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Indian Army Soldier Technical Syllabus In Hindi, Exam Pattern PDF 2020

Join Indian Army Soldier Technical Syllabus In Hindi:- Download Army Soldier Technical Exam Pattern PDF 2019 and Exam Format, Books & Sample Question Paper In Hindi. Indian Army is a armed unit force which has established itself as one of the powerful military enforcement in a global stage in terms of a military.Hence there is no need of introduction for the Indian Army since the armed unit is considered to be as the third largest military armed force unit which had been served by some of the fearsome and bravest unit of service men under various units or trades under the Indian Military.

About:- The Indian Military is comprised of three major armed force unit including the Indian Army and two other integral armed unit which are Indian Navy and the Indian Air Force which has been the major driving force in case of the safety of the national boundaries in their respective field of service over the territorial,the national marine and the airspace respectively.

Being an important asset of the Indian Democracy the armed unit of Indian Military has been active throughout the times of major warfare which has been some of the extreme phase of conflicts the nation has witnessed in past events. It has been the impact of the Indian armed force but in particular the Indian Army that has seen this nation to the stage  or the level the nation and as a result the country has been considered to be among the powerful Republic.

Since the establishment of the armed unit of the Indian Army the number of service men serving under the armed unit has grown rapidly in number which is a major factor that has been for the rise of the armed force as one of the largest and a fearsome companies of the Indian soldiers, who proved the world with the level of service they have been providing their country.

In major war conflicts during the Kargil war ,Opium War 1&2,World War 1 & 2,and many other extreme warfare the Indian Army has showed their exceptional patriotism which the world has witnessed through the bravery and the courage which was placed by the Indian soldiers during extreme situations.

As the history has been written by the Indian Army through courage and bravery has made this field of service as one of the most honorable and decorated armed among all armed force unit. The service men with their highest level of service have been conferred or honored with some of the highest gallantry award there is to be awarded to the exceptional service men. However through all these the armed unit has made the nation proud and has helped to stand as one of the firm Republic with the necessary characters to be considered as a powerhouse nation.

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Indian Army Soldier Technical Syllabus, Exam Pattern & Sample Paper PDF

The Indian Army has face the extreme phase of major war conflicts where number of brave service men have laid their life for the sake of national safety and protection of national liberty. Therefore for the sake of those service men the Indian Army recruits new cadets every year in search of the bravest service men to serve their nation like the service men before them have done.

However being selected into the Indian Army is not a simple task for any new candidate who has enrolled for the specific post or trade under the Indian Army service. Just to be selected the cadets are to clear and pass every sets of test they face while the selection of the Indian Army recruitment,and to the best knowledge the selection test has been considered to be of the toughest level. Although the selection of cadets are done in huge number but only those cadets will be selected until the recruitment is completed. We also provide here Indian Army Soldier Technical Question Paper and Sample Paper PDF.

Among the various trades the maximum number of requirement is held for the trades of Soldier (GD) or General Duty,Clerk,Skt or Soldier Technical and Tradesmen. Huge number of new cadets apply for the mentioned above post or the trade of the Indian Army but as said the candidates are to clear all the selection process that is conducted for specific trade according to the pattern or test sets as prescribed by the selection boards. Check here the Army Soldier Technical Exam Pattern 2019 and Download PDF File.

The selection stages for every trades are quite similar to each other but the are certain requirements for each of the trade,the recruitment process is generally conduced based on the following pattern :-
  1. Physical Test/Physical Measurement. 
  2. Medical Test.
  3. Written Exam.
  4. Merit List.
The mentioned selection pattern shall be conducted during the open bharti rallies,and in case of official recruitment the first test that will be is the written test and will be followed on according to the pattern. Every cadets must clear each of the test in order to be selected.

Among these test the written test is one of the major headache for the cadets since the test is based on the intelligence ability of the cadets and it covers some of the  vast section of topics and syllabus as set for the written exam of specific trade. Below are all topic, exam format and Indian Army Technical Syllabus 2020 PDF. The syllabus is taken from official site.

Therefore this article will focus particularly on the written exam syllabus and exam pattern for the specific pot or trade of Soldier Technical. Since the information regarding the written exam of other trades have been provided on the link given below for specific trade.

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Indian Army Soldier Technical Exam Pattern in Hindi

The trade of the Soldier Technical is one of the integral part of the Indian Army armed force,the unit is a major unit that is specialized in the technical field of the army. Since the technical unit is considered as the eye of the armed force which provides massive support to the Indian Army in cases of operational periods and as well as provides great assistance to ensure the safety and the protection of national boundaries.

For an individual to be selected into the technical trade the cadets must be well qualified with the required eligibility criteria and qualification and the clear the selection in order to be recruited into the service. There are test that depend upon the ability of the candidates such as the physical and the medical test,hence further on we will discuss regarding the written test,syllabus and the pattern set for the trade of technical soldier candidates. Check Soldier Technical Exam Pattern In Hindi and Download this Army Soldier Technical Exam Pattern 2020 PDF File through click on the given link.

The written exams are conducted for certain marks that are distributed according to the subjects and the cadets are to score the least minimum passing marks in each of the subjects ad finally in aggregate in order to ensure selection. Each subject covers specific topics and syllabus as prescribed,hence for complete information and to give the individuals a better idea regarding the written exam the cadets are advised to go through the below information thoroughly.

Firstly lets us provide you with the exam pattern along with the marks distributed for each subjects.So the its is clear to the candidates in terms of the marks.
  1. Total Mark:- 100 marks.
  2. Total Duration of Exam:- 1 hour.
  3. Passing Marks:- 40 marks.
  4. Question Type :- MCQ (Multiple Choice Question).
Marks Subject wise:-
  • GK(20 marks).
  • Maths(30 marks).
  • Physics(30 marks).
  • Chemistry(20 marks).
Army Soldier Technical Exam Pattern 2020 PDF:- Click Here

So the above mentioned information is regarding the overall exam pattern and marks distribution that has been set for the trade of soldier technical recruitment. The cadets must score the passing marks in order to be selected for the other selection test that are to be conducted.

Although the candidates have been provide with the exam pattern and marks information but the exam syllabus is the most important which is to be known by the candidates to prepare for the written exams for technical trade. Generally there are our major subjects which covers the entire written exam but the vast field of topics that come under these subjects are the main issue.

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Indian Army Soldier Technical Written Exam Syllabus PDF File 2020

Hence below we will provide all the topics that are covered by the subjects for the written exam so that the individuals get a better idea in terms of study materials to prepare for the written exam. Download this Army Soldier Technical Exam Syllabus 2020 and check the PDF File link.
The topics will be provided according to the subjects,and which are as:-

1).General Knowledge(GK):- 

The subject of Gk or General awareness is commonly included in majority of the written exam or any service because of the vast field which comes under it such as the topics of current affairs ,history, geography in terms of world, basic topics of English and other section such as the culture, religion, UNO and so on.
Therefore the section of Gk is completely based on the general intelligence of the cadets and the various topic under this section are as follows.
  • Abbreviations 
  • Sports 
  • Awards & Prizes 
  • History 
  • Geography 
  • Terminology 
  • UNO


As being considered to be among the most complex of subjects which has made some of the incredible contribution to the world in the modern era and in the past which has had a immense part for the development of educational ,industrial section and the overall life settlement.It has made some of the complex discoveries  which has been introduced by some of the extra ordinary since past times.
Therefore since the technical trade of the Indian Army is the technical field which requires the mathematical knowledge to operate various operations and the general duty entrusted to the technical trade. There are various topics under the maths section which are as follows.
  • Arithmetic
  • Algebra
  • Calculus
  • Mensuration
  • Area and Volume
  • Trigonometry
  • Heights and Distances
  • Geometry
  • Lines and Angles
  • Parallelogram
  • Circles
  • Statistics
  • Probability
  • Computing


Since the discoveries that have been made through the section of physics has made a huge impact in day to day life which has been considered to be the basic requirement to carry on the day to day task that is necessary.
There are various topics and sections that is covered by this subject which is necessary for every individual to cover up for the preparation of written exam for the technical trade. The various topics under this subject are mention below in detail.
  • Motion, Force and Energy
  • Gravitation
  • Work and Energy 
  • Light
  • Heat
  • Electricity
  • Magnetism
  • Sound
  • Wave Motion
  • Domestic electric circuit
  • Sun as a Source of energy 
  • Fuels
  • Heat engines
  • Nuclear energy


One of the major subject that has had a major impact in the world that has changed the course of time and has mad some valuable contribution in terms of the overall surrounding of the environment.
Therefore the necessity of the subject of the chemistry for every technical individual is absolute as the subject covers the certain percentage of the total marks. The overall topics under the subject of chemistry cover for the written exam are as follows.
  • Nature and behaviour
  • Electrochemical cell
  • Classification of elements
  • Carbon and its compounds
  • Extraction of metals
  • Chemical bond
  • Electrolysis
  • Natural Resources 
  • Water
  • Air
Army Soldier Technical Syllabus PDF Download:- Click Here

The above mentioned information are gathered through the various reliable and legit source and provided to the individuals who have been troubled by the necessity of information regarding the written exam syllabus and the exam pattern regarding the soldier technical trade  written exam recruitment.

Therefore the individuals are advised to go through the overall information which will prove to be vital for preparing for the written exam. Individuals who have any sort of inquiry regarding the information on soldier technical trade of the Indian Army are welcome to place their queries through comments below. Hope the information will be helpful to the individuals for their preparation. Best of luck to all of you, Jai Hind. 


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