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Indian Navy Eligibility Criteria 2020 MR, NMR, SSR & AA Selection Process

Join Indian Navy Eligibility Criteria 2020:- All candidates who want MR, NMR, SSR & AA Recruitment Procedure / Selection Process 2020, they can check here Indian Navy SSR Eligibility Criteria, Age Limit, Education Qualification 2020 related all details. In the year of 1950 the Indian Navy was officially established which was then on known as the Indian Navy which was formerly regarded as Her Majesty Indian Navy.The 4th day of the month of December is celebrated as the Navy day in the Indian sub-continent by the whole country which is a proud day for the Indian Democracy.

The President of India is conferred Supreme commander of the Indian Navy under the provision of the Indian constitution. The Indian Navy is one of the integral armed force of the Indian Military which is responsible for the safety of the national water and the marine territory of the Nation of India.

Indian Navy is considered to be a major military enforcement which has performed some of the vital service in the times of national security and incase of major conflicts of the warfare events.
Indian Navy is also a responsible unit of armed forces in times that conducts Armed forces under the Defense Ministry of Indian Democracy.

Operations in collaboration with the ICG (Indian Coast Guard),which is an independent a
The Indian Navy with an estimated number of 67,109 approximate active service men under its command,among all the personnel and the post the highest rank of the Indian Navy is known as the CAS(Chief of Staffs) who are the four star ranking officers entrusted with the operational commander of a fleet.

The Chief of Staffs are known as the The Supreme Commander of the Indian Navy is assisted by the CAS during different occasions. In this article you will get Indian Navy Height Weight Chart 2020 and Indian Navy SSR Age Limit and education criteria for all other post.

Among the other naval enforcement the Indian Navy is presented with the fifth position interms of the size of naval armed forces of the world. Every year the Indian Navy recruits many new cadets into the unit for the different branches of its service.The cadets are selected or recruited depending upon the qualification and the eligibility of the cadets for the particular post and the suitable unit of service that the cadets can serve in the navy.

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Join Indian Navy Eligibility Criteria 2020 MR, NMR, SSR & AA Recruitment Procedure

Although number of uninterested candidates enroll for the recruitment of the India Navy but only the best candidates are selected as the selection are based upon the merit performance of the individual candidates throughout the various phases of the recruitment process that is followed for the recruitment of the cadets for each of the entry level or type of entry for the different branch the cadet has applied for.

Since the service under the Indian Navy is one of the demanding field of service where service men need to face new challenges each day with uncertain events that may be ahead.Therefore only the  most eligible and qualified candidates are selected for their service in the Indian Navy under the Indian Military for the sake of national security and protection of the nation.

The recruitment for the Indian Navy is conducted through the various phases of the recruitment process which the candidates must clear to be shortlisted for the next following phase of the recruitment test.

There are certain difference among the eligibility criteria the candidates must possess to apply for the recruitment through the MR,NMR,SSR,AA entry level into the Indian Navy.

Hence further on we will be providing the candidates with the entire information on the eligibility criteria and the recruitment procedure or the selection stages the cadets must clear to be shortlisted for every following stages and finally the final selection of the candidates for their training prior to commission.

Indian Navy Eligibility Criteria For MR (Matric Recruit),NMR (Non-Matric Reecruit),SSR(Senior Secondary Recruit) and AA (Artificer Apprentices)

The overall selection procedure conducted during the recruitment of the MR, NMR level of entry are similar in various aspects.Hence the only difference that lies is in the eligibility criteria which is different between these type of entry level. Check Indian Navy MR Age Limit and Indian Navy AA Eligibility Criteria 2020 related all details.

Even for the recruitment of the ssr,aa,level of entry are similar to the earlier mentioned level of entry.
For all the entry level recruitment the selection procedure are almost the same as the pattern of the recruitment process follow the same stages during the selection of the enrolled cadets.

However the shortlisting or the selection of the cadets are conducted based upon the performance of the cadets during each and every phase of the recruitment procedure.Therefore the candidates who have been selected to appear the recruitment process for the different level of entry should clear each and every phase of the procedure atleast with the minimum passing marks or higher if the candidates are able to score higher marks shall be of some importance during the latter phase of the recruitment procedure or during the final shortlisting of the cadets.

The candidates applying for the recruitment of Indian Navy should have the following eligibility criteria :-

1)Educational qualification:-
  • Artificer Apprentice (AA):-12th Passed.(Science Stream).
  • Senior Secondary Recruit (SSR):-12th Passed.(Science Stream/Computer Science is compulsary subject).
  • Matric Recruit(MR):- 10th Passed
  • Non-Matric Recruit (NMR):-6th passed                      
2).Age Limit:-

       a). Artificer Apprentice (AA):- 17-20 Years.
       b). Senior Secondary Recruit (SSR):-17-21 Years.
       c). Matric Recruit(MR):- 17-21 Years.
       d). Non-Matric Recruit (NMR):-17-21 Years.

  • Indian
  • Subject of Nepal
  • Subject of Bhutan
  • Tibetan refugees settled in India (Since 1962).

NOTE:- The citizenship criteria for all of the above mentioned post are of the same requirement.

4).Marital Status:- The marital status for all the entry level  recruitment should be unmarried.

Indian Navy MR, NMR, SSR & AA Recruitment Procedure / Selection Process 2020

The Indian Navy holds the recruitment of new candidates through various categories such as the recruitment for MN(Matric Recruti),NMR (Non Matric Recruit),SSR (Senior Secondary recruit),AA (Artificer Apprentices). Each and every candidate must go through these stages of the recruitment process and for a candidate to be selected for the  following next phase of the recruitment a candidate must clear  the particular test to be selected for the recruitment process. This article is about Indian Navy NMR Selection process 2020 details.

These recruitment of the new cadets are conducted through the various stages of the recruitment process that comprises  of series of test such as follows:-
  1. Entrance Exam
  2. Physical Test/PFT(Physical Fitness Test)
  3. Medical Test

1). Entrance Exam:- 
The entrance exams is the first phase of the recruitment process that candidates have to clear to be shortlisted for the following phase of the recruitment process. The exam pattern and the syllabus that covers up the topics for the written exam varies based upon the entry level for which the cadets have enrolled for.

Therefore the exam pattern,syllabus are slightly different interms of the written exam. Rough information regarding the written exams for the different level of entry is provided below.

 A).Artificer Apprentice (AA) ,Senior Secondary Recruit (SSR) & Matric Recruit(MR):-   
  • a).General Knowledge.
  • b).Science.
  • c).English.
  • d).Mathematics.

B).Non-Matric Recruit (NMR):-
  1. Section 1:Science & Mathematics
  2. Section 2:General Knowledge
NOTE:-The candidates who have been selected to appear for the written exam of the respective entry level for the post should be clear or pass the written exam so on to be selected for the next phase of the selection procedure.

However the candidates if can score higher marks than the required minimum pass marks shall only benefit the cadets in the latter phase of the selection.

Candidate who clear the written exams are then shortlisted based on their score in the written test and the selected cadets are selected for the following selection phase.

2).Physical Test/PFT (Physical Fitness Test):- 

The physical test or the physical fitness test is conducted to examine the physical health and status of the selected cadets.Cadets are asked to perform certain physical works outs or exercises which will be the test for a candidate during the phase of PFT.

To serve as a service men under the navy one must possess the required physical health so on to carry their respective duties to the fullest. Scores of the cadets shall be allotted based upon the task performed by the cadets within the given time. Check Indian Navy Height Weight Chart 2020 For SSR, NMR cadets.

Following are the tasks which the candidates are to perform during their physical fitness test or the physical test:-

  1. Running: 1.6 km within 7 minutes.
  2. Push-ups: 10.
  3. Squats(Uthak Baithak): 20
  4. Height. (157 cm minimum)
  5. Weight. (depending on the age and height of the candidates)
  6. Chest measurement.

NOTE:-The candidates should perform all the above task within the given time and the marks shall be given based on the tasks performed by the cadets,therefore the each of these task should be performed in the proper manner by the cadets.

Candidate will be shortlisted after this phase of the selection and only the cadets who have performed well are selected for the next phase that follows which is the medical test of the cadets.

3).Medical Test:-

The candidates shall be thoroughly examined by the medical officials of the navy to confirm the medical fitness of the cadets. This test is conducted under the supervision of the authorized medical personnel who during this test shortlist those candidates who are medically unfit.

Medical examination shall be conducted according to the medical standard prescribed in current regulations applicable to different entry level of the navy. Main priority of the medical test is based upon the following test that is conducted such test are :

  • Medical health.
  • Mental health.
  • Oral health.
  • Eye Sight.

NOTE:-The candidates who have been declared permanently unfit during this test shall be no longer eligible to be recruited and hence the cadets shall be rejected.

Candidate who have been declared temporary unfit during the medical test can avail special review from a Military hospital through the authorize medical personnel of the Medical Corps,but within the maximum period of 21 days after which no further review is permissible.

The medical test maybe completed in a day or more depending upon the number cadets selected from the earlier stage of the recruitment and cadets who are selected during the medical test are shortlisted for the merit list.

4).Merit List:-

The merit list is the final selection of the cadets who have cleared all the recruitment stages.However the merit list is made with the names of the selected cadets who have performed better in the overall recruitment phases.Therefore the cadet who have scored higher scores in every stage with a higher aggregate or overall performance shall be selected.

The shortlisting shall be based upon the number of new recruits to be induced into the navy.

5).Final Enrollment Medical/Final Screening:-

All of the candidates who have been shortlisted in the merit list shall be informed to appear for the final enrollment medical test or the final screening which is held in INS Chilka(Odisha) o the specified date prior to final training of the cadets.

All the cadets shall be provided with special transportation refunds when produced to the concerned authorities. Hence the final enrollment medical shall determine the final selection of the cadets.
Candidate found to be unfit during this final medical shall be rejected  and will not be enrolled for their training.

So the mentioned above are the recruitment process and the eligibility criteria which is required for a candidate to be qualified to apply for the recruitment of the Indian navy through the different level of entries.

All of the provided information's are valid and i written according to the rules and regulations set by the responsible authorities of the Indian Navy,thus the information  are valid and legit.

Hope this Indian Navy Eligibility Criteria 2020 information is useful you all candidates. For more information regrading the Indian Navy concerned candidates are welcome to check on the website or comment below incase any queries that a individual desires to know more about.

Indian Navy Recruitment Enrollment Steps & Documents Required 2020

The candidates looking to apply for the recruitment of the Indian Navy should know how to apply for it but in a proper patterns set by the Indian Navy authorities with the exact required document on the time of registration through online or offline methods.

Below are the steps to be followed while applying or filling the forma and the documents that are required:-

Application forms are available on the official website of the Indian Navy and the cadets are to fill the information according the rules and the regulations set by the authorities.

The advertisement for the recruitment date and the starting date and the last day for the enrollment shall be published by the Indian navy through the newspapers and other means.
Only one application is allowed for each candidate,thus applying more than one form shall see the rejection of the candidate.

Documents required:-

a).One recent passport size photo of the candidate.
b).Educational certificates(Attested copy).
c).Domicile certificate.10 cm size).
d).2 self addressed envelops (22*10 cm size)
There are almost 34 examinaton centre where the written exams are held ,therefore the candidate have to choose the centre form  the  centre that is provided by the Indian navy.

Best of luck to those candidates who desire to be recruited into the Indian navy.Hope the information will be of some value to all the cadets.


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