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Indian Army Relation Bharti Recruitment 2020 All State UHQ Rally

Indian Army Relation Bharti Recruitment 2020: All State UHQ Rally Date Schedule 2020 Chart List and Indian Army Relation Bharti 2020 Date List is here. Check Goa, Jabalpur, Fatehgarh and all other state full schedule here. Eligible candidates can apply for Indian Army GD, Soldier Clerk, Tradesman, SKT, NA and soldier technical post 2018. The Indian Army holds the recruitment for the field of it various trades for which the new candidates are selected based according to their eligibility and qualification.

Among the type of entry or recruitment is the Relation/Bhai Bhand or the UHO (Unit Headquarters Quota)quota where the recruitment of the family members of the commissioned service men serving under the Indian Army are recruited according to the vacancy available in the various trades of the service.

This recruitment is reserved for the brother,son(related by blood/legally adopted child)of the service men,ex-service men.The recruitment of the candidates  is held every year by the Indian Army and the recruitment is held throughout the country in different regions of the various states of the Indian constitution.

Similar to the other recruitment or type of entry the UHQ recruitment of new candidates are conduced under the rules and regulations such interm of the eligibility and qualification of the candidates.Therefore only the candidates eligible and qualified for the recruitment  shall be liable of applying for the recruitment through the UHQ recruitment or relation/bhai bhand bharti.

Maximum number of new cadets are recruited for the post of the following trades of the service:-
1).GD(General Duty).
2).Soldier Clerk.
3).Soldier Tradesman.
4). Solder Technical
5). SKT
6). Nursing Assistant

The eligibility criteria and the qualification of the mentioned trades of the Join Indian Army vary,therefore the information regarding these criteria will be mentioned further.

Candidates are required to have to required document during the Bharti or recruitment date,if the candidates is not about produce the following documents then candidate will not be able to apply for the recruitment:-
  1. Educational Certificate.
  2. Relation Certificate.
  3. Domicile Certificate.
  4. Caste Certificate.
  5. Character Certificate.
  6. Unmarried Certificate.
  7. Affidavit in case of Name and Date of Birth Variation.
  8. 20 Passport Size Colored Photos.

Army Relation Bharti/Bhai Bhand/UHQ Eligibility Criteria 2020

Candidates applying for the recruitment through the quota shall qualify with the eligibility & qualification interms of the following criteria:-

a).Educational Level
b).Age Limit
c).Marital Status

As mentioned above are the basic eligibility and qualification with certain requirements of the respective criteria which a candidate must have to apply for the recruitment procedure.
The eligibility  and qualification requirement of the candidates under the various criteria according to the different trades are written below:

a).Educational Level:-
  1. GD(General Duty):- 10th pass or 12th simple pass.
  2.  Soldier Clerk:- 12th pass (English,Maths,Acc.,Book Keeping compulsory subjects in 10th or 12th)
  3. Soldier Tradesman:- 8th pass(Syce, Housekeeper & Mess Keeper) 10th pass (Steward,Chef,Washer-man,Tailor,Barber,Mason& Equipment Repair).
  4. SKT:- 12th pass with 60% marks.
  5. NA:- 12th pass with PCB.
  6. Soldier Technical:- 12th pass with 50%. 

b).Age Limit:- 

  1. GD (General Duty):- 17-21 Years.
  2. Soldier Clerk:- 17-23 Years.
  3. Soldier Tradesman:- 17-23 Years.
  4. SKT/Clerk/Soldier Technical:- 17-23 Years
c).Marital Status:- Unmarried for all trades.

  • Indian citizen.
  • Subject of Nepal.
  • Subect of Bhutan.
  • Tibetan citizen settled in India(Since 1962).

The eligibility criteria and the qualification are the major recruitment for a candidate to have to be able to apply for the recruitment. Only the eligible candidates are allowed to enroll for the recruitment held by the service.

The candidates selected for the recruitment process have to clear series of test to be shortlisted for the further selection. Selection of the candidates are based on the performance of the candidates in every test that follows.

Indian Amry Relation Bharti/Bhai Bhand/UHQ Quota Recruitment Selection process 2020

The selection procedure during the UHQ quota recruitment comprises of the following stages:-

A).Physical Test
B).Medical Test
C).Written Exam
D).Merit List

The stages of the recruitment process is to be cleared by the candidates to ensure their selection onto the next phase. Any candidate who fails to clear any of the following stages of the selection will be rejected and will no longer be able to enroll for the further selection test that follows.

Each test comprises of different set of test and carries certain marks,therefore the candidate should score at-least the minimum passing marks that is required to clear the each test. Every stage of the test will shortlist the selected candidates and the candidates who are rejected which make the competition even more tougher.

Many candidates are shortlisted  from each of the test and these tests are conducted based on the following :-

A). Physical Test/PFT(Physical Fitness Test):- 

During the open bharti rallies the candidate are selected based on their physical ability and health.
Candidates are  given the various task to perform under the given time and physical measurement of the candidate are conducted.

Only those candidates who pass or clear the physical test are selected for the next phase of the selection.

The physical test or the PFT comprises the task as follows.

   2).Squats(Uthak Baithak).
   4).Zig Zag Balancing.
   5).9feet Ditch.

Physical Measurements:-

   a).Height Measurement.
   b).Weight Measurement.
   c).Chest Measurement .

The candidates should qualify under the set of test conducted during the physical test.The task given to the candidates should be completed within the given time in a proper manner,any cadet who fails to do so will be rejected form the recruitment.

The scores will be given based upon the performance and the time taken by the candidates to perform the task. Selected candidates are then enrolled for the next phase of the selection process which is the medical test of the cadets which will be conducted.

B). Medical Test:-

This phase of the selection procedure is a different set of test that is conducted interms of the medical status of the candidates under the supervision of the authorize medical staff of the Military Medical authority.
The test of the medical test are based upon the following criteria:-
  1. Medical Health.
  2. Mental Health.
  3. Oral Health.
  4. Eye Sight
  5. Hearing Ability.
The mentioned above are the major criteria under which the cadet must qualify ti be shortlisted for the following phase of the test. Candidates who are announced permanent unfit during the medical test will be rejected by the officials,only the candidates who are fit and have no medical problem related to the mentioned criteria will be selected for the next phase of the selection process.

The candidate who have been announced temporary unfit can take a special review from the Medical authorities of the Indian Military and submit the report within a total of 21 days or the report will not be accepted after deadline is over.

Selected candidates are then shortlisted for the entrance exam or the written test.

3).Written Test:-

The written is a major test and is a different test compared to the other sets of the test.The set is conducted upon the subjects that has been prescribed for the recruitment of the different trades of the service.

the major subjects that provide the topics that cover the entire written exams of the trades are as fllows:-

a).General Knowledge.
b).Science(Biology,Physics & Chemistry).
d).English(Clerk/Soldier Technical).

The candidates are required to clear these phase of the test with at-least the minimum passing marks or with higher marks. Only the candidates who clear the written test are shortlisted for the final selection. Final selection of the candidate are done through the merit list.

4). Merit List:-

The final selection of the candidates are done through the merit list.the candidates are shortlisted based on the performance and the score obtained by the candidate in the overall recruitment process.
Only the candidates with higher and better marks will be shortlisted in the merit list for the training prior to their commission.

There it is necessary for a candidate to score more than the minimum passing mark is in Evert selection test conducted,then only the candidate may be shortlisted in the final merit list of the recruits.

Therefore the candidates are advised to score as mush as higher marks as possible in every selection test to improve the aggregate or the overall score.

Candidate who are selected through the merit list are then called up for their respective training which is the commission training.

the commission training is the most important training and is considered to be the toughest of all the test which a candidate must complete to ensure his commission under the Indian Army.
The commission training is held for 9 months and after the completion of 6 months of training the candidates are allowed leave for a certain period of time and after the end of the leave the remaining 3 months of training is held. To be commissioned the candidates are required to complete the training failing to do so will see the individual being expelled form the training.

All India UHQ Relationship Bharti Rally Date Schedule 2020

Important Note:- All states Relation bharti will be updated here, when board declare new Army Relation Bharti Date Schedule 2020 for any state of district. Keep update with us and with official site for latest UHQ Bharti Rally 2020.

Artillery Centre Hyderabad UHQ Quota Rally Schedule 2018 

Date:- 19-23 March 2018
Post:- Outstanding Sportsmen

Date:- 03 April 2018
Post:- Sol Clerk/ SKT
State:- Any State/ UT of India 

Date:- 04 April 2018
Post:- Sol GD
State:- Arunachal Pradesh, Assam, Chandigarh, Delhi, Faridabad & Gurgaon, Himachal Pradesh, J & K, Jharkhand, Maharashtra, Meghalaya, Manipur, Mizoram, Nagaland, Nepal, Odisha, Sikkim, Tripura, Uttar Pradesh, Uttarakhand & West Bengal.

Date:- 05 April 2018
Post:- Sol GD (incl SHGD)
State:- Andhra Pradesh, Andaman & Nicobar, Bihar, Chhattisgarh, Dadar Nagar Haveli, Daman & Diu, Gujarat, Goa, Haryana, Karnataka, Kerala, Lakshadweep, Madhya Pradesh, Pondicherry, Punjab, Rajasthan, Tamil Nadu, Telangana

BEG Center Roorkee Relation Bharti 2018
  • Total Post:- update soon
  • Posts Name:- GD, Clerk, Tradesman, Technical, NA and SKT
  • Rally Date:- 28 May to 1 June 2018
  • Bharti Venue:- Beg Centre Roorke
28 May 2018:- Uttar Pradesh
29 May 2018:- Punjab
30 May 2018:- Haryana, J&K and Himachal Pradesh
31 May 2018:- Uttarkhand, Rajasthan, Bihar, Assam, rissa, West Bengal Delhi.
1 June 2018:- Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh, Tamiilnadu, Madhya Pradesh, Gujrat, Maharashtra and Balance State UT. 

1. Bihar Regimental Centre, Danapur
  • Bharti Rally Date:-  
  • Post / Trade:-  Soldier GD, GD (Sportsmen), Tradesman, Clerk

2. Kumaon Regimental Centre (KRC), Ranikhet
  • Bharti Rally Date:-  11 May to 13 May 2017
  • Post / Trade:-  Soldier GD, GD (Sportsmen), Tradesman

3. Arty Center, Nasik Road Camp
  • Bharti Rally Date:- 
  • Post / Trade:- 

4. Sikh LI Regimental Centre, Fatehgarh
  • Bharti Rally Date:-  
  • Post / Trade:-  Soldier GD, Tradesmen

5. Rajputana Rifles (Raj Rif) Centre, Delhi Cantt
  • Bharti Rally Date:- 
  • Post / Trade:- 

6. JAK LI Centre, Srinagar
  • Bharti Rally Date:- 
  • Post / Trade:- 

7. Rajput Regimental Centre, Fatehgarh
  • Bharti Rally Date:-  
  • Post / Trade:-  
  • CEE - 

8. Mahar Regimental Centre, Sagaur
  • Bharti Rally Date:- 
  • Post / Trade:-  

9. 58 GTC, Shillong
  • Bharti Rally Date:-  
  • Post / Trade:-  Soldier GD & Sports (ING), GD & Sports (NNG), Tradesman (AIAC), Sol Tradesman (Musician) (Open Category) (AIAC)

10. Punjab Regimental Centre, Ramgarh Cantt
  • Bharti Rally Date:-  
  • Post / Trade:-  Soldier GD, Tradesmen and Clerk
  • CEE - 

11. Maratha LI Regimental Centre, Belgaum
  • Bharti Rally Date:- 
  • Post / Trade:- 

12. 3 EME Centre, Bhopal
  • Bharti Rally Date:-  02 Jan to 29 Jan 2017
  • Post / Trade:-  Soldier Technical

13. ASC Centre (South), Bangalore
  • Bharti Rally Date:- 
  • Post / Trade:- 

14. JAT Regimental Centre, Bareilly
  • Bharti Rally Date:- 
  • Post:- 

15. Mechanised Infantry Regimental Centre (MIRC), Ahmednagar
  • Bharti Rally Date:- 
  • CEE:- 

16. BEG Centre, Roorkee
  • Bharti Rally Date:-  20 November to 24 November 2017
  • Post / Trade:-  Soldier GD, Technical, Tradesmen and Clerk/SKT

17. BEG Centre, Kirkee (Bombay)
  • Bharti Rally Date:- 

18. HQ 1 STC, Jabalpur
  • Bharti Rally Date:-  22 June 2017 onwards
  • Post / Trade:-  Soldier GD, Technical, Tradesmen and Sportsman

19. Garhwal Rifles Regimental Centre, Lansdowne
  • Bharti Rally Date:- 
  • Post / Trade:- 

20. Armoured Corps Centre & School (ACC&S), Ahmednagar
  • Bharti Rally Date:-  
  • CEE - 

21. RVC Centre and College, Meerut Cantt
  • Bharti Rally Date:-

22. Pioneer Corps Centre, Bangalore
  • Bharti Rally Date:- 

23. Arty Centre, Hyderabad
  • Bharti Rally Date:-  
  • CEE - 

24. Brigade of The Guards Regimental Center, Kamptee
  • Bharti Rally Date:- 

25. 1 EME Centre, Secunderabad
  • Bharti Rally Date:-  

26. Grenadiers Regimental Centre, Jabalpur
  • Bharti Rally Date:-  

27. JAK Rifles Centre, Jabalpur
  • Bharti Rally Date:-  
  • Post / Trade:-  Soldier GD, Tradesmen and Clerk
  • CEE - 

28. AAD Centre, Gopalpur
  • Bharti Rally Date:-  06 November to 15 November 2017
  • Post / Trade:-  Soldier GD, Sportsmen, Tradesmen, Technical and Clerk
  • CEE - 28 January 2018)

29. MEG Centre, Bangalore
  • Bharti Rally Date:-  06 September 2017 onward
  • Post / Trade:-  Soldier GD, Technical, Sportsmen, Tradesmen and Clerk/SKT

30. AMC Centre, Lucknow
  • Bhari Rally Date:- 

31. AOC Centre, Secunderabad
  • Bhari Rally Date:- 

32. CMP Centre, Bangalore
  • Bhari Rally Date:- 

33. AEC Centre, Pachmarhi
  • Bhari Rally Date:- 

34. Army Postal Service Centre, Kamptee
  • Bhari Rally Date:- 

35. HQ 2 STC, Panaji
  • Bhari Rally Date:- 

36. Ladakh Scouts Regimental Centre, Leh
  • Bhari Rally Date:- 

37. 11 GRRC, Lucknow
  • Bhari Rally Date:- 

38. 14 GTC, Sabatu
  • Bhari Rally Date:- 

39. 39 GTC, Varanasi
  • Bhari Rally Date:- 

40. Assam Regimental Centre, Shillong
  • Bhari Rally Date:- 

41. Dogra Regimental Centre, Faizabad
  • Bhari Rally Date:- 

42. Sikh Regimental Centre, Ramgarh
  • Bhari Rally Date:- 

43. Para Regimental Centre, Bangalore
  • Bhari Rally Date:- 

44. Madras Regimental Centre, Wellington
  • Bharti Rally Date:-

 Indian Army Relation/Bhai- Band Bharti/UHQ Quota Tips - How To Prepare

The candidates should have a clear and better idea about the information regarding the UHQ quota recruitment process and the eligibility criteria and qualification to be able to apply for the recruitment of Indian Army for the different trades offered by the service. For the preparation of the recruitment test especially for the written test which is a major section which a candidate must prepare properly to ensure his selection.

Here are some of the useful tips that may be helpful for the candidates to prepare for the section of written test.
  1. A candidate must have a regular routine set for the different subjects for a certain period of time.
  2. Proper timing should be set for each of the subjects.
  3. Each day a candidate should at-least study for 3-4 hours(set according to the candidate).
  4. The routine set by the candidate must be followed every day till the date of the written test.
  5. Candidate should mostly focus upon the syllabus of the any educational boards(Maths & General science) which will be of good use for the candidates.
  6. Keeping records of the important notes will help the candidate to obtain more knowledge.
  7. Sharing the knowledge with young ones or the students around will be beneficial and may give way for other informations form different sources.
  8. Day to day information of the present affairs helps the candidate with new information incase of general inteligence.
  9. Gathering information and keeping notes of the information is a good source of information for the preparation.
  10. Group discussions are the best source of information which provide with various information incase of every subjects.

So start your preparation and crack Indian Army Relation Bharti 2020 and get selected in Indian Army. Best of luck all candidates and if you have any query regarding to the Army relationship bharti 2020, then you can comment here and ask you queries. 


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