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How To Join NDA After 12th 2020 - Join NDA After Science, Commerce & Arts

How To Join NDA(National Defense Academy) After 12th 2020: Want to know about How To Join NDA After 12th Class Science, Commerce and Arts, then here we tell you how to join national defense academy. The NDA also known as the National Defense Academy of India is a prestigious as well as the integral defense academy among other various defense academies of the Indian Military.

The foundation of NDA was laid by the Prime Minister of India Jawarhalal Nehru on the 6th of October 1949 after the independence of India.The NDA is located in Pune city north-west of Khadakwasla.

The primary objective of the NDA is to take in new cadets for three armed force pf the Indian Military such as for Indian Army,Indian Navy and Indian Air Force respectively. Since its establishment NDA has produce numerous cadets for the three major armed force components of thee Indian Military for their service in their field of expertise.

It can be considered to be the primary  initial training phase of the cadets who have been selected for the NDA,which provides the cadets with various academic training along with military training. The selection of the candidates are conducted twice annually during the months of January and July for the starting of new semester.

How To Join NDA After 12th 2020:

The candidates will be required to appear the CEE(Common Entrance Exam) that is held by the UPSC,and huge number of young cadets in number of almost 50,000 apply for this exam among this only about 6,000 cadets are selected for the interview that is conducted by the SSB and about 350 cadets are selected for each semester for the admissions that are available in three three section of Indian Army,Indian Navy and Indian Air Force.

It is a very competitive exam and is one of the toughest exam that is conducted across the entire country and it is conduced in all India  basis where the cadets are selected form the entire country depending upon their performance. 

The NDA is one great military academy that provide the opportunity to young candidates who have the desire to serve their country through the three armed force of the Indian Military.

Young aspirants who have passed their respective 10th metric with the require % and eligibility as prescribed by the SSB are eligible to apply for the CEE in order to be selected for the admission conducted for new semester. 

However the candidates who have passed their 12th intermediate for many discipline (Science/Arts/Commerce) are also eligible to apply for the CEE but only if the candidates are eligible and possess the certain eligibility and qualify under such requirements that has been set for the 12th entry level.

NDA Online Application Date 2020:

NDA 1 Date Schedule:-
  • Startung Date For Application:- 10th January 2020.
  • Last Date To Submit Application:-5th February 2020.
  • Release Of Admit Card:- 1 to 2 Week Before The Exam.
  • Exam Date:- 22nd April 2020.
  • Declaration OF Result:- July 2020

NDA 2 Date Schedule:-
  • Starting Date For Application:- 6th June 2020.
  • Last Date To Submit Application:- 2nd July 2020.
  • Release Of Admit Card:- 1 to 2 Week Before The Exam.
  • Exam Date:- 9th September 2020.
  • Declaration OF Result:- November 2020

NDA Eligibility Criteria 2020:

The NDA not only provides the opportunity to the individuals who desire to part of the academy but also offers three distinct section for which the cadets can apply for according to their interest. However the NDA being a deference academy is entire functioned under the military code or rules and regulations which are based completely upon the military prospects.

The candidates who desire to join the NDA after they have passed their 12th educational standard form Science,Arts discipline will require to qualify under the various eligibility criteria that have been prescribed for the selection of candidates who have applied for the admission after 12th.

The candidates will need to qualify under the various eligibility that have been mentioned below which are set for the individuals who desire to apply after 12th pass:-

Age Limit:- The candidates must fall under the age limit of 16 years and 6 months to 19 years. Individuals who are older than the upper age(19 years)limit and younger the lower age limit will not be eligible to apply for the selection or CEE.

Educational Qualification:- The candidates will require to have the required educational level of 12th or equivalent exams with the relevant subjects form any recognize educational board OR with higher educational qualification (but the individuals must qualify under the age limit).

1).Indian Army Wing:- Cadets should have cleared 12th standard from any recognized educational board.
2).Indian Navy & Indian Air Force Wing :-Candidates should have cleared 12th standard or equivalent exam with Physics and Mathematics form any recognized educational board.

Nationality:- Indian Citizen or a subject of Nepal,or subject of Bhutan,or any refugee who have settled in India before 1st January 1962.

Martial status:- Unmarried.

Physical Standards:- The physical standards are essential for every cadets in order to ensure their eligibility,as the physical ability of the  are the absolute character where the cadets need to be physically fit and stable and such physical standards are based on the following physical criteria:-

  • Height
  • Chest
  • Weight.

However the physical criteria or physical standards are set according to the different armed force unit of the Indian Military for the admission of candidates in particular section. The full chart regarding the physical standard will be provided  for the various section of the Indian Military which are set
according to the age of the candidates who have applied for their admission into the NDA.

Medical Standards:- The cadets also require to have the essential medical standards which are  very important during their academic session in the NDA and during their respective service periods.
The cadets will be selected based on their medical standards under such criteria of medical health, mental health, oral health,eye sight, hearing ability. 

Total medical test will be conducted by the medical corps specialists which will also include the urine and blood pressure test of the cadets. Number of candidates who are generally declared to be ,medically unfit are found to have the common defects as mentioned below:-

  • Presence of wax in ears,
  • Deviated Nasal Septum,
  • Hydrocele/Phimosis,
  • Overweight/underweight,
  • under sized chest,
  • Piles,
  • Tonsillitis,
  • Varicocele,
  • Gynaecomastia,
  • Presence of long term illness,
  • Abnormal body structure and any sort of bone deformity.

As mentioned above are the initial requirement which the candidates will require to qualify under.However the candidates will need to clear the most vital selection test that include the CEE (Common Entrance Exam) and the SSB interview.

These two selection test are the most important for the candidates for the reason that these test are based on various section and are conducted based on different qualities of the cadets. So further on we will provide the cadets details regarding the selection of the cadets.

However the cadets prior to their CEE will require to apply online for the exam and the application forms will be provided by the NDA in the official website( and  the cadets will need fill up the application form with the exact information that is required and have to produce the require documents which is to be attached along with the form and then submit. The cadets will need to wait for admits cards to be released.

NDA 2020 Admit Card :

The cadets who have filled the online forma for the exam will need to wait for the admit cards which is released by the UPSC 1 month before the exam is scheduled to be conducted.

The admit card will provide the cadets with every information regarding the schedule set for the exam to be conducted including the time,date and the center of the cadets which will be provided depending upon the address or region of the cadets hailing from as there are about 40 plus examination center where the exam is held. 

The candidate will require to report to the examination center on the date of examination.

NDA CEE (Common Entrance Exam) :

The written exam is the initial phase of the selection process which the candidates need to clear in order to proceed further onto the next phase of the SSB interview selection. The written exams are based on various syllabus and topics that have been prescribed for the CEE and which will be conducted with marks distributed among the section of the syllabus. 

The candidates must clear each of the section and in aggregate terms with the minimum passing marks but since the number of cadets exceed more than 40,000 candidates should try to score as much as high marks as possible which will give the cadets a better chance of being shortlisted for the next selection phase.

The cadets will need to appear the written exam based on the section and the exam pattern that will be followed in the mentioned manner:-

Since the written exam will be conducted based on two different units that cover various distinct section,so to make the cadets understand the written exam in a proper manner we will provide the information according to the unit. The written exam is based upon 2 units covering the subjects of Maths and GAT(General Ability Test).

Unit 1:- Maths:- 
  • Total Marks: 300
  • Passing Marks:45 marks
  • Total Questions: 120
  • Question type: Multiple Choice.
  • Duration of exam:2 hours and 30 minutes.
  • Negative marking:0.33

Unit 2:GAT (General Ability Test):- This unit of the written test comprises of two part which covers the various subjects and
topics of English(Part 1) and General Knowledge(Part 2).

  • Total Marks:600 marks
  • Part 1(English): 200 marks.
  • Total Questions: 50.
  • Part 2(GK): 400 marks.
  • Total Questions:100.
  • Question type: Multiple Choice.
  • Passing Marks:- 60 marks.
  • Duration of exam:2 hours and 30 minutes.
  • Negative marking:0.33

The cadets who have appeared their written exams will then have to wait for about 20 to 30 days or more until the results of the exam are released by the authorities. 

The candidates who have been selected based on their performance and score in the written exams will then be provided with the call letter for the SSB interview selection phase which will be conducted in various center for each of the armed force unit of the Indian Military.

The center of SSB interview conducted  for each armed force unit of the military are mentioned below:-
Cadets who are given the call letter will have to report to their respective center which is held in different centers according to the unit of the Indian Army for which the cadet has applied for and has been selected for.

Following are the list of major center for different unit where the SSB test will be conducted:-
  • Indian Army:-Allahabad(UP), Bhopal(MP), Bangalore.(Karnataka).
  • Indian Navy :-Coimbatore(Tamil Nadu), Bangalore(Karnataka), Bhopal(MP).
  • Indian Air Force:- Dehradun(Uttarakhand), Mysore(Karnataka), Gandhi Nagar(Gujarat), Varanasi(UP).

NDA SSB (Services Selection Board) :

The SSB interview is the latter phase of the selection process that are conducted by the officials of the SSB and the test is conducted for total number of 5 days which will comprise of various test each day. 

The cadets will require to clear each of the test in order to proceed further and each of the test will comprise of various criteria and the qualities that are required by the cadets in order to pass these test.

The SSB interview will comprise of the following tests:-

a).Officer Intelligence Rating(OIR) test
b).Picture Perception Description Test(PPD)
c).Psychological Test
d).Group Testing Officer(GTO) Task.

These test are usually conducted to test the overall quality and the ability of the cadets therefore such test are based on the following:-

a).Officer Intelligence Rating(OIR) test:- This exam is conducted to acquire the intelligence quality of the cadets so this exam is comprised of written exam pattern which consists of 50-55 logical, mathematical, reasoning questions to test the common alertness of the cadets.This test determines the overall intelligence alertness of the cadets that are one of the important character of a officer.

b).Picture Perception Description Test(PPD):- The cadets will be provided with random picture which they need to explain to the officials of what they see in the picture or the meaning of the picture.

c)Psychological Test:- This test consists of two stages such as the Thematic Apperception Test(TAP) & Word Association Test (WAT).Since the test is based on to examine the psychology of the cadets.

1).Thematic Apperception Test(TAT):-stage of the test is similar to that of the PPDT test where the cadets are to explain from the picture that are provide to them.

2).Word Association Test(WAT):-The cadets are to write an analogy of the word or letter shown to them with the spare of 15 seconds.

d).Group Testing Officer(GTO) Task:- This phase is a tactical phase and  the test is based on the group discussion and such as the leadership quality of the cadets which is  the essential quality one must possess in terms of officer rank.

e).Conference:- This phase of the test is the final stage where all the cadets are gathered together in a conference hall and is conducted as a conference with all the authorities and the questions are provided by these authorities and the cadets are to answer these questions. This phase of the test last for 30 minutes after which the results are declared. The candidates who are selected are retained for the final medical test.

Medical test:- This medical test is the most important test of the candidates which the cadets are to clear in order to be shortlisted in the final merit list. Any cadet who is declared during the final medical test will be rejected.

Merit List:- The final merit list is made based in the score of the cadets in the overall selection process and the cadets who have been selected after the test conducted by the SSB. The total number of 3 merit list are released for each of the armed units of the Indian Army such as for the Indian
Army,Indian Navy and the Indian Air Force respectively.

NOTE:- Candidates who will be applying for the Indian Air Force will be required to clear the Computerized Pilot Selection system (CPSS) and Pilot Aptitude Battery Test separately(PSBT)in order to ensure their selection.

However the PABT is also organizes for all the candidates who have cleared the SSB test with Indian Air Force being one of the choice for the individuals.

NDA Training Period for Armed Forces :

Indian Navy Cadets:- 3 years of training in NDA and 1 year of training form the Naval Academy Chika Odisha.
Indian Army:- 1 Year of training in NDA and 1 year at IMA (Indian Military Academy).
Indian Air Force:- 1 year trainign in NDA and 1 year 6 months of training at Air Force Academy Hyderabad.

Here we are at the end of this article which has been published for the individuals who have passed their 12th educational standard form any discipline and seek information regarding their eligibility and selection process of NDA.

Hope the information that have been provided will be of some use which may provide the individuals with entire information and a wider idea regarding their desire to be selected into the NDA.

Individuals who require any information regarding the NDA or any other information related to the Indian Military are advised to leave their queries in the comment below so that we are able to assist the individuals in a better manner and provide the information that is helpful to the individuals.


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