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Indian Coast Guard Rank Wise Salary 2020 - Navik GD, Yantrik Salary

Indian Coast Guard Salary 2020:- Get Indian Coast Guard GD, Navik and Yantrik Salary Per Month and Monthly Pay, Grade Pay Rank Wise details table pdf. Indian Coastal Guard is a unit of service which is an independent armed force with the responsibility of the safety of the marine territory of the Indian sub continent.

The ICG as a unit of service have served the nation through these years of their existence with distinct service interms of the safety of the aquatic ecology. They have been the most important force in times of rescue operations of those who have been lost or stranded on the vast marine region of the nation.

The ICG have been in the total cooperation with the customs department in cases of anti smuggling operations which is one of the most important reason the ICG was established through the Indian Navy under the Ministry of Defence. Check Indian Coast Guard Salary details rank wise.

The unit comprises of  different unit who have been appointed for the various task in their respective field of service ,the ICG not only have the responsibilities over the marine territory but in rare cases they do conduct the rescue operations beyond the Indian waters which is joined by the international waters.

Although the unit of the ICG is considerably smaller when compared to the other armed forces of India but even with the small number of service men this force conducts a wide range of tasks that has been entrusted to them by the Coast Guard headquarters through the chief of the staff on board who is referred as the Director General Indian Coast Guard.Major duties of the ICG includes:-

1) Border control
2) Search and rescue operations
3) Safety of vessels
5) Maintenance of sea marks
6) Enforcement of the Maritime Law.
7) Ecological safety

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Join Indian Coast Guard Salary Rank Wise 2020 Details 

The Indian Coast Guards have been the most influential force for the control of the cases of smuggling and have performed numerous successful rescue mission through the operations conducted on surface or the operations by air foe the sake of national security.

They are also responsible for the control of the aquatic ecology by checking the pollution rate or the marine tine region of the Indian Nation.

Indian Coast Guard are among the respected service men who have been serving the country with their out most responsibility for the safety of national property and in return they have been considered as among the most successful armed force.

There are different units under the ICG who are of different post or ranks serving under the ICG,therefore the service men of the ICG under different  unit have been rewarded with the different pay grades based upon their ranks or post under the ICG.

However the most common post or the rank for which the recruitment is held is for the Navik or GD(General Duty) for which maximum number of new cadets are recruited into the ICG.
Therefore this article will be focused upon the different salary,pay scale and special perks that has been provided to the Navik or the GD sailors of the Indian Coast Guard.

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Indian Coast Guard Navik GD Salary, Pay Scale, Grade Pay 2020

The Navik of the ICG are further divided into two units of the Navik such as the Navik (GD) and the Navik DB(Domestic Branch) these units of the Navik are not so different as they are the unit that come under the general duty of the ICG.

The Navik regarded as the GD (General Duty) service men are the unit who are responsible for the overall operations of the ICG  such as the rescue missions and in operations interms of the national emergency.

Navik GD are the most important and functioning unit that carry the successful operations conducted by the ICG under the command of the Ministry of Defence in situations of national emergency.

 Indian Coast Guard Salary,grade Pay, Navik Gd(general Duty) rank wise:-

1). Naivik:-
  • Pay Scale:- Rs.5,200- 20,000.
  • Grade Pay:- Rs.1,900.
2). Uttam Naivik:-
  • Pay Scale:- Rs.5,200-20,200.
  • Grade Pay:- Rs.2,000.
3). Pradhan Naivik:-
  • Pay Scale:- Rs.5,000-20,200
  • Grade Pay:- Rs.2,800
4). Adhikari:-
  • Pay Scale:- Rs.9,300-34,800
  • Grade Pay:- Rs.4,200
5). Uttam Adhikari:-
  • Pay Scale:- Rs.9,300-34,800
  • Grade Pay:-Rs.4,600
6). Pradhan Adhikari:-
  • Pay Scale:- Rs.9,300-34,800
  • Grade Pay:- Rs.4,800
The mentioned above are the pay scale for the different post or the ranks for the Navik (GD) along with their grade pay. The service men are also provided with various assistance and allowances in different sections such as the transport ,medical ,duty allowance and so on.

All of these are the benefits of the service  under the ICG. However not only the service man but these such allowances are also implied for the families of the respective service man in terms of the medical section,and most importantly for the educational section for the children of the service man of the ICG.

The benefits does not only limit up to the service men in particular but is also beneficial for the families of the service men of the Indian Coast Guard service.

Indian Coast Guard Navik Domestic Branch (DB) Salary Rank wise

ICG conducts the recruitment of new cadets for the various post vacancies who are selected through the recruitment process for the selection of new cadets for the available posts.

However for the post of the Naviks (GD General Duty) is the common the recruitment are held,although there are recruitment conducted for the specific post based on the availability of the vacancy for the new interested cadets.The different unit or the trade of Navik referred as the Navik Domestic Branch (DB) is also a general trade which recruits number of new cadets into the ICG.

The recruitment is held normally 2 times a year or more depending upon the vacancies. ICG requires specific eligibility and criteria for the cadets to be eligible to apply for the recruitment. The recruitment consists of major stages that is conducted under the supervision of the ICG and Indian Navy officials for the recruitment of the best cadets for the service.

The pay scale of the Navik DB are similar to that of the Navik GD therefore the pay scale along with the grade pay for the unit of Naviks DB are:-

1). Naivik:-
  • Pay Scale: Rs.5,200-20,200
  • Grade Pay: Rs.2,000
2). Pradhan Adhikari:-
  • Pay Scale: Rs.5,200-20,200
  • Grade Pay: Rs.2,400
3). Adhikarti:-
  • Pay Scale:rs.9,300-34,800
  • Grade Pay:-Rs.4,200
4). Uttam Adhikari:-
  • Pay Scale: Rs.9,800-34,300
  • Grade Pay: Rs.4,200
5). Pradhan Adhikari:-
  • Pay Scale: Rs.9,300-34,300.
  • Grade Pay: Rs.4,600.
The Navik DM are the unit of the ICG who are responsible for the duty on board inthe field of the technical section and the other sections of the ICG service.

Navik DB are the units service men of the ICG who are considered to be the backbone of any ICG unit as the overall operations or the duties of the ICG is possible only due to the very existence of the Navik DB (Domestic Branch) therefore they are regarded as integral part of the Indian Coast Guard.

Along with the salary and th grade pay these unit of the ICG are also rewarded for the special allowances similar t the Navik GD units such allowances are in the medical section ,transportation and education in terms of the service man or for the families of the respective service men.

Indian Coast Guard Naviks GD & DM Salary & Grade Pay Rank Wise 2020

The Indian Coast Guard comprises of various units and is served by the best service men available who are bound to face some of the most challenging situations in the vast surface of water that stretches without any boundaries with the uncertainty that is wrapped underneath the vast surface of the water.

Indian Coast Guards are the most trusted force to carry out some of the toughest marine operations,therefore they are best at their job and have been one of the most prestigious independent armed force of the Indian Democracy.

Indian Coast Guard Salary High Ranking Post 2020:-

1) Director General:-
  • Salary: Rs.37,000-67,000
  • Grade Pay: Rs.12,000
2). Inspector General:-
  • Salary: Rs.15,600-39,100.
  • Grade Pay: Rs.10,000.
3). Deputy Inspector General:-
  • Salary: Rs.37,400-67,000.
  • Grade Pay: Rs.8,900.
4). Commandant:-
  • Salary: Rs.37,400-67,000.
  • Grade Pay: Rs.8,700.
5). Commandant(junior Grade):-
  • Salary: Rs.15,600-39,100.
  • Grade Pay: Rs.7,600
6). Deputy Commandant:-
  • Salary: Rs.15,600-39,100.
  • Grade Pay: Rs.6,600.
7). Assistant Commandant:-
  • Salary: Rs.15,600-39,100
  • Grade Pay: Rs.5400.
The mentioned above are the approximate salary that is offered to the higher ranking officers of the ICG along with the grade pay,as the Director General is the highest rank under the service of the ICG and the follow up are the lower ranks accordingly.

Therefore the promotion of the service men are based upon the service and the knowledge of the service men of the ICG.

Along with the salary and the grade pay the officers are also offered with the special perks and the allowances to the individual and their families which shall be mentioned at the latter phase of the article.

Indian Coast Guard Yantrik Department Rank Wise Pay Scale & Grade Pay 2020

The department of the yantrik are the senior or the high ranking officers of the ICG. This department of the ICG is considered to be the backbone of the ICG. Yantrik are a integral unit of the ICG who are the operating force in the machinery and the tools section of the ICG.

The basic salsry and the grade pay offered to the yantrik unit if compared to department of the Naviks GD are different ,the grade pay and the salary are offered based on the category or the class of the service men.

Basically the salary and the grade pay of the ICG service men varies according to the department under the ICG,however the special perks and the allowances are provided equally to the service of the different departments of the ICG.

The provided information below are the basic salary of the Yatriks department of the ICG according to the ranks or the post form lower to the higher ranks of the Yatrik department of the ICG.:-

1). Yantrik:-
  • Pay Scale: 5,200-20,000
  • Grade Pay: 2,400
2). Uttam Yantrik:-
  • Pay Scale: 5,200-20,200
  • Grade Pay: 2,800
3). Pradhan Yantrik:- 
  • Pay Scale:- 9,300-34,800
  • Grade Pay: 4,200
4). Sahayak Engineer:- 
  • Pay Scale:- 9,300-34,800
  • Grade Pay: 4,200
5). Uttam Engineer Yantrik:- 
  • Pay Scale:- Rs. 9,300-3,800
  • Grade Pay: Rs. 4,600
6). Pradhan Engineer Yantrik:- 
  • Pay Scale: Rs.9,300-34,800
  • Grade Pay: Rs.4,800.
Since the lowest rank in the yatriks department of the ICG is the rank of the yantrik,therefore the promotion of the service man will be based upon the performance and the knowledge of the cadet.
So the promotion of the service man wil depend upon the quality of the service one has to offer during the service period under the ICG.

There are special perks and allowances that are provided to the service men of the different departments of the ICG such as:-

Indian Coast Guard Yantriks, Naviks ( GD & DB) Special Perks 2020

  1. Leave of 45 days along the casual leave of 8 days is provided to the service men.
  2. Free medical and dental care for the service men and their families are provided.
  3. Special privileges for the educational expenses of the childerns of the service men are provided.
  4. Insurance cover upto Rs.40 lakhs with a minimum monthly payment of Rs.4,000 is offered to the service men.
  5. Canteen and loan facilities are provide o the service men.
  6. Special perks form the government to the service men of ICG are provided such as ration,lodging etc.
ICG or the Indian Coast Guard are one of the major armed force operating under the Ministry of Defence under the provisions of the constitution of the Democracy for the national security of the marine tine territory of the nation.

Since the establishment of this independent armed force the nation has been had the privileges to experience some of the honorable event provided through the operations carried by the ICG making the nation proud with some of the gallantry service offered by the various departments of the ICG. For any other details an query you can comment here, Jai Hind. 


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