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SSB Syllabus For Indian Army, Exam Pattern PDF 2020

SSB Syllabus For Indian Army 2020:- All candidates who wants Join Indian Army SSB Syllabus PDF, Exam Pattern 2020 & Selection Process related details. They will get here service selection board syllabus for Indian Army Officer Selection. There are various armed forces entrusted for the safety of the Indian territories and the various other aspects in terms of national interest and national stability to maintain peace of the country. Therefore these various armed force offer opportunities to number of young youths of the country who desire to serve the country through these armed force.

So in order to provide the young aspirants with a better field of opportunity the SSB(Service Selection Board) organization body was established by the Ministry of Defense of the Indian Democracy in order to select number of eligible individuals who deserve to be selected for the different components of the Indian Military such as the Indian Army,Indian Navy and the Indian Air Force.

Among other entry type the SSB known as the Services Selection Board is an organisation of members who are responsible or selecting candidates for the admission into the Armed Forces of India. There are specific selection test that are conducted by the SSB to determine the eligibility of the candidates suitable for the armed force.

The candidates who have applied for the armed forces of Indian Army,Indian Navy and Indian Air Force are required to clear their respective written exam that will be based entirely upon the intelligence ability of the candidate over the various topics and the syllabus that have been prescribed for the written test.

However the candidates must clear the written exam or the common entrance exam and is conducted by the UPSC and the SSB interview that are conducted by the officers who have been designated for the shortlisting of the candidates with the required criteria or the marks that have been set as the minimum passing score.

The candidates will be need to acquire the information regarding the written exam syllabus and the topics that have been set for the particular armed force of the military which will cover the entire written exam. So in this article we will be providing the individuals the entire syllabus and the written exam pattern so that the candidates will find it much easier to prepare for the written exams.

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Indian Army SSB Exam Syllabus PDF 2020 - Exam Pattern 

The written exam will be conducted in two different parts as per the rules and paper and each of these part will cover distinct topics and the syllabus and will be conducted separately. So the candidates will require to appear the written exam in two different session for each sets but on the same day. Check your SSB Syllabus For Indian Army 2020 and download PDF from official site.
The written exam pattern has been mentioned below:-

  1. Total Marks:- 50 Marks 
  2. Question Type:- Multiple Choice Question (MCQ).
  3. Minimum Passing Marks:-Set according to the discretion of the Commission.
  4. Negative marking:- 0.25 marks  will be deducted for every incorrect answer. 

The candidates will need to cover the entire exam syllabus and the topics that will fall under each of the part which has been mentioned below:-

  • Reasoning Syllabus :- The questions are based on small statement.
  • Mathematics Syllabus:- Natural numbers, integers, rational and real numbers,application to simple and compound interest, profit and loss, ratio and proportion, variation.  Time and distance, time and work, percentages, Multiples and factors, factorisation theorem, HCF and LCM. Euclidean algorithm, logarithms,logarithmic tables. simple factors, remainder theorem, HCF, LCM, theory of polynomials, solutions of quadratic equations,Trigonometry.
  • Geometry Syllabus:- Properties of angles at a point, Concurrence of medians and altitudes, Properties of angles, sides and diagonals of a parallelogram, Parallel lines, Sides and angles of a triangle,  Congruence of triangles, Similar triangles, rectangle and square, Circle and its properties.

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SSB Exam Pattern & Syllabus For Indian Army Officer 2020

The candidates who will be applying for the admission into the Officers training academy will have to appear the written exam based on the two different section English & General Knowledge and according to the exam pattern. Download your Indian Army Officer SSB Syllabus for preparation.

  • Total Marks:- 50 Marks 
  • Question Type:- Multiple Choice Question(MCQ).
  • Minimum Passing Marks:-Set according to the discretion of the Commission.
  • Negative marking:- 0.25 marks  will be deducted for every incorrect answer.
The candidates will have to cover up the syllabus and the topics that fall under these section as per the prescribed syllabus and topics for the written exam held for the candidates who desire to get admission into the Officers Training Academy.

  • English:- Use of words,  error spotting, jumbled sentences, Questions in English are from synonyms, antonyms, reading comprehension, Para jumbles, sentence correction and fill in the blanks.
  • General Knowledge:- Knowledge of current events,  history of India and geography. 

The syllabus and the topics that have been mentioned are strictly and entirely based on the syllabus and the topics that have been prescribed by the official source or the website of the SSB.

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SSB (Service Selection Board) Interview Complete Process 2020

The SSB selection of the candidates are based on the various criteria and the requirements that are set for the candidates to apply for the common entrance exam.The candidates must clear the PIB or the Preliminary Interview Board which si conducted by the SSB and is held for total number of 5 days.

During these 5 days the candidates will undergo various test concerning the various attributes that are required as per the qualities of the candidates.These SSB interview are comprised of the following test:-

a).Officer Intelligence Rating(OIR) test
b).Picture Perception Description Test(PPD)
c).Psychological Test
d).Group Testing Officer(GTO) Task.

These test are usually conducted to test the overall quality and the ability of the cadets therefore such test are based on the following:-

Day 1:- 

It is also known as the screening test where the cadets will undergo verbal and non verbal intelligence test and PPDT test which has been mentioned below:-

a).Officer Intelligence Rating(OIR) test:- 

This exam is conducted to acquire the intelligence quality of the cadets so this exam is comprised of written exam pattern which consists of 50-55 logical,mathematical ,reasoning  questions to test the common alertness of the cadets.This test determines the overall intelligence alertness of the cadets that are one of the important character of a officer.

b).Picture Perception Description Test(PPD):- 

The cadets will be provided with but unclear picture for a limited time of about 30 seconds which they need to explain or note down the characters or points and create the summary regarding the picture as required and narrate the summary to the officials of what they see in the picture or the meaning of the picture within the given time.

Day 2:-

The second day of the interview will comprise of the following mentioned test :-

c).Psychological Test:-

This test consists of two stages such as the Thematic Apperception Test(TAP) & Word Association Test(WAT).Since the test is based on to examine the psychology of the cadets.

1).Thematic Apperception Test (TAT):- 

This stage of the test is similar to that of the PPDT test where the cadets are to explain from the 12 clear picture that are provide to them in a proper sequence.However the cadets will require to submit the summary of the picture in the last blank slide that will be provided to the candidates.

2).Word Association Test (WAT):-

The cadets are to write an analogy of the sixty (60)simple and common words or letter shown to them with the spare of 15 seconds where that candidates provide the first thought as it appears in their mind when they are shown these words in a sequence.

Day 3 & 4:- 

The test on day 3 & 4 are conducted based on the qualities of the candidates in terms of leadership,ability,team works and such that has been mentioned below.

d).Group Testing Officer(GTO) Task:-

This phase is a tactical phase and  the test is based on the group discussion and such as the leadership quality of the cadets which is the essential quality one must possess in terms of officer rank.
The test is usually conducted under the various task such as the group military training,progressive group task,individual tasks,command task,group obstacles such as snake race and the final group task.

Day 5:-

It is the final test or the interview of the candidates who have been shortlisted through the previous interview which are conducted by the interviewing officers generally based on the personal information questionnaires and qualities of the candidates.However the final assessment and the results are declared during this phase of the selection interview.


This phase of the test is the final stage where all the cadets are gathered together in a conference hall and is conducted as a conference with all the authorities and the questions are provided by these authorities and the cadets are to answer these questions.

This phase of the test last for 30 minutes after which the results are declared. The candidates who are selected are retained for the final medical test which is conducted for 3 to 5 days by the specialists of the military medical crops in the military hospital .

The candidates will have to undergo the medical test as the final selection which will be conducted by the medical specialists of the Medical Corps under the various medical requirements are set for the selection of the candidates.Candidates who are declared to be medically unfit will be rejected and will no longer be eligible to be shortlisted any further.

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Steps To Apply Online For SSB

  1. Go to the official website of SSB(
  2. Click on the recruitment tab  displayed in the homepage.
  3. The application form will be displayed in the page.
  4. Fill all the details that are required and in a proper manner as suggested.
  5. Re check the details before the submission of the form.
  6. Print a hard copy of the form.

So now that we have mentioned the entire information regarding the SSB exam and the interview we hope that the individuals will be able to acquire these information for their own benefit and the syllabus and the topics that have been provided will be the key source for the preparation regarding the written exam conducted by the UPSC.

Individuals who have any sort of information requirement are advised to comment below and we will get back to you with the information that is required. Thank You and Best of Luck.


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