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Indian Navy SSR Question Paper In Hindi - AA, MR, NMR Sample Paper PDF

Join Indian Navy SSR Previous Question Paper In Hindi:- Download Indian Navy AA MR and NMR Sailors Solved Model Paper and Sample Paper PDF.  The Indian Navy was established during the 60's and its has completed more than 400 years serving the country and in present the unit of navy has been offering their service with an approximate number of 67,`109 active personnel under various trades of the armed force.

The Indian Navy being the armed force unit guarding the marine territory of the Nation is one of the three major units of the Indian Military and is considered to be the 5th largest naval armed force in the world.

The unit of navy has been a source of vital assistance in times of national safety particularly to overcome the threats to the nation through marine territory. Indian Navy has been a integral part of the Indian Military which has been active in major war conflicts and the operations throughout the decade and has provided a vital significance of support to the nation during the latter phase of the independence of the Indian Democracy. Candidates can Download Indian Navy SSR Sample Paper PDF for their better preparation.

The armed force of the navy was active even before the Independence during the colonization phase if the British East Indian Company when the Indian Navy was known as the Royal Indian Navy.

However after the Indian Democracy became a Republic state in the year of 1950 the Royal Indian Navy from then on came to be known as the Indian Navy. In this article we provide Indian Navy AA Solved Question Paper PDF file of 2015, 2016  and 2017.

The establishment of the Indian Navy has been of the absolute decision which has made some of the honorable and glorious contributions of to the nation. However  the life of a navy personnel is all about to maintain the safety of the marine territory and the national security but also offers the personnel with the diverse life with the taste of adventure and endeavor and the challenges they face are the essential part of being a navy.

Many candidates who are preparing for Navy they need Indian Navy MR Model Paper and here is the India Navy NMR Sample Paper PDF In Hindi for all the candidates.

Every now and then the navy require new batch of cadets who will be selected to take over the available vacancies that are present in the various trades or the units of the navy. Therefore the navy holds the recruitment of new batch of cadets who are selected through the test which are conducted for the shortlisting of the cadets.

Join Indian Navy SSR, AA, MR & NMR Model Question Paper PDF 

The cadets who have applied for the recruitment are firstly required to qualify under the eligibility and the qualification criteria that are set.After the cadets qualify under the criteria as prescribed the cadets will have to go through series of test or stage for their selection.

Only those candidates who clear all the respective sets of test will be selected for the final shortlisting. All candidates who want Indian Navy SSR Question Paper In Hindi PDF and Indian Navy AA Question Paper PDF, they will easily download from this site.

Among these set of test the maximum number of cadets are shortlisted during the initial phase of the selection that is the written test. Therefore further on in this article we will provide the cadets with some of the most basic and important information regarding the written exams and as well as the books which are helpful for the cadets to prepare for the written exams for the various trades of the Indian Navy.

Mostly the cadets are selected in huge numbers generally through the various entry level which is offered by the navy. Such of these entry level are as follows
  • SSR(Senior Secondary Recruit).
  • AA (Artificer Apprentice).
  • MR(Metric Recruit).
  • NMR(Non Metric Recruit)

These are the most common entry level which provides the unit of navy with number of new cadets ready for their service. The cadets will have to clear through series of test and among these set of test especially written test is the major phase which number of cadets find it very difficult to clear through due to the nature of the exam which is entirely different and is based upon the intelligence ability of the cadets.

The sets of the selection process are conducted as in the following pattern and the cadets are required to appear the test in such manner and in order to move on or be selected for the next phase of the selection the cadets must clear the present phase of the test to be enrolled for the following test stages.

The selection process are conducted based on the following test or selection stages:
  1. Written Exam
  2. Physical Efficiency Test/Physical Test.
  3. SSB Test
  4. Medical Test
  5. Merit List.
These are the initial phase of the selection and are conducted under the supervision of the concerned authorities  and which the cadets are to clear the test are per their selection is concerned. There are various criteria based upon which the test are conducted according to their field of expertise and for the selection of cadets based on their ability. From the below you can Download your Indian Navy MR Model Paper PDF and Indian Navy NMR Sample Paper PDF for better practice for your written exam.

Among these test the written exam is totally dependent upon the intelligence capability of the cadets ,since the written exam is conducted to examine the cadet's intelligence and the selection are based upon the score that is secured by the cadets in the written exams.

The written exam is a major test phase which cover the various topics and the syllabus as prescribed for the written exam set for the various entry level of the navy recruitment.


Indian Navy SSR & AA Previous Year Question Paper PDF Download

The entry level for the  SSR and AA are conducted for the cadets who have cleared or passed their respective higher secondary,therefore the written exams covers the syllabus and the topics as prescribed for this entry level. All candidates who are preparing for SSR then will get here Indian Navy SSR Previous Year Paper PDF and Indian Navy AA Sample Paper In Hindi. Check the exam pattern here and know the details about Indian Navy.

The syllabus and the topics for the written test are prescribed as follows:-
1).General Science
3).General Knowledge

1).General Science:- 

This section of general science is one of the vast section which also cover the topics of Physics,chemistry and basic biology for the written exam. Since in present physics,chemistry is one of the major section for day to day task and being a navy service it is necessary for the cadets to possess the basic and some of the complicated knowledge of physics and chemistry in order to handle some of the most sophisticated machines which is an integral part of the unit of navy.

The cadets will find it hard to study or prepare for the written exam when they need to cover a vast section,hence the cadets can prepare with the help of some of the best books that are available in the form of Pdf files.


The section of mathematics is one of the major section for the cadets which they need to cover for the written exams. Although this section cover the basic topics of the subject but still the vast section is hard to cover by the cadets.

Therefore to prepare the cadets can use the information that can be gathered through the various sources such as the previous year question and practice with the sample papers. The trick for this section is to know the basic formula to solve every numerical problems but the cadets should be crystal clear in case of the formulas.

3).General Knowledge:- 

This section is the combination various topics which comprises especially the general awareness in case of national,international or global affairs ,history ,geography,etc. The cadets are advised to prepare for this section through the various books that are available and various source such as the daily newspaper,magazines,etc.


The section of English is based generally on the basic terms and majority of the grammar topics are covered for the written test. Therefore the cadets should focus upon the grammar portion which will be helpful to the cadets during the written exams.

The cadets are require to pass in each of this section,because any cadet who fails to score the minimum passing score will be disqualified. Therefore the cadets should cover all the subjects while preparing for the written exams. There are books that have been recommended to individuals preparing  for the written exams of navy recruitment.

Read here:- How To Join Indian Army & Navy.

Indian Navy MR NMR Previous Question Paper PDF In Hindi

The entry level of MR or NMR are conducted for the cadets who have applied for the navy recruitment under this entry. However the cadets who have cleared their respective metric level or have lower educational qualification are eligible to apply for the navy recruitment for various post or trade. Get an free download Indian Navy MR Solved Question Paper PDF. Also candidates will get their Indian Navy NMR Sample Paper PDF for upcoming Indian Navy exam.

However similar to the above mentioned entry level the cadets are to clear through the written exams and so on and since the article will be providing the interested individuals with the basic information of the exam and the books and the study materials which will be helpful for the cadets preparing for the written exams for this entry level.

The written exams for this entry level will be conducted based upon the topics and the syllabus as prescribed,however there are some differences in case of the topics and the syllabus that covers the entire written exam questions. The written exams are based upon two section which is comprised as mentioned:-

a).Section 1:- Science & Mathematics
b)Section 2:- General Knowledge.

a).Section 1:- Science & Mathematics:- 

This section is a combined section of science and mathematics,thus the section of science mostly covers the basic topics of the physics ,biology,and chemistry which is essential and related to the day to day activities.

In case of mathematics section it covers the basic numerical and fractional problems and some other basic topics. The cadets are advised to prepare starting from the basic formulas and if the cadets posses the recommended books then it will be beneficial for the cadets while preparing.

b).Section 2: General knowledge:-

This section covers the general section of intelligence which cover thee topics of general history,geography, English and the current affairs such as events,culture ,tradition,etc. This section is the confusing unit and due to the vast topics and  syllabus the  numerous questions can be obtained.
Since it is one of the important section for the written test the cadets must prepare well in order to clear the test.

It is a very competitive entrance exams for all the cadets who have applied for the navy recruitment,but with the correct study materials and dedicated preparations the cadets will be able to clear the written test that is conducted. What makes the written exam difficult is the vast topics and the syllabus that covers the overall exam questions obtained form the syllabus that has been prescribed.

Thus let us provide you with some of the basic tips for the preparation and the source for the study materials for the preparation of written exam.

Indian Navy Written Exam Preparation Tips & Sample Paper PDF

There are various books that have been recommended by the experts in order to prepare for the written exams for the various entry level of navy. The cadets can prepare with the help of question papers of the previous year,and practice with the help of sample papers. For the section  such as science and mathematics the cadets should prepare form some of the best books that is available in stores and pdf file in online sites.

For the general knowledge section the cadets are advised to gather information of the current events,and the general knowledge related to national affairs which includes history,geography, culture ,etc in general.The information from daily newspapers ,magazines are the best and liable source to obtain the information regarding the current affairs.

Since the syllabus and the topics for the written exam is closely similar to the syllabus and the topics o the books of 8th to 12th standard of any educational board. But the books of the CBSE educational board are more beneficial for the individuals as the study materials.

To prepare according to the exam pattern and question pattern which can be obtained from the previous year questions,sample paper,modern paper and the solved papers will give the cadets with the better and overall idea of the written exams.
Any individual who holds any inquiry regarding any information related to the Indian Navy are free to place their their queries in the comment below and we will get back to the individual with the best of information which will be helpful and beneficial for the cadets as per their preparation for the navy recruitment is concerned. Thank You and Best Of Luck. 


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