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Indian Air Force Salary Slip 2020, Grade Pay, Rank Wise Salary

Join Indian Air Force Salary Slip 2020:- Get Indian Air Force Rank Wise Salary Chart and check Officer, Pilot, Lieutenant Grade Pay/Salary Per Month. The Indian Air Force is regarded as one of the major armed force and an integral unit of the  the Indian Military enforcement.General duty of the IAF OS the security of the nation and it protection through the aerial territory.

Indian Air Force is served by the total of 140,139 active personnel and with an estimate of 1,729 plus aircraft which offers the IAF in the fourth position among the airforces in the world. The Establishment of the IAF has been of immense support of the Indian democracy interms of the safety of the nation through the watch over the airspace and the aerial warfare during the time of national security.

IAF has been an active unit of the armed forces since its establishment which took place on the 8th day of the month of October in the year 1932. Although the IAF was known as the Royal Indian Air Force before the independence of the Indian Democracy until nation became Republic,the IAF also served as the Dominion of India before officially being known as the Indian Air Force.

It is considered as one for the most respected and honorable field of service under the Indian Military  with some of the distinct service that is offered by the IAF through the service men of the different units of the force.
The highest rank in the IAF is the  Chief of the Air Staffs(CAS) known to be the Air Chief Marshal who are honored by the four star on their shoulder,the overall responsibility of the IAF is upon the Air Chief Marshal who is the driving force of the total armed forces of the IAF.

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Join Indian Air Force Salary 2020 (Grade Pay/Pay Band)

However the President of India is appointed as the Supreme Commander of the IAF and is assisted  by the respective Air Chief Marshal of the IAF. The Headquarters of the IAF is basd in Delhi.
The service under the IAF is one of the challenging service with the risks of the uncertainties that should be face by the service in times of emergence where the major priority is national security.
Over the years the IAF has been a promising service of armed force and has produced some of the best service men in its respective filed of service with the bravery and the courage that has been exhibited by the service men of the IAF.

Every year number of new cadets who apply for the recruitment for the service under the IAF,but only countable cadets who are selected through the recruitment process after clearing the test of the recruitment conducted by the IAF authorities. Want to Join Indian Army, then visit this site.

Indian Air Force Salary Chart 2020
Pay Scale
Pay Band
Grade Pay
Flying Officer   
Flight Lieutenant
Squadron leader
Wing Commander          
Group Captain
AIR Commodore
Air Vice Marshal
Air Marshal       
Chief Of Commands
Apex Scale
Chief Of Air force

IAF being of the challenging armed force which has been a rising field of service in due course of time also provide the best possible facilities for their service men in terms of allowances and also offers a good salary based on the rank or the position of the individual service man.
Since further on we will discuss upon the salary of the IAF service man which is offered rank wise or posiion of the cadets.:

Indian Air Force Rank Wise Salary Chart Slip 2020 Per Month

There are many ranks under the IAF which is conferred to the cadets who are a recent or new recruit of the IAF and with the opportunity of promotion of the cadets to a higher rank after a certain period of service under the IAF.

The basic salary of the service men differs from rank to rank staring from the lower ranks to the higher ranks,but even though the salary for the service men are hansom and with the bonus of special allowance to the service men and to the respective families of the service men has been allowed which provides allowance interm of the medical sector,educational sector,etc.

So the IAF is a responsible unit that provides the basic necessity of the service men along to their families. The ranks or the positions of the air force personnel which is conferred to the cadets form the lower ranks to the higher ranks and a rough information is mentioned below accordingly along with the basic salary ,grade pay and special allowances rank wise:-

The several ranks offered by the IAF starting form the lower ranks to the higher ranks are as:-

  1. Flying Officer
  2. Flight Lieutenent 
  3. Squadron Leader
  4. Wing Commander
  5. Group Captai
  6. Air Commodore
  7. Air Vice Marshal
  8. Air Marshal(hag Scale/apex Scale)
  9. Air Chief Marshal.

Join Indian Air Force Salary Per Month Rank Wise 2020

1). Flying Officer:-
  • Basic Salary:- Rs.56,100
  • MSP (Military Service Pay): Rs.15,500.
The ranks of the flying officer is the first or the lower rank that is offered to the cadets (male/female) after the completion of their commission training under the IAF. However the cadets are eligible for the promotion which shall be offered based on the service of the cadets.

The cadets must have served the IAF for atleast 2 years to be offered the promotion by the IAF.
Although the grade pay is abolished for the cadets or the flying officers the special perk known as the MSP(Military Service Pay) is offered to these rank officers.

2). Flight Lieutenant:- 
  • Basic Salary: Rs.61,300
  • MSP(Military Service Pay): Rs.15,500.
The rank of the flight lieutenant is a rank higher than the flying officer which is offered to the service men who have served in the  IAF for more than two years.But the promotion of a flying officer to the rank of  flight lieutenant is offered to a service men based upon the service   provided by the respective service man.

Since the promotion of a service man of the IAF depends upon the period of service offered and the quality of service offered by the individual is the main criteria for the promotion to a higher ranks.
Therefore some of the factors that affects the promotion of an individual under he IAF are as:

1).Service qualification
2).Staff college
3).Quaified flying course
4).Qualification and knowledge of the service men.

3). Squadron Leader:-
  • Basic Salary: Rs.69,400
  • MSP(Military Service Pay): Rs.15,500 
The rank or the position is a rank that is higher than the two previous ranks of flying officer or the flight lieutenant.However the service man     can be promoted to the rank of the squadron leader after serving the IAF for a period of 5 year.
The promotion is offered depending upon the quality of the service a service man has offered to the IAF.

4). Wing Commander:- 
  •  Basic Salary: Rs.1,16,700
  •  MSP(Military Service Pay): Rs.15,500
The rank of the wing commander is the higher rank than the rank of the squadron leader.A service men is promoted to the rank of the wing commander after a service period of 13 years in the IAF.

5). Group Captain:-  
  • Basic Salary: Rs.1,25,700
  • MSP(Military Service Pay): Rs.15,500
The rank of the group commander is one of the higher rank among the other ranks of IAF which is offered to the service men based upon the service they offer the unit of the IAF for a longer period of time.
There is no certain years of service after which the promotion is offered.

6). Air Commodore:-
  •  Basic Salary: Rs.1,34,400.
  •  MSP(Military Service Pay):Rs.15,500.
 The rank of the air commodore is among the highest ranks that is offered to the service men of the IAF. This ranks of the IAF is also regarded as the junior general rank which is a one star rank offered by to the service men by the IAF.
The service men appointed on the rank of the group leader are promoted to the rank of air commodore under the IAF depending upon the service that is provided by the service men of the IAF.

7). Air Vice Marshal:-  
  • Basic Salary: Rs.1,44,200
  • MSP: NIL
Generally the ranks of the air vice marshal is the higher rank than the rank of the air commodore which is offered to the service men serving as the air     commodore under the IAF for a certain period of time.

The rank of the Air Vice Marshal is honoured with tw stars and generically Air Vice Marshal maybe addressed as the "AIR MARSHAL:.

8). Air Marshal Hag Scale:- 
  • Basic Salary:Rs.1,82,200
  • MSP: NIL
 Air Marshal is a rank higher than the air vice marshal which is considered to be the 2nd highest rank in the IAF that is served by the service man who have  been promoted by the IAF after serving as a air vice marshal of the IAF.

Since the rank of the Air Marshal is a immediate senior rank to the Air Vice Marshal the rank is offered with three stars.
9). Air Marshal Apex Scale:- 
  • Basic Salary: Rs.2,05,400.
  • MSP: NIL
The ranks of the Air Marshal (approx scale) is an equivalent rank to that of the HAG SCALE where the only difference lies is the basic salary of the rank.

10). Air Chief Marshal:- 
  • Basic Salary:Rs.2,50,000.
  • MSP: NIL
The active rank of the IAF is known to be the Air Chief Marshal which is offered to the service men who have offered the IAF who have served  with their distinct service under the service of the IAF.
The Air Chief Marshal is the only rank which is honored by 5 stars on the shoulders.

Mentioned above are the basic salary and the MSP (Military Service Pay) which is offered to the service men of the IAF for their distinct service for the sake of national security.
Other than the hansom salary that is offered to the service men of the IAF there are special perks or the allowances that are provided to the service men and is also implied to the family members of the individual such perks are:

2).Medical relaxation
3).Educational relaxation for the childerns of the service men.
4).Special previlages to the families interm of the daily comodities.
5)Casual leave for a certain  period of time.

Join Indian Air Force Salary Details 

Now here we descibe all imporatant details about the Indian Air Force Salary 2020. If you have any query regarding to the Indian Air Force Rank Wise Salary Slip 2020, then you can comment here for any queries. Get all important details about the Indian Air Force from this site and visit official site for more details. 


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