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Indian Army Tradesman Model Question Paper & Sample Paper PDF In Hindi

Join Indian Army Tradesman Model Question Paper PDF:- Download Army Tradesman Previous Year Solved Question Paper & Sample Paper In Hindi. Check Last 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014 and 2013 Years Model Question Paper Set. Indian Army was once the integral part of the East Indian Company armed force which has been the parent center which subsequently led to the formation of the  Indian Army after the independence of the Indian Democracy.

Indian Army even as the British Indian Arms has seen some of the most glorious periods in the history that has been the result of bravery and courage of the service men while serving the nation in the past years and likewise in present times which has made the nation proud of their largest military enforcement.

Indian Army in the world stage has made some of the exceptional contribution during the event of global warfare during the 1st and 2nd World War where the world witnessed the strength of the Indian Army who have showcased extreme level of courage and  bravery.
However during the major engagements of the Indian Army in terms of national safety has seen numerous victories over their counterparts during major war and operations that have been undertaken by the Indian Army.

The Indian Army offers the service men more than just the service that provides the initial necessities to each service men to reach out the  basic fundamentals for the families of the service men of various trade under the Indian Army. Being the largest armed force component of the Indian Military it is the a massive unit of various regiments divide based on the operational and geographical nature.

The primary priority of the Indian Army which is a land based armed unit is to ensure national safety by terminating the overall threats which might have occurred through internal or external source,the armed unit is also responsible to carry out absolute rescue mission during some of the extreme natural disaster that have hit the nation in past time. Therefore joining the Indian Army is all regarding the national security in times of extreme measures where the Indian Army personnel are deployed.

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Indian Army Tradesman Model Question Paper & Sample Paper PDF In Hindi 

Indian Army not only provides the service men with the basic necessities that are required to sustain life and maintain daily normal life of these service along with their families. But other than the basic fundamental the armed force offers the respect and an honorable life to each service men who live with their head held high with pride and dignity because the service they offer are one that is incomplete without honor and glory.

There are various characters that make a complete service man so they are trained to be perfect in every section so that the service men are able to cope in the world with the finest of characters which they acquire during their service periods. From the official website you can Download Indian Army Tradesman Model Paper and Paper Set for written exam preparation.

The service men are the primary necessity for the armed force to maintain the daily task in order to maintain national security and maintain peace,therefore the Indian Army requires number of eligible individuals to serve under the various trades of the unit.  Thus every year the Indian Army hold the recruitment for the selection of new batch of service men who are selected based on the requirements that are prescribed by the concerned selection authorities.

Among the various trades the Tradesmen/Tradesman mate is one post which offers various individuals to get into the Indian Army depending upon the vacancies that are available or the recruitment of new eligible cadets. Check the Army Tradesman Solved Question Paper and Answer PDF.

It is one of the common trade for which huge number of individuals apply for as the trade itself comprises of various rank or post which is necessary for every unit and the various trades under the Tradesmen are entrusted with specific daily duties or task which ensure the complete functioning of the unit.

Therefore this article will focus upon the specific trade of the Tradesmen in order to provide the necessary information that will be mentioned below. Although the information regarding the requirements such as the eligibility ,qualification and the selection process has been updated in the other articles focusing on these information. Hence in this article the major priority will be to provide the necessary study materials for the individuals which will be available in the form of pdf files and the individuals will be able to download through the links that will be provided. Click on the below link for Download Army Tradesman Sample Paper In Hindi and English.

However before we move further there are some of the basic information that we would like to provide the individuals regarding the Tradesmen post so that the individual get a better idea of the trade which will only help the individuals with a better view and the information will be described in brief manner with the vita information related to this trade.

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NOTE:- Last 5 Years Pdf file will updated here very soon.

Indian Army Tradesman Job Details - Sample Paper PDF

The trade of Tradesman is a post which offers the opportunity for the individuals who have an educational qualification of 8th pass which provides the individuals with lower educational level to take on the recruitment held by the Indian Army for this trade. Here is the Work details of Indian Tradesman Trades.

However the competition is always tough as number of eligible individuals apply for the recruitment for this trade during each recruitment that is conducted. Visit official website for Download Indian Army Tradesman Sample Paper PDF File.

However only those individuals are selected who have cleared their respective selection process for the various unit that are under the Tradesmen post which are offered to the cadets based on their eligibility.The various post under the trade of Tradesmen are mentioned below:-

Chef:- It is necessary for every unit  to be fed which consists huge number servicemen therefore the  post of chef is included under the trade or Tradesman which recruits individuals who have an aptitude for cooking.

Hair Dresser:- Since each of army unit is a different self sustained society therefore to maintain the upkeep of the troops or the service each service unit comprises its barber shops for the unit.

Store Hand:- The store is the basic section in order to provide the service with necessity commodities in terms of rations,clothing,equipment ,oils ,etc.These stores are to to be maintained in proper manner.Hence individuals are required in order to handle the various aspects of store maintenance.

Animal Store Holders:- This section of the trade is responsible to provide the necessary commodities such as medicines,equipment which is required by the service men who have love for their pets.It is similar to the store hand section.

Ferrier:- Since the mules require special care and have to have their hoofs maintained ,therefore candidates are required who are conversant with this section of work.

Pioneer:- This section of the trade requires candidates who have experience working over the constructions sites in order to maintain sensitive task such as handling stores and working on construction sites.

Postal:- The Indian Army  unit comprises of own Post Offices,so individuals are to run the postal administration in order to provide service to cater for all official correspondence.

Steward:-The section is regarding the mess keeper which is responsible for the requirements of food to provide the service men with hygienic and pleasant manner to maintain healthy unit standards.

Artisan:-  There are various section of Artisan such in the field of wood artisan,painter,tailor,metallurgy,musician,and each of this section of artisan are entrusted with their specific duties which are the basic necessities of the unit which hold number of troops.

Equipment Repairer:- The general duty of the equipment repair man is to repair the equipment of the troops which have to be maintained in serviceable conditions in field areas where there are no presence of help from outside.

Kennel Man:- This section requires individuals to look after the guard dogs/sniffers and trackers which each and every unit are comprised with.

Washer Man:- The section is for the candidates who will be responsible for washing the uniforms of the troops and the officers which is to be maintained in the highest standard.

Mess Keeper:- Each unit is given a mess Officer Mess who is responsible to look after the  cooks and the entire section of the mess in terms of cleaning the kitchens and its necessary utensils.

House Keeper:- The unit area is to be maintained in a clean state and for this section candidates are required who possess the knowledge and skill for the job.

Each of these trades are responsible for their specific duties that have been allotted to the service men,and it is one of the major trade that is responsible for the smooth functioning of the entire unit as one.
So the mentioned above are the brief information regarding the general duty of Tradesmen post and its various sub unit under the Indian Army. Further on we will be providing the candidates with the study material that are available on the website which the individuals can download and prepare according to it.

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Indian Army Tradesman Model Paper PDF Download (2017,2016,2015,2014)

Among the various selection process the candidates will have to go through the written exams that will be conducted based on the various topics for the syllabus that are prescribed for the tradesman trade recruitment. Huge number of individuals are unable to clear the written exams due to the nature of the exam which is based on the intelligence ability of the cadets under the various syllabus.
Therefore in order to clear the written exams the candidates will have to go through the best preparation which is only possible if the individuals have gathered the best study materials and the information regarding the written exam.

Here we will be providing the individuals the study materials that have been gathered form various but dependable source and the study material are completely based upon the syllabus are per the prescribed topics of the various syllabus.  We update here Indian Army Tradesman Model Paper 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014 and 2013 years for all candidates.

The written exam will be based on multiple choice or objective type question where the candidates are required to answer these question from the options of answers that will be provided,however there will be negative marking scheme for every incorrect answer given by the cadets.
Candidates are to secure the prescribe minimum passing marks in each of the section and in overall aggregate.

These information on the study material will be provided in the from of pdf files who that the cadets download it so tat it may be helpful for the candidates during their preparation:-

1).Previous Year Question Paper:- 

This set of question paper are the best source of information one can gather from as the entire information and the questions will be based entirely upon the questions that have been set over the years which offers the individuals with the entire exam pattern ,marks distribution for each of the syllabus or the subjects that cover the entire written exam.

Individuals who prepare according to the question paper set for the previous written exams will have a overall idea regarding the written test which is the necessity for the individuals before they take on the written exams.
Over the years number of individuals have prepared based on the previous year question paper which has been effective and beneficial during the preparation.

2).Sample Paper:-

The sample paper is also a very important set of paper which generates the numerous question covering the various section of the syllabus that have been prescribed for the written exams.
The sample paper are completely based on the syllabus and the topics which will have a a certain affect on the preparation of the candidates and will be assist the individuals with the wider idea of questions and the section that will be important during the preparation of individuals.

These sample papers are generated through the various syllabus and the topics and the information that can be gathered from these paper sets will vary from paper to paper which will offer the individuals with vast section of study materials.

3).Model Paper:-

The model paper are the study materials that are made by the experts with their knowledge over the written exams conducted for the recruitment,therefore these paper are set based on the syllabus and there are various set of papers which will be very useful for the individuals in case of study material.As there are various set s of model paper that are set by various sources based on their knowledge and expertise in this field.
So it would be a better idea for the individuals too stud and prepare from these sets of paper which are available in pdf files which can be downloaded by the candidates from the links that are provided.

4).Solved Paper:-

Now another set of important source of study materials would be the solved papers that have been made based on the questions that have been generated or set for the written exam.
This paper are considered to be important due to the answers that can be acquired by the individuals which have been solved by the experts for the individuals which will boost up their preparation.
Gathering these solved paper set will provide the candidates with a massive study materials which are entirely based on the written exam syllabus,thus it would be a dependable source of study materials in terms of preparation.

These paper sets are available in pdf files and the individuals will be able to download these paper sets through the link that have been provided by the website.

Individuals are advised to prepare through the best way possible and in order to have a effective preparation the individuals will require the best study materials which are available for the better assistance.

Individuals who require information regarding the tradesman or any trade of the Indian Army can leave their queries on the comment below and each individuals will be provided with the best information that will be acquired form the legit source. So as this are the entire information that we are able to provide the individuals regarding the papers set for the tradesmen post of the Indian Army and hope that it will be helpful to the candidates during their preparation. 


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