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Indian Army Religious Teachers Recruitment 2020 - RT JCO Bharti

Join Indian Army Religious Teachers Recruitment 2020:- Fill Online application form for RT JCO Bharti 2020. All candidates fill their Indian Army JCO Recruitment 2020 form and apply for this job. Check your Eligibility and vacancy for this job and then apply online. The Indian Army is the 3rd largest Military armed force in the world with an active personnels of approximately
Indian Army is served by massive number of service men through the various trades of the service of the respective trade.

Each of the trades of the army varies from each other in terms of their duties and basically the eligibility and the qualification requirement for a candidate to apply for the recruitment of specific trade are not similar to each other.

Every year the Indian Army holds  the recruitment in the different regions under the supervision of the respective ZRO, ARO, for the recruitment of new cadets for the vacancies available in the various trades of the service. New candidates are selected based on the recruitment procedure but only those candidates who posses the required qualifications are eligible to apply for the recruitment.

Since then the Indian army has recruited number of eligible and qualified candidates form the various regions of the country through  the recruitment and the open bharti rallies. These recruitment or the bharti rallies are informed to the concerned individuals through the assistance of various means such as the newspapers,various websites including the official site of the Indian Army and so on. Check here rt jco recruitment 2020 related details.

Although the Indian army offers a wide field of service  under the various units,thus only the eligible and well qualified candidates are selected or recruited for the service through the recruitment or the bharti rallies. The recruitment or the bharti is regarded as one of the toughest which a candidate must clear to be recruited into the service. Fill online application form for rt jco bharti 2020 and apply for this job post.

However for each of the trades require qualified service men therefore the new candidates are selected through the various test conducted during the recruitment procedure where the candidates are shortlisted based on their performance during the test.

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Indian Army JCO Recruitment 2020 - Religious Teacher JCO Bharti 2020

The selection procedure for the recruitment of new cadets for the various trades of the army are different based upon the criteria and the qualification required for the post.Among the various trades of the Indian Army the JCO(Junior Commission Officer) is one unit which is completely different unit serving the Indian Army through their distinct service level.

The JCO provides the Indian Military with some of the educated service men who have gained knowledge in religious belief ,which can be influence the service men in times when they need to hear the words of wisdom. Check the below details for Indian Army JCO Recruitment 2020 and fill Indian Army religious Teacher 2020 Online application form.

JCO (Junior Commission Officer)  section offers the candidates with the following posts:-
1).Religious Teacher.

These are the 2 important post which is offered by the section of the JCO to serve the Indian Military.Even under the post or the religious teacher there are various posts  that are offered to the candidates who are eligible to apply for the post through the recruitment process.

The recruitment procedure for the JCO post differ in some of the section such as in terms of educational level,age limit,etc. Hence further on the complete details of the eligibility criteria ,qualification for the post under the JCO section will be noted below based on the post and trade.

There are various eligibility criteria which is required for a individual to be eligible to apply for the recruitment o the Indian Army. In case the individual does not qualify of possess the required sets of documents and the qualification then the individual will not be allowed to apply for the recruitment.
Every trades of the India Army require different criteria,therefore the eligibility criteria for the post of the unit of JCO,post wise are mentioned below:-

Religious Teacher:- 

Among the various units of the Indian Army the post of the Religious Teachers are offered by the JCO section to the candidates who have attained thee knowledge in case of religious beliefs,scriptures.

These service men are recruited for the reason of encouraging the service men through the words of wisdom and the scriptures,so that the service men of the various units stand strong.
They preach and conduct various rituals in different units and regimental institutions,ministering to the sick in the hospitals,simply the most important duty of the Religious Teachers is to preach form thee religious scriptures to ease the restlessness present in the heart of the soldiers.

The JCO provides various post or categories of the Religious Teachers such as :-
  1. Pandit
  2. Granthi.
  3. Padre(Father/Pastor).
  4. Maulvi.
  5. Pandit(Gorkha).
  6. Maulvi.
  7. Bodh Monk.

RT JCO Vacancy 2020:-
  • Post Name:- JCO Religious Teachers
  • Total Post:- 72 
  • Form Starting Date:- 
  • Form Last Date:- 
  • Written Exam Date:- 

Indian Army JCO Vacancy 2020 Details:-
  1. Pandit-:- 63
  2. Granthi:- 02
  3. Padre(Father/Pastor):- 01
  4. Maulvi:- 01
  5. Pandit(Gorkha):- 03
  6. Maulvi:- 01
  7. Bodh Monk:- 01

Eligibility Criteria For Indian Army JCO (Junior Commissioned Officer) Religious Teacher

To be eligible to apply for the recruitment of the following post the concerned candidates must qualify under the following eligibility criteria.

1). Educational Qualification:-
  • a).Pandit:- Graduation any discipline.(Madhyama in Sanskrit or Bhushan in Hindior any regional language/BA Sanskrit/Hindi).
  • b).Granthi:- Graduation any discipline.(BA Punjabi).
  • c).Padre(Father/Pastor):- Graduation any discipline (Qualification in own religious denomination).
  • d).Maulvi:- Graduation any discipline (Qualification in own religious denomination).
  • e).Pandit(Gorkha):- Graduation any discipline (Qualification in own religious denomination).
  • f).Maulvi:- Graduation any discipline (Qualification in own religious denomination).
  • g).Bodh Monk:- Graduation any discipline (Qualification in own religious denomination).
The candidates who are have completed their graduation from any stream with the qualification of the post specific or religious denomination is eligible to apply for the recruitment of the Indian Army for the unit of the JCO(Junior Commission Officer).

2). Age Limit:- 

The age limit is another factor that affects the eligibility criteria of a candidate applying for the respective post of the JCO/Religious teacher.As the age limits are different based upon the post for other trades of the Indian Army.But for the post of the Religious Teacher the age limit is all the same.
Therefore the age limit for the JCO candidates is 27 to 34 Years for all the post.

3). Nationality:- 

The nationality is a criteria a candidate must qualify under so on to apply for the post of the JCO:-
  • Indian citizen.
  • Subject of Nepal.
  • Subject of Bhutan.
  • Tibetan Refugees Settled in India (Since 1962).
  • Any Refugees Settled in India (Since 1962).

All the mentioned above are the information regarding the required eligibility criteria and the qualifications the candidate must possess to be eligible for applying for the recruitment.
The candidates who have been enrolled for the further selection process shall be called up for the following recruitment process that is followed where the candidates are shortlisted during each of the stages of the selection process.

Indian Army JCO/Religious Teachers Selection Process 2020

The candidates who have been enrolled for the selection process for thee post of the religious teachers have to go through the series of the selection process which is conducted under the supervision of the Indian army authorities or the ZRO or the Aro of the region.
The selection of the candidate are based upon the following test of the process:-

1).Medical Test.
2).Physical test.
3).Written exams
4).Merit List

1). Medical Test:- 

All the candidates are required to qualify the medical test so on to qualify for the next phase of the selection process. The medical test usually comprises of the following examination of the candidates.
 a).Mental Health.
 b).Physical Health.
 c).Oral Health
 d).Eye Vision.
 e).Hearing Ability.

 The candidates must clear the medical test under the mentioned above medical criteria and if a candidate fails  to clear under any of the medical criteria then the candidate shall be disqualified and will not be shortlisted for the other phases of the selection process.
The candidates who are shortlisted are then called up for the next phase of the selection process.

2). Physical Test/PFT(Physical Fitness Test):-

The physical fitness for the candidate are important so that the candidates are able to carry on their duty without any difficulty. The physical test comprises of the following criteria.:-

   a).Height:157-160 cm.(Depending upon the post applied for by the candidate).
   b).Weight:48-50 kgs.(Depending upon the post applied for by the candidate).
   c).Chest: 77 cm.
   d).Physical Fitness Test:-1600 meters running with in 8 minutes.

The candidates who are found to be unfit during the physical test shall be disqualified for the further selection process and only those candidates will be selected who have cleared their physical test with in the given time.

The marks shall be given based on the task performed by the candidates. Selected candidates are then called up for the next stage of the selection process.

3). Written Exams:-

The written exam is the main test for the candidates to clear prior to be selected for the final screening which is conducted through the interview and the merit list.
The written exam comprises of the two section of exams.

Section 1:- Common entrance exam for all the post of religious teachers.
  • Total marks will be of 100.
  • Passing marks is 40.

Section 2:- Written test for the candidates of specific or particular religious denomination to which the candidate belongs to.
  • Total marks will be of 100 marks.
  • Passing marks will be 40 marks. 
The candidates who have scored the minimum passing marks will be selected for the interview that is conducted by the SSB and only the candidate who clear the interview conducted by the authorities shall be shortlisted in thee merit list along with the other candidates who have been selected for their service to the Indian army as the service man of religious beliefs.

4). Merit List:- 

Only those candidates who ave performed well and scored higher marks throughout the overall test stages shall be listed in the merit list.the candidates who have scored lower marks shall be rejected the other candidates have scored higher score in aggregate.

Therefore it is advised to the candidates that scoring higher marks and performing well during every test stages will only benefit the individual when the merit list is made by the concerned authorities.

After the candidates are shortlisted in the merit list which is the final selection of the candidate prior to their commission. The candidate who are selected are summoned to their respective reporting headquarters from where they will be dispatched for their duty posting.

Indian Army JCO/Religious Teacher Application Form 2020 - Recruitment Enrollment Steps

Indian Army JCO Application Form 2020 is provided by the official website of the Indian Army( Application form can also be taken form the respective ZRO,ARO,RO. Each of the information shall be filled up exactly according to the information required and the information based on the documents of the individual.

After filling up the form online the candidates will have to submit the application form and wait for the date of the recruitment.

NOTE:- Candidates are advised not to rely on any of the unreliable sources such as the agents and other services.

Hope the information that has been provided for the recruitment process and the eligibility criteria for the candidates who desire to apply for the recruitment of the JCO unit for the post of t Religion teacher find the information useful and hope that we have provided the necessary and the basic information useful before applying for the recruitment.

If any individual seeks to know more information regarding the Indian Army are openly welcome to interact with us through the comments and any enquiry mention below shall be checked and will provide the individual with the exact and proper information that is required. Thank you and best of luck to all the candidates for their preparation and recruitment.

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