original certificates or documents of the candidate on the day of bharti/recruitment.

The mentioned above criteria are of top most importance that candidate must have to ensure his enrollment for the recruitment process to be followed.

The army bharti rallies are a open recruitment process for the new candidates and the process are followed as mentioned below.
  • Physical test
  • Medical test
  • Written test
  • Aptitude test(only for the Tradesman post recruitment)

2). Physical test:-

The physical test is the first step of the recruitment process where the candidate is examined for the physical fitness and the development of the body or the physique of the enrolling candidate.
Height of the candidate is measured first and then followed by the measurement of the weight and the chest of the candidate to make sure the physical development of the candidate.

These physical criteria for a GD candidate is different when compared to the state wise bharti where the height,weight,and chest for the recruitment are different.

However generally the required  physical criteria for the  candidate are;
  • a).Height:160 cm. Both for the GD and Tradesman post.
  • b).Weight:50 kg for the GD and 
  • c).Chest:77 cm without expansion and 5 cm more with expansion.
Ladakhi Candidates        
Nepalese, Indians and Gurkhas
Lakshadweep Group including Minicoy, Andaman Nicobar Islands
The Locals Candidates
Recognized tribal areas
Brigade of the Guards
Med Arty

After this steps of physical test the endurance and the physical fitness of the candidate is tested such as

a).Running:- A candidate must complete the run of 1 mile within the given time and the marks will be given based upon the time taken by the candidate to complete the run..

b).Pull ups:- The pull ups are based upon the fitness of the candidate,where the candidate can complete maximum number of pull ups in given time.
The marks are based upon the number of pull ups done by the candidate with in the time..

c).Push ups:- Push us are similar to the pull up process and the marks allotted are also the same.

d).Balancing and Jump test:- The balancing is one of the physical criteria a candidate must clear as to carry on with the task during GD.The test for the balancing and jumping is of no marks but the candidate must clear the test by performing his body balance during the test and jump of the candidate is tested by letting the candidate to jump a ditch of minimum 9ft.

3). Medical test:-

The physical test is then followed by the medical test of the candidate where the candidate must clear the test to be selected for the next phase. It is the most important test as a candidate can be rejected for a simple medical unfitness and candidates with medical issues are  considered not eligible.

To pass the test the candidate must be medically fit with no sign of any presence for long term illness or any medical drawback.Candidate must be mentally stable and should not contain any sign of illness as it may effect the candidate and the other service men.

The medical test usually consists of the following:
a).Eye sight
b).Hearing ability
c).verbal ability
d).Mental health
d).Urine examination
e).Oral health.

The candidates must be medically fit to be selected for the written test and the further tests for the commission. Candidates declared as temporarily unfit during the medical test cam approach the special review from a Army Medical Corps authority or a medical staff of the army for a particular fee.
However the candidate must submit the report within the deadline of usually 21 days..

4). Written test:-

Written test is a important test a candidate has to clear for their selection in the merit list and to move on to the next and the final test for the recruitment before the commission of the candidate.
The written test for the GD candidate are conducted on major subjects such as the;

a).General Knowledge(30 marks):- It is focused on the general knowledge of the candidate.The mentioned below are the topics the paper of GK is conducted on:-

1).History:Mostly based on Indian History.
2).Geography:Basically based upon the the geographial section of the Earth and  Indian geography..
3).Terminology:it consists of Economics,Astrology,Legal rights.
4). Other topics such as:UNO,Indian Armed Forces of India,Indian territory,Indian constitution,mostly the subjects is based upon the Indian region...

b).General science(40 marks):Basically the subject of general science is to test the basic knowledge of the candidate in terms of science.The general science is conducted upon the general science group such as:

 1).Human body
 5).Medical department
 6).Scientific sections.

c).Mathematics(30 marks):-The subject of maths comprises of the basic mathematics studied by the candidate during class 10 as most of the sections of the subjects deals with the basic mathematics problems taught in class 10 standard.This paper of maths are based on the sections of;

Aptitude test(Only for the Tradesmen post):- This test is conducted only for the candidates applied for the tradesmen post.The test is of importance as the candidate applying for the tradesman post must clear it.

The test will be conducted on the specific field for the tradesmen post applied by the candidate.
However the candidate has to pass the test and the secured marks by the candidate will be added into the final written test.

5). Merit list:-

The merit list is the final list of the candidates those who have been selected for the final training of the recruitment. The ranking in the merit list of the candidates will be based upon the performance of the candidate in the entrance exam and the other  sort of test the candidate cleared to be selected in the merit list.The merit list will be published on the dame day the written test was held or  will be updated online later according to the informed date by the authority..

6). Commission training:-

The candidates with their name in the merit list will be asked to be present at the informed training camp where they will be provided with their further training before being commissioned. The candidate must clear the commission training period of 9 case the candidate is unable to fulfill the training period of 9 months then the candidate will be rejected.

This stage of the training is of toughest level and the candidates are trained in the field of navigation ,weaponry,field training. Candidates who fulfill their commission training for 9 months will be commissioned after the completion of the training.

Indian Army GD, Tradesman Eligibility Criteria, Age Limit & Selection Process 2018

For any other details about the Indian Army GD Selection and Indian Army Tradesman Eligibility Criteria 2018 related details, you can comment here. We will solve your all queries regarding the Bharti Selection process in GD and Tradesman Post. Best of luck guys for your Future. 

Indian Army Clerk/SKT Eligibility Criteria & Selection Procedure 2018

Indian Army Soldier Clerk/SKT Eligibility Criteria 2018:- Check Indian Army Eligibility Criteria For Soldier Clerk and SKT(Shop Keeper Technician) Post. Also get Indian Army Clerk and SKT Selection Procedure Step By Step. India is one of the largest democracy which achieved its independence on the 15th day of August 1947,and the newly independent nation commissioned the Indian Army regained from the British East India Company that led to the establishment of the Indian Army after the independence of India.

The Indian Army provides with the service with two distinct service commission subsequently known as the GD General Duty and Short Service Commission.

The Indian Democracy is served by one of the massive force of the Indian Army in case of National threats to the Indian sub-continent and for the rights of a Nation and in rare cases of domestic conscience.

Indian Army is also assisted by the other field of service men through under the three distinct service fields such as:
1) Indian Navy
2) Indian Air Force
3) Short Commission Service

Therefore the Indian Army/Bharatiya Sena is regarded as one of the lethal  National security service force of a Nation. It is also one of the decorated in the field of the service served by the service men of the Indian Army in the field of their service.

However the recruitment procedure is one of the toughest level to be cleared by the cadet enrolled for the recruitment to be commissioned. Only limited number of cadets are enrolled through the first tests and the latter phase of the recruitment process and then finally get commissioned after the candidates clear their commission training.

Check:- Indian Army Recruitment 2018
Get:- Indian Army GD Book

Indian Army 2018 Soldier Clerk/SKT Post Eligibility Criteria Details

The service men of the Indian Army are recruited through series of test and eventually the phase of the commission training they need to clear for their commission. There are specific training phase that is conducted by the SSB and the recruitment board members of the Military Service.Here is the full details about the Indian Army Soldier Clerk Eligibility Criteria 2018 and Age Limit, Qualification related all details.

These military  service offers precise number of recruitment of men with the quality and the qualifications  for their complete co-operation during their GD  or General Duty. The training and the test conducted during the recruitment procedure of the new candidates such training are the viz;
  1. Physical test,
  2. Medical test
  3. The entrance test
  4. The commission training
There are only few choices for the entry or enrollment a candidate can enroll for the recruitment procedure. A candidate must be eligible to take on the recruitment test and have required documents and certificates to apply for the entrance or the written test.

 Although most of the recruitment process are similar but the eligibility and education qualification are different depending upon the post/trade or field of service the cadet enrolled for. Therefore the eligibility for a candidate applying for the post of Soldier Clerk or Shop Keeper Technical (SKT).

These are among the post under the Indian Army service commission that requires specific eligibility criteria and quality to be commissioned by the Indian Army. The candidates are recruited for the total no of the  vacancy available in the service.

Indian Army Clerk / SKT Eligibility Criteria 2018

Check here Indian Army Clerk Eligibility Criteria 2018 and according to the Indian Army SKT Eligibility Criteria prepare your self for the upcoming army Bharti Rally. 

1. Age Limit:- Minimum Age:17 years and 6 months and  Maximum Age 23 Years.

2. Educational Qualification:-

The candidate interested for the post of soldier of the SKT post should have specific qualification form a recognized board for the concerned authority. Therefore the required academic qualification for the post of Soldier Clerk/SKT. Check Indian Army GD Education Qualification here.
  1. Metric Recruit: Metric passed certificate and Maths, English with 50% in each subject.
  2. Senior Secondary Recruit: Higher Secondary passed certificate with Maths and English with 50% in each of the subjects. 
  3. Graduate recruit: Graduate Certificate  and English,Maths,Book Keeping, or Accounts subjects. If the graduate has not studied the above subjects then the candidate must score more than 50% during his graduation. 
3. Nationality:- Indian citizenship, Nepalese Citizen, Bhutanese and Tibetan Refuses settled in India. 

4. Martial Status:- Unmarried 

5. Physical Standards:- 
  1. Height:- Clerk and SKT Post candidates need 162 CM and this will depend on the state wise Bharti Rally. 
  2. Weight:- Clerk and SKT candidates need minimum 48 Kg Weight for Bharti Rally. 
  3. Chest:- 77 Cm without expansion and 5 cm with expansion. 
Height (cm)
Chest (cm)
Weight (Kg)
Jammu & Kashmir, Himachal Pradesh, Punjab Hills, Uttarakhand
Sikkim, Nagaland, Arunachal Pradesh, Manipur, Tripura, Mizoram, Meghalaya, Assam and Hill Region of West Bengal
Eastern Uttar Pradesh, Bihar, West Bengal, Jharkhand and Orissa
Punjab, Haryana, Chandigarh,Delhi, Rajasthan and Western Uttar Pradesh (Meerut and Agra Division)
Madhya Pradesh, Chhattisgarh, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Dadar, Nagar Haveli, Daman and Diu
Andhra Pradesh, Karnataka,Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Goa and Puducherry

Indian Army Clerk / SKT Selection Procedure 2018

All candidates can check here step by step procedure for get selected in Indian Army. This article of Indian Army Clerk/SKT Selection Procedure will give you all step by step process. Read every thing and start preparation for Indian Army Recruitment 2018. 

Online Registration:- 

First step for your selection in Indian Army is Online Registration. First you need to fill your online application form for the Bharti Rally. Now Indian Army released a new rule in Bharti rally that is first of all candidates need to enroll their self for the Bharti Rally through the Online mode. This is the best way to know about the how much candidates will be participates in the Bharti Rally.

So fill your online application form before the last date and fill all details correctly. After this you need admit card for the Bharti Rally. Admit Card will be issued by board before 15 days of Bharti Rally. 

Document Verification:-

Document verification is the second part or process of Bharti Rally. Once you submit your form then you notice in form filling time you upload your education qualification related details. On that time you upload your 10th, 12th and graduation mark-sheet. So you fill your total marks details and roll number on the form. 

Now when you will attend the Bharti Rally, then your all original document will be check. So keep your all original document with you at Bharti Place. 

Physical Test:-

The physical test is another stage of the recruitment process that a candidate must clear  to be enrolled into the next phase. The physical test is usually comprised of the physical endurance and physical structure and development. The physical process will be done in given sequence. First Height will be check and if your height is ok, then you will selected for the Running process. You need to clear the Race in 5 minutes 20 second for first group.

After this pull ups, push ups and other physical test will be done for the next round that is Medical Round. The test is conducted through the phases of;

a) Height measurement
b) Running
c) Push ups
d) Pull ups
e) Chest Measurement
f) Balancing
g) Long jump

Candidates who are physically challenged are not eligible for enrollment for the recruitment.
The physical is then followed by the medical test conducted on the informed date. In case of any delay or absence during the medical test by the candidate the enrollment of the particular candidate will be cancelled.

Medical Test:- 

The medical test is one of the important test the candidate must clear to be selected for the commission training of the candidate.It is the most sensitive test a candidate must clear.
Medical test are the second stage of the recruitment procedure conducted by the authorized medical officials of the service following the code of the service and the requirement of the medical stability of the enrolled candidate.

The medical test is comprised of the test of the health related illness or the senses of the candidate such as:

a) Eye sight
b) Hearing Ability
c) Health status
d) Mental health

The candidates those declared as temporarily unfit during the medical test can approach the special review from the medical authorities of the Army Medical Corps which will be for a reasonable charge of fess by the concerned official.

However the candidate must submit the special review report with in a deadline of 21 days or so.
The Final Selection:The final selection is done when the merit list of the enrolled candidates are published by the concerned authorities.

The selected candidate are informed to report in the concerned training center for their remaining period of training before being commissioned.

The candidates who have cleared both of the previous test viz; the physical and the medical test are then  selected for the final recruitment stage before their commission training.The enrolled candidates are informed for the written test the candidates need to clear to be selected for the training afterwards.

Written Test:-

The interested candidate must fill the application form through online or offline methods.
The written test is conducted by the officials of the army or through the UPSC.
Although the entrance exams are the root for the recruitment procedure a candidate must fill up the form or apply for the entrance within the given deadline for the application by the authorities.

The written test is mainly conducted on these subjects
c).General knowledge
d).General science

The candidate must score the required marks to be enrolled for the next phase of the recruitment.

Merit list:-

The list that decides the selection of the candidates those who secured the required marks during their written test. The merit list may be out on the same day or on the day the authorities have mentioned. The candidates who are selected after the written test are then summoned for their ultimate training in their respective fields.

Commission Training:-

The commission training is the ultimate test the candidate must clear to be commissioned.
This training is conducted under the supervision of the the authorities and the training will be for 9 months and the candidate will be granted a  leave in the completion of the 6 months training by the candidate.

The candidates will be transferred to their different camps for their training. The enrolled candidates are provided with diverse section of training such as in navigation,camp training in the  field of weapons system.

For any query regarding to the Indian Army Clerk Eligibility Criteria 2018 related details, you can comment here and ask your queries. Best of luck for your future. 
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