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Indian Army Height Weight Age Chart 2020 Physical Test Qualification

Join Indian Army Height Weight Age Chart 2020:- All GD, Clerk, Tradesman candidates can check Indian Army Physical Test, Qualification, Running Time, Chest Size, Relation Bharti Relaxation Table PDF here. Know about Army Gd Height, Army Clerk Age Limit and Army Tradesman Qualification & Running Time details. Indian Military is humongous military enforcement that is combined with three lethal major armed forces and those are the Indian Army, Indian Air Force, and the Indian Navy. The overall safety of the Indian territory over the regional or land, airspace and the maritime territory under the provision of the Indian Constitution are the absolute priority of these respective armed forces.

However, among these three armed units, the Indian Army is considered to be the largest component among them and is regarded as the second-largest military unit in the world stage among the other military force of the supreme nation.

The Indian Army does not require any sort of introduction since the armed unit as earned in due course of time which has seen the active engagement of the unit in the entire warfare events that have affected the Indian Democracy.

The courage and bravery of the Indian Army servicemen are the common tales that surround the nation and have been the most influential characteristic of the entire army which has brought honor and glory to the nation and has maintained national liberty. Indian Army is also known as the Bharatiya Thal Sena which operates through the vast land of the Indian nation and is responsible for the protection and safety of the national boundaries which adjoins with the foreign territory. In this article, you will get the Indian Army GD Height Weight Age Chart 2020.

This large unit comprises various subunits or regiments which are of seven commands divided based according to the fields of operational and geographical division however these regiments are considered as some of the fearsome and deadliest units in the entire world and this is a truism.
The unit contains about 1,220,255 active personnel and a total number of 990,960 reserve personnel who serve the nation through the Indian Army.

The President of Indian Democracy is honored as the Supreme Commander of the army who is assisted by the four-star Chief of Army Staffs also conferred as the Chief Of Staffs (COS) who are entrusted with the duty to take control over the operational task and the missions that are undertaken by the armed force of the Indian Army.

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Indian Army Height Weight Age Chart 2020

Indian Army is the best in their field of service which not only includes the safeguard of the national territory but is also responsible for rogue out the threats and the aggression that is made which left unchecked may disrupt the peace that prevails the entire nation. This threat may be an outburst of domestic or foreign origin but still regardless of the origin of these threats the Indian Army has been the most effective line of defense in terms of national protection and safety of liberty of the citizens.

Joining the Indian Army is not leverage for a secure life but its the other way around which is a passion that best serves the nation which has offered life sustainability and expects nothing in return, therefore the urge and belief to keep such as nation safe and sound is the fundamentals of being an Indian Army soldier.

In various cases, it id the passion and the love for their country that compels a huge number of youths who eagerly desire to be recruited as Indian Army personnel who are able to keep their motherland safe from a sort of harm. Check below the Indian Army Height Weight Age Chart 2020 details.

Each serviceman for every trade of the army are perfected through rigorous hardship of training and are produced as the best servicemen there is available ready to offer their service to the nation through a time of extreme difficulties of conflicts.

But before the training of the cadets, there are several requirements s and selection phases the cadets must clear in order to be commissioned as an Indian Army personnel.

So for the recruitment of new cadets, the Indian Army holds the recruitment or the bharti for the youths of the country under various trades which provides a vast number of servicemen for the armed units of the army.
This recruitment s are held in various regions of the nation and are conducted under the strict supervision of the respective ZRO, ARO, or the HRO through the rules and regulations as set for the recruitment of new batch of cadets.

  1. GD:- 17 ½ to 21 Years. 
  2. Clerk:- 17 ½ to 23 Years. 
  3. Tradesman:-17 ½ to 23 Years. 
  4. SKT:- 17 ½ to 23 Years. 
  5. Soldier Technical:- 17 ½ to 23 Years. 
  6. Nursing Assistant:- 17 ½ to 23 Years. 
  7. Havildar:- 20 to 25 Years
  8. Religious Teachers:- 27 to 34 Years
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Indian Army GD, Clerk, Tradesman Selection Process 

Every year during the recruitment large number of candidates gathers in huge number over the regions so that they can try on their luck for the recruitment to be taken under the care of the Indian Army in order to serve the country.

But not all individuals are lucky enough to be selected by the selection board authorities due to the number of rejection under the various criteria where a number of individuals fail to qualify as per the requirements. Here are the Indian Army Selection process 2020 and GD, Clerk and Tradesman Eligibility 2020.

There is various selection test which is responsible for the selection of the cadets who are found to be eligible and qualified under the criteria that are set for the particular selection test as the test are conducted based on different criteria and ability which the candidates must qualify with the required quality.

The selection is of the toughest level but the requirements are set so which means that the cadets will need to reach out to the requirement that is set in order to qualify.

The selection process during the open bharti rallies which are a common method of recruitment follows the selection pattern in the following sequence:-

  1. Physical Test
  2. Medical Test 
  3. Written Exams
  4. Merit List
However these are the basic selection process that assists the entire selection for the new batch of cadets, but the main focus will be upon the physical test, medical test, and qualification of the cadets which will be necessary for the candidates to know about before they apply for the recruitment.

Therefore in this article, we will be providing the individuals with the entire pattern of the physical test, medical test and also some of the beneficial relaxation for the cadets who will be enrolling based on the relation quota or Bhai band or UHQ quota.

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Indian Army Physical Criteria/Physical Fitness Qualification Details 

The open bharti rallies are the general method of recruiting a new batch of candidates and which attracts a huge number of eligible youths who take part in these bharti/recruitment who only desire to be selected through so that they are able to offer the highest level of service to the nation.
However, only those cadets who pass through each of the selection tests are shortlisted for the next phase of the recruitment selection process. Here are the details of the Indian Army Physical test 2020 and Army GD Running Time & Height Limit related details.

The first stage the cadets must clear during the selection test is the criteria set for the physical standards for the new recruits which examined through the physical test that is conducted.
Physical test or also considered as the physical fitness test of the candidates are a combination of the various physical task which the candidates must complete according to the proper manner and within the minimum qualifying time as allotted for the specific task.

Apart from the physical fitness, the cadets are also required to qualify under the physical standard as per the criteria that have been prescribed by the selection board authorities. Indian Army physical Qualification pdf details are here.

1. Running:- 

Indian Army first selection process is Running, all candidates who will clear the Indian Army Running Test, they will further qualify for another physical test. The most important and challenging role is Running. Army board divided two groups of running, Group I and Group II.

Candidates get marks in Running according to their Running Group Position. Group I candidates get 60 marks and candidates need to complete the 1.6 Km running within 5 Minutes 30 Seconds. Group II qualified candidates get 48 Marks and Indian Army Running Time For Group 2 is between 5 Minutes 31 Seconds to 4 Minutes 45 seconds.

2. Pulls ups:- 

The second phase of the army physical test is Pulls ups, Candidates will get maximum marks according to the pull-ups category. Check table for marking system of Indian Army Physical Test Pulls details
  • 10 pull-ups:- 40 marks
  • 9 pull-ups:-  33 marks
  • 8 pull-ups:- 27 marks
  • 7 pull-ups:- 21 marks
  • 6 pull-ups:- 16 marks

3. Zig Zag Balancing:- 

This is mandatory to qualify for all the candidates.

4. 9 feet Ditch:- 

All candidates who clear the Running, Pullups and Zig Zag also need to clear the 9 feet ditch process of physical test. It is also mandatory to qualify for all candidates.

Physical Measurement/Physical standards:- The candidates are must have the required physical standard, in case based on the region the cadets are also offered with some relaxation in terms of physical standards. The physical standards are based on the:-
  • Height
  • Weight
  • Chest

GD & Tradesman
Technical & NA
Western Himalayan Region
Eastern Himalayan Region
Western Plains Region
Eastern Plains Region
Central Region
Southern Region

Weight:- Weight is 48 kg for Western and Eastern Himalayan Regions and 50 kg for all other regions.

Chest:- Chest size is 77 cm for all regions candidates.

The mentioned above are the physical test and the physical standards that are set for the recruitment of new candidates necessary to qualify under to ensure their selection on to the next phase. Candidates who are found to be physically unfit will not be selected for further selection.
The selection stages that follow after this test are as follows.

Indian Army Medical Test/Medical Standards 2020

The medical standards are the mandatory standards of the selection process which the candidates must pass through. It is a very delicate and sensitive test that is based on the medical criteria and in order to be selected and clear the test will completely depend upon the medical status of the candidates.

The medical test will be conducted by the Military Medical Corps officials under the prescribed criteria and any candidate who fails to reach the medical criteria will be rejected during the medical test.
The medical test comprises of the following medical criteria:-
  1. Medical health
  2. Mental health
  3. Eyesight/Vision
  4. Hearing ability
  5. Oral health.
Candidates who are found to be temporarily unfit during the medical can take the special review from any of the concerned Military Medical Corps authorities and produce the report within the deadline of 20 days, however, the candidates who have been declared as permanent medically unfit is the end of the road for them. Therefore only the cadets who are found to be fit under the medical circumstance will be shortlisted for the next selection process.

Indian Army Recruitment Written Exam 2020

Among the selection test, the toughest of them all is considered to be the written exams which are based on the intelligence ability of the candidates over the various topics and syllabus that are set for the written exams which areas prescribed for the various trades or the post of the army.

The Written exams are conducted on the basis of marks that are allotted for the particular subjects for the exam and each cadet is to score the required marks in order to secure their selection.
There is various syllabus that covers up numerous topics that set the entire questions for the written exams. However, these syllabus and topics vary among the trades for which the individual has enrolled for during the recruitment. Know about Indian Army Educational Qualification details here.

The exams pattern will be based on objective type questions that will be for 1 marks or more according to the trade, there will presence of negative marking for every incorrect answer, and the questions will be set from the various syllabus and the topics which have been prescribed by the board for the particular trade.

However, the candidates are to score the minimum passing marks but to ensure a better chance of being shortlisted in the merit list the cadets must try to score the highest marks possible.

Merit List:- 

The final selection of the cadets is done based on the merit list which will be released after a month in time or according to the schedule set by the board authorities. The merit list will be made based on the entire selection process, therefore, the cadets are selected according to their score and performance during the entire selection process that takes place. So give your best during this selection test.

The candidates who are shortlisted in the merit list will go a training period of 9 months before they are finally commissioned under the Indian Army. So these are the entire selection process along with their requirements and criteria under each category which is considered for selection new batch of candidates for the Indian Army.

Army Relation Bharti/UHQ Quota Height Weight Chest Relaxation 2020

Now since we have provided the selection criteria for the Indian Army recruitment selection process further on we will provide the individuals the relaxation in various criteria for the relation bharti/Bhai band/UHO (unit Headquarters Quota) entry type which has been offered by the Indian Army for the brothers,sons of servicemen,ex-servicemen. Army  Height, weight and Chest relaxation For Relationship candidates are below.

There are different categories under which the relaxation is offered to the cadets who have applied for the relation of Bharti/UHQ quota entry for the recruitment of the Indian Army.
Such relaxation is offered in the case so physical standards such in the case of height, weight, and chest. The categories according to which these relaxations are offered are:-

1). Sons of serving soldiers(SOS), Son of Widow(SOW), Son of Ex-Servicemen(SOEX), Son in War Widow(SOWW) & Widow of Ex-Servicemen Adopted

son/son-in-law of war widow Legally adopted the son of service serving service men/ESM:-
  • Height:- 2 cms.
  • Chest:- 1 cms.
  • Weight:-  2 kgs.

2).Outstanding Sports Man(National / State & those who have represented their respective District, College, University, School in State, Board

Championship,with 1st & 2nd position):-
  • Height:- 2 cms.
  • Chest:-  2 cms.
  • Weight: 5 kgs.

3)Overage candidates who belong to chronically poor areas and those desirous of joining categories and form the families dependent upon the traditional profession. Relaxation may be given at the discretion of DDG Recruiting(States) or Center Commandants:-
  • Height:- Nil.
  • Chest:- Nil.
  • Weight:-2 kgs.

Indian Army Relation Bharti/UHQ Quota Educational Qualification 2020

There is various qualification according to the trade the individuals will be applied for the recruitment through the relation Bharti or the UHQ quota entry type. Therefore the mentioned below are the qualification for the various trades for the interested candidates:-

a). Soldier GD:- 

10th pass or with equivalent qualification with a minimum of 45% in aggregate and a minimum of 33% in each subject or simple 12th pass.

b). Soldier clerk:-

50% in each subject, and 60% in aggregate in 12th finals.Compulsory subjects English/ Maths/ Accts/ Book Keeping during 12th or 10th academic session with 50% minimum in each subject during the 10th or 12th.
Individuals with graduate or cadets with higher qualification % in 12th standard are eligible.

c). Soldier Tradesmen:-

1). Syce, Housekeeping and Mess keeper:- 8th simple pass.
2). Steward, Chef, Washer-man, Tailor, Barber, Mason and Equipment Repair:- 10th simple pass.

So here are the complete details regarding the relaxation for the relation bharti and the qualification that is required for the cadets to be eligible to apply for the recruitment of various trades as mentioned above through the relation bharti or the UQ quota entry type that is offered by the Indian Army.

I hope the information that has been provided will be sufficient for the individuals who seek these information prior to their application for the recruitment of the Indian Army for the various trades.
If any individuals seeks information regarding the Indian Army shall leave a comment below in order to b provided with the information that is necessary for the individual.


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