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Indian Army TES 39 Application Form 2020 Notification

Join Indian Army TES ( Technical Entry Scheme) 39 Application Form 2020:- All candidates who complete 10+2 (Intermediate), they can check TES 39 Notification Date, Age Limit, Eligibility Criteria related all details. The Indian Army is a massive force in the world which has established itself as one of the most deadliest military asset,therefore the Indian Military is regarded as the third largest military power in the world. 

The most and initial priority if the Indian Army is the total safety of the national territory and the security of the citizens of the nation and the protection national assets. Since the day of its establishment the Indian Military has provided with some of the glorious moments for the nation in such events of major warfare and internal conflicts.

In short the Indian Military has been the most important pillar of the Indian Democracy which has transformed the nation to the level of a super power in the present era. The Indian Military is composed of three major armed units for the diverse field of service and the safety of the Indian Territory through their distinct service as the Indian Military.

These three major armed units of the Military as known or regarded as the:-
  • Indian Army 
  • Indian Air Force and 
  • Indian Navy.
Each of these armed forces are entrusted with the responsibility of the total security of the Indian territory for the safety of regional territory which is the foremost priority of the Indian Army,the marine tine or the marine region of the country which is entrusted to the Indian Navy and the safety of the air space which is the most important priority of the Indian Air Force respectively. Check eligibility below and apply online for TES 39 Application Form 2020

Every unit of the Indian Military has made some of the immense contribution to the nation and ensuring the safety of the national security and has brought glory to the nation in times of major war conflicts when the peace of the nation was at stake through the threat from beyond the national boundaries.

Indian Army TES 39 Online Application Form 2020

Among the armed forces the Indian Army is served by the largest number of service men who have offered their highest level of service to the Indian Military and the nation itself. The Indian Army are responsible for the safety of the regional territory of the nation and the protection of the nation that comes through the sources that lies beyond the national boundaries.But in the events of major domestic conflicts the Indian Army is considered to be the last resort of the Indian Democracy to maintain peace and to calm bring down the fire set through loss of liberty among individuals.

Its is never an easy field of service being in the Indian Military as every armed unit of the military is a bubble of challenges where the service men are to face some of the most extreme and the uncertain times during their service in the military. Check Indian Army TES 39 Online Application Form 2020 related all details here. 

Therefore each of these service men are trained through one of the toughest training period to ensure the individual is able and  worthy to take on the duties to service the nation under the wings of the armed force of the military. 

Since the training of these service men is considered to be the among the  toughest training is the essence for which provides these service men the tools that is required to be tough and brave to fulfill their duty without the slightest of hesitation and to face every challenge with the courage included in them through the training periods.

The history itself speaks  for the bravely and the courage that has been exhibited by the service men of the armed forces of the Indian Military in time when the nation was in need of such courage and with the glory and honor that has been offered by the sacrifices made by the service men for the sake of the safety of the nation is the reason enough to feel proud for the service that is provided by the Indian Military and the armed units under its wings. 

Join Indian Army Technical Entry Scheme (TES) 39 2020 Notification PDF

The Indian Army is the unit which recruits massive number of new cadets under its wings through the recruitment or the open rallies for the post of various trades under its wings. Recently board conduct the exam for Indian Army TES 39 July 2020 Batch. All candidates who are selected they need to go for the training. Now we will update here Indian Army TES 39 Notification PDF 2020 batch. 

There are various entry schemes such as the UPSC,NDA,IMA and the so.Every year new cadets are selected through these entry type and among them the TES is also regraded as a common entry type which is responsible for the selection of new cadets for the Indian Army.

The TES also known as the Technical Entry Scheme is conducted for the selection of cadets for their service in the units of the army. This entry is held for the  Grant of Permanent Commission of the candidate who are selected as the final candidates for the initial training.

For a candidate to apply through this entry scheme the candidate must qualify under the eligibility and the qualification criiteria set by the authorities for the TES selection of new cadets.
Therefore the cadets must qualify under those criteria and to ensure to e shortlisted among the final selected cadets the candidates must clear all the test which are conducted througout the selection process that is to be followed for the recruitment or the selection of the cadets. 

Therefore only the cadets who are qualify under the criteria and clear the test with the required marks or with higher percentage are then shortlisted fir the initial phase of the training. 

Indian Army TES 39 Eligibility Criteria 2020 - Age Limit 

Since the TES is considered to be a tough choice of entry that is held by the Indian Army for the candidates who desire to apply through this entry scheme to offer their service to the nation.
Hence to be eligible to enroll for the entry the cadets must qualify under the criteria of that are absolute. Check Indian Army TES 39 Age Limit and Eligibility criteria details. 

Age Limit:-

Cadets  should be between 16 yrs 6 months - 19 yrs 6 months during the 1st day of the training. Candidate who is found to be younger than the minimum age or older than the maximum age as mentioned is not eligible to apply for the entry.

Educational Qualification:-

Candidates are required to be qualified as 10+2 pass or higher qualification and with 70% in each of the subjects of Physics ,Chemistry and Mathematics form a recognized educational board. The eligibility for calculating PCM % will vary among the various educational board State/Central,etc.

Marital Status:- 

Cadets are required to be single or Unmarried to be eligible to apply for the entry scheme.

Nationality:- Cadets are to be under the following criteria such as
  • Indian.
  • Subject of Nepal.
  • Subject of Bhutan.
  • Any refugee settled in India since the 1st day of January 1962.

There are exceptions that are made by the authorities interms of the nationality of the cadets who will be applying for this entry scheme. However for the other field of criteria there will be no exceptions that will be made by the authorities for the cadets therefore the cadets must qualify under the eligibility criteria set for this entry scheme.

Any candidate who fails to qualify under any criteria will not be allowed to apply for this entry scheme.

Indian Army TES (Technical Entry Scheme) 39 Selection Process 2020

The candidate who have been found to be qualified and eligible to apply for the TES will be shortlisted  on the basis of the cut off % that is prescribed by the respective Recruiting Directorate.
Only the candidates who are shortlisted will be informed about the selection center and the SSB information will be provided through email/sms/calls on the address or the numbers provided by the cadets. Here is the Indian Army TES 39 Selection process 2020. So check all the given details. 

The cadets who have been informed for the selection center and the SSB selection test will have to report to their respective center on the day when they have been informed. Since the selection will be conducted for a duration of more than 4-5 days the selection of the cadets will be done based on the first come first serve basis.

Therefore the cadets are advised to be punctual which will be useful to them in due course of time.

SSB(Service Selection Board):- 

The SSB is one of the important board of members who are responsible for the selection of the best and most eligible candidates for the Indian Army who will serve the nation through their various units or the trades of the service. The center for the test conducted by the SSB are usually held among the centers mentioned below
  1. Allahabad (Uttar Pradesh)
  2. Bhopal (Madhya Pradesh)
  3. Banglore (Karnataka)
  4. Kapurthala (Punjab)

The test that are conducted by the SSB is considered to be among the toughest and the intense phase of test which the cadets must clear in order to be shortlisted further on.The SSB test is comprised of the following phases:
  1. Section 1 
  2. Section 2
Section 1:- The section 1 phase of the test of the SSB is comprised of the following test of the cadets. 
  • Physiological Test
  • Interviews 
  • Group Discussions
Only those candidates who are shortlisted after the test of section 1 will be retained for the test of the section 2. The candidate who are rejected from the section 1 test shall leave the center on the same day.

Section 2:- The second phase or the section 2 test conducted by the SSB is comprised of the following test and it is conducted for 2-3 days.

Medical Test:- 

The medical test is conducted to examine the medical health and the mental health of the candidate and to ensure that the candidate is not effected by any sort of long term illness.
Only those candidate who are declared medically fit after the test will be shortlisted.
The final selection of the cadets will be done according to the merit list.

Merit list:- 

The merit list is made based on the merit depending on the performance of the cadets and according to the vacancies that is available.Therefore only the limited number of candidate will be selected and will be listed in the merit list. Finally the selected who are shortlisted in the merit list will be dispatched for their respective training.


The cadets who are selected for the training will be dispatched for their training which will be for a total period of 5 years which is comprised of various set of training of the cadets.
such training will be of the following categories:

1. Basic Military Training(1 Year)
2. Technical Training:-This training will consist of two phase.
  • Phase 1:-(Pre Commission Training):-3 years.
  • Phase 2:(Post Commission Training):1 year.
The candidate who are selected for the training will have to produce the required documents before they are dispatched for their training. Such documents that are to be produced by the cadets are:-
  1. Domicile.
  2. Birth certificate/ Board 10th Admit card or Registration card.
  3. Identity card.
  4. Educational certificate.
  5. Print of the application form of the candidates.

How To Fill Indian Army TES 39 Enrollment/Application Form 2020

The candidates who are applying for the TES entry scheme will have to follow these below mentioned few steps for applying or filling up the application form.
  1. The candidate will have to apply for the TES through the official website of the Indian Army ( 
  2. Cadest must read the application form properly and fill the form according to the pattern.
  3. Every information that is required ot be filled in the from shalll be exact and correct.
  4. One candidate will be allowed to apply on one particular form.Therefore mistakes should nt be made while filling up.
  5. Recheck the filled up information before submitting the form.
  6. If the information are correct and exact to the certificates of the cadet then the individual can submit the form.
  7. Print out a copy of the form  and keep it as an insurance.
So the above listed step are the way to fill up the application form for the TES entry scheme.
I believe that all the information that is provided will be of some help to the candidates who will be applying for the TES entry scheme. Best of luck to all the cadets.


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