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Republic Day (26 January) 2020 Speech In Hindi English For Teachers, Students, Kids

[#Hindi Speech] Republic Day (26 January) 2020 Speech In Hindi English For Teachers, Students, Kids : 26 January 2020 Speech In Hindi and Republic Day Speech In Hindi For Teachers, Kids, Students and Children. Very Good Morning to all Guest, Schools students and respected teachers. As you all know we are here fro celebrating the 70th Republic Day of India. All my classmates and me search an research on the Indian Republic day and get some important points or we can say facts about the Indian Republic day.

Indian did not get the freedom easily, the sacrifices and struggle behind to get this day is very tough for all our freedom fighters and country peoples who fought for India Freedom. This day we achieved after the too much sacrifice of our country peoples lives. 

I pay respect to all my those freedom fighters and country peoples who fight for our freedom and sacrifice their live. They all freedom fighters and peoples are the real Hero of our life. After the Freedom fighters our Indian Army mans and women's are the real Hero. They fight every day and do struggle for our freedom. We are here with our family and friends because our soldiers are in the Borders. Check out these given Republic Day Speech In Hindi & English Points.

I want to mention some important points about the Indian Republic Day. You all students, teachers an kids also can use these all Republic Day Speech Points. India got this day after big fight and sacrifices and after 1950 we celebrate our Republic day. Pandit Jawahar Lal Nehru was selected the first Prime Minister of India in 1950. Nehru Ji give his motivational speech on this day and his famous words was Tryst with Destiny. This speech was delivered by the Nehru Ji.

Happy Republic Day (26 January) 2020 Speech In Hindi English For Teachers, Students, Kids :

Indian Republic day is a festival or national holiday, celebrated every year on 26 January. Some peoples things they are free and our freedom fighters did not do any thing for them, they are Desh Drohi Peoples. They live in India and do politics for some other country. Many time we see in India some peoples live in India and support to Pakistan.

We all need to dedicate our self for nation and any time when country needs you, you always be ready for your nation. I see Indian peoples love the country but they do not do anything for country. Like no body support in Swach Bharat Abhiyan. All peoples only think, i will clean my town and country, i will use dustbin but no body use dustbin outside from home. When they eat anything, they through the rapper of things on outside. So be series for clean our country and try from your self, then other peoples will be motivate from you.

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26 January Republic Day Speech In Hindi 2020:

I read these points because i want to share some important points that you need to focus on and support from your side to help each other. Speech is not about the Indian history and about How We got Freedom. Speech on Republic Day is about the you, about the country and about country peoples. Every one know we got freedom on 26 January 1950, but did you think, do we really free today from corruption and many other things that is happening in country. Every where i see corrupted peoples are doing wrong things for country. So we need to take a step against those peoples. I know one particular person can not do anything.

But if you will not participates on these activities then every one can. So be far from these all bad things and celebrate the Republic Day every day in your life. Like and share our best collection of Republic Day Speech In Hindi for School Students and Teachers.

26 January is a historical day for we all country peoples and we want to do best things on this day. One more thing that is you can do some good activities on this day and celebrate the freedom. You can plant or clean your environment. Clean your home and near by colony and schools environment. This is the best thing to do something for the country. Every one can participate on this extra curriculum activity. For more Republic Day Speech For Teachers you can check the homepage of this site. On the top you will get another type speech.

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Republic Day (26 January) Speech For Teachers :

Special day for all country peoples is celebrated every year on 26 January. This day is after the 1950 years and this one is our 70th Republic Day. All freedom fighters who fight for us and free our nation, they all deserve our salute and respects. So give a big salute to all our freedom fighters on this day and shout Slogans given by freedom fighters.

Many activities are done on this day in all over the India, government offices, private offices, schools, colleges and public places. Students give speech on Republic day in Hindi and English and their own traditional language. Kids play the games and sing poems. Where as teachers motivate their students and staff members. This is the day that is celebrated as a festival in India. Every one participates in some activities on their schools function and other function.

Brothers and sister we are here because of our freedom fighters and our government. After every 5 years we choose a new government in our country. But no body can do something good for the country. All peoples who live in big position, they think about their self. We need a person or politician who will think for the country peoples. India is a country where 125 crore peoples live and we all 125 crores choose our government and some tie government do something good and some time not. So you all need to wake up for country and it's time to make the country a successful country. All friends can use this 26 January Speech for teachers and classmates and can motivate them by speak this speech.

26 January (Republic Day) Speech In Hindi For Students

When first time Nehru ji was selected the first prime minister of India, then he gave a motivational speech on Republic Day and he motivate the country peoples. The main thoughts of Nehru ji was Tryst with Destiny and he were said we all wait for our Republic day a long years. Long years ago we made a tryst with destiny and now this is the time to celebrate the day. Because we all struggle in the Republic Day fights and now will live haply. This is all because our freedom fighters, country peoples and great leaders sacrifice their life for country. So when you get a chance to die for country then you need to always be ready. Sacrifice the life for motherland is the biggest happiness of life.

When all world peoples sleeps, then Indian will awake to life and freedom. This is the moment when we step out from the dependent a independent country. So this is all about the Republic Day celebration. Get this 26 January Speech In Hindi For Students, Kids and teachers and make your school programs wonderful. Motivate all country and school students by giving this speech.
Republic Day Speech In Hindi For Kids

All students and teachers can use this all paragraph for their Republic Day Speech on school function. Add these given some lines in your school programs. All students who are preparing for the 26 January Speech, they all are in right place. Before the 1947 our country was the dependent country and we all Indians follow the British Peoples rules. After our Independent, our constitution was came into existence on 26 January 1950. We all do what they ordered us and if we did not do what they say then they beat the country peoples and give them very dangerous punishment. Today we are free because this is after our great leaders sacrifice. I salute those all peoples and freedom fighter who fought for our country and country peoples.

Mention these freedom fighters name in your speech:-

  • Mahatma Gandhiji
  • Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose
  • Jawahar Lal Nehru
  • Bal Gangadhar Tilak
  • Lala Lajpath Ray
  • Bhagat Singh
  • Khudi Ram Bose
  • Chandra Sekhar Azad.

26 January Speech and Republic Day Speech :

Hope you all students and teachers like this wonderful collection of Republic Day Speech In Hindi For Kids and Students. Every year this day is celebrated in Schools, red fort and colleges. Mainly schools students, teachers and kids need a Speech on Republic Day In Hindi, English and many other language. So i decide to share this speech in Hindi & English for you all guys. If you really likes these all given speech thoughts, the suggest this speech to your Facebook, Whatsapp Friends. Now it's time to big celebration of 70th Indian Republic Day. Jai Hind, Jai Bharat.


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