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Indian Army Soldier Technical Question Paper, Sample Paper In Hindi PDF

Join Indian Army Soldier Technical Question Paper In Hindi:- Download Army Technical Sample Paper, Solved Question Paper, Practice, Mock Test and Model Paper PDF file of 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014 and 2013 Years. The Indian Army was founded during the 1800's during the phase of the East Indian Company on the 1st day of April of the year 1895 and was known as the British Indian Army. However after the independence of the Indian Democracy it was then known as the Indian Army which has been the major land based operating armed force of the Indian Military.

About:- As the largest component among the three major armed force units of the Indian Military,it is served by approximate number of 1,220,000 plus active personnel along with huge number of reserve personnel with an estimated number of 990,960 with the 136 number of total aircraft which is the integral part of the Indian Army responsible to carry out the various operational task and missions that are handed over to the armed force.

The entire regional territory of the Indian boundaries are secured by the Indian Army and the primary task of the armed force is to maintain the safety and the protection of national interest. It is the most decorated armed force unit of the Indian Military and has seen some of the highest level of bravery of the courageous service men  during the extreme warfare events which the nation has overcome through the year in the past. Check the below links for Download Army Technical Question Paper PDF for your written exam preparation.

The Indian Army is also considered to be the third(3rd) largest military enforcement in the world which has been active in terms of  every national security threats that have internal or external origin and during global warfare conflicts that has taken in the past century. Here are Last 5 Years like as 2017, 2016, 2015, 2014 and 2013 Model Paper Set for all technical candidates.

Over the passed decade the Indian army has grown in number and in strength which has earned it the 3rd position among the other armed forces in the world of military enforcement. Since the military enforcement is the vital necessity for any nation in order to maintain the safety of the nation,therefore the significance of the Indian Army is nonparallel to any of the armed force,however the importance of the other armed force are equally valued but the unit of the Indian Army is the concrete foundation that led the establishment of one the largest democracy in the world.

Indian Army Soldier Technical Question Paper In Hindi

As a armed unit the Indian Army is a single armed force but it is comprised of various sub units and regiments that altogether have been the strength of the Indian Army but among these the most important and initial driving force of any unit are the service men who serve the armed force through various trades that are entrusted with diverse task according to their trades.

Therefore number of new candidates or service men are always required by the Indian Army in order to maintain and carry out the daily task that keeps the entire unit functioning and running smoothly.

Hence in order to full fill the vacancies that are available for the trades the recruitment or bharti are held by the Indian Army throughout the various regions of the country on different occasions and as per the scheduled that has been released for the recruitment of new batch of service men from the various parts of the nation.

These recruitment are conducted strictly based on the rues and regulations as they have been prescribe by the concerned authorities on the basis of which the selection of new cadets are shortlisted. Download Indian Army Technical Exam Question Papers For best practice.

The candidates who desire to take part in these recruitment will require to have to eligibility and the qualifications that are set for the recruitment of each trade of the army. Any individuals who is found to be not eligible and qualified under the requirements set for the trade for which the candidates has enrolled for shall see the rejection of the candidates for any further selection process.

Army Tradesman Question Paper PDF:- Click Here

NOTE:- Last 5 Years question paper will be updated here very soon.

Download Indian Army Soldier Technical Question Paper PDF 

The requirements are held for the various trades but among these trades the post or the trade of Soldier Technical has been a common trade for which each year the number of candidates who apply for the trade  have increased considerably. Here we mention Army Technical Question Paper PDF link, click on the pdf file and download the file and practice well.

Due to the reason the trade has been very popular among the youths who desire for their selection into the Indian Army but to be recruited as an Soldier Technical is not an easy task for the individuals as the trade is one of the complex and intellectual section of the Indian Army.

Therefore to be recruited as an Soldier Technical the cadets must be well qualified and eligible to take on the technical task to ensure the full functioning of the technical unit and that the unit of the Indian Arm are provided with the best assistance through the technical field.It is one of the most important unit of the Indian Army which is necessary in terms of routine task or in case of engagements, therefore this trade is a critical unit.

The cadets who have applied for this trade are selected through the selection process and only those cadets who are qualified  under the certain requirements of eligibility will be allowed to take part in the selection process which are  based on various criteria that are as prescribed for the trade of soldier technical recruitment Among the selection process the mass number of cadets are shortlisted during the written exam or the common entrance exam that is conducted based on the syllabus and the topics that have been prescribed for the written exam.

Since it is absolute for the candidates to clear the respective written exam with the required marks or higher if the candidate is to ensure their selection and since the  written exam syllabus covers some of the complex and vast topics of the syllabus the candidates will require the best of information and study materials in order to clear their written exams.

Indian Army Soldier Technical Arms/Post 

The Indian Army offers number of youths with the opportunity to serve theri country through the various trades that are available under the Indian Army  and among these trade the Soldier Technical is one of the popular trade but is also one of the toughest trade which require well qualifed and eligible candidates  to perform the various task that are technical in nature which is complex and challenging task to carry on.

The Soldier Technical offers three distinct arms for the individuals who will be selected according to their eligibility and qualities for the particular arms such arms of this trade are:-

  • Technical Arms
  • Artillery
  • Army Air Defence.

These are distinct arms which is under the trades with diverse nature of duties  or routine task that are to be carried on by the candidates. The vacancies for this trade are considerably  limited therefore there is stiff competition among the candidates who apply for this trade,hence only the best individuals will be selected for this post.

However in order to apply for this trade the cadets must qualify under each of the criteria requirements that are set specifically for this trade as prescribed by the authorities of the selection board.
Some of the qualities that are found to be possesed by the service men of this trade are intelligence,leadership skills,team work,loyalty,expertise in job,sense of responsibility,etc which is required for the candidates in order to fit in this trade.
The cadtes will be selected according to the selection process that will be conducted.

So in this article we will be providing the candidates with the study materials that has been acquired for various source but legit and dependable source in order to provide the individuals with the best of study materials for their preparation which will be effective and helpful for the candidates during their written exams.

Indian Army Technical Previous Year Question Paper, Sample Paper, Model Paper & Solved Paper PDF 

The written exams are always the hardest to clear due to the reason that is based on the intelligence ability of the candidates which is based on the various syllabus and topics that are prescribed and the candidates will have to cover various syllabus and topics  which will set the entire written exam questions that are comprised of marks for each  section and the candidates will have to secure the minimum passing marks.

The written exam will be based on the objective question or multiple choice and each of the question will carry certain marks,however there  will be presence of negative marking so certain marks will be deducted for each incorrect answer given by the candidates which will eventually affect the overall score of the candidates.

The candidates will have to prepare for a certain period with the determination to clear the written exam with the highest marks possible  but its is not easy for the candidates to get the higher marks but poor information and incomplete study materials that may effect the written exams of the candidates.

There are various study materials that are available for the candidates which will help the candidates to prepare in a effective way so that the candidates have better chance of cleaning the written exam.
The various study materials which the candidates can download through the links that will provided for the candidates who are in search of these study materials:-

1).Previous Year Questions Paper:- 

The candidates will have the better idea regarding the written exam and the question pattern,marks distribution  through  these set of paper which will prove to be vital information prior to written exam the candidates will be appearing for their selection.

These set of papers are directly related to the syllabus and the topics that make the entire written test and since the question paper are set for the previous recruitment written exam which was held is another key factor that proves these materials to be of some importance which the cadets can use for their preparation.

2).Sample Paper:-  

The sample papers are the best study materials that are made by the experts that cover the entire syllabus and the topics as prescribed and if the cadets prepare through these sample paper will be quite effective and beneficial.

These sample paper are comprised of various sets of questions and if the individuals can acquire different sets of these sample paper will provide the candidates with enough study materials covering the syllabus and the topics to prepare form  for their written exam.

3).Model paper:- 

The another set of study materials are available in the form of model papers which are the paper that are similar to that  of the sample paper which will be set according to the written exam pattern with question generated through the syllabus and the topics.

Therefore the cadets will be able to practice through these set of study materials which will boost the preparation of the individuals. These set of study materials are available in the pdf files which the candidates can download through the links that are provided.

4).Solved Paper:- 

Among these set of study materials the solved paper are the best which provides the individuals the necessary information regarding the answers of the questions that have been set during the written exams.These set of solved paper are made with the questions that have been solved by the experts,these also comprises of solved paper of the previous year question paper.

Therefore the candidates will have a wide range of study materials for their preparation and will be effective with firm dedication and determination.

Indian Army Soldier Technical Sample Paper In Hindi PDF Download 

The candidates who put immense hardship during the preparation may have the best chance to clear the written exams but if the information and the study materials are that of the required quality will waste the individual's time while preparing,therefore the cadets will take the best manner of studying in a smart way as much as possible which can be achieved by the proper information related and entirely based on the syllabus and the topics. Above are the mention link of Indian Army Technical Sample Paper In Hindi and you can download the above PDF File.

Lastly the above mentioned information are entirely based on the study materials that are available for the individuals who are in search of such information and study materials which they require or their preparation.

These study materials are very effective in case the candidates desire to acquire better and refined knowledge in order to prepare and to clear the written exam with the best preparation that can be made by the candidates with the exact idea and the complete information regarding the written exam.Therefore the candidates should consider preparing according to the pattern of these study materials which will be less time consuming,with smart and effective preparation.

If the individuals require information in terms of Indian Army regarding any section leave a comment below so that we will can provide the necessary information for the individuals with the best of our knowledge. Best of luck to all of you, Jai Hind.


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