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Indian Army Clerk Previous Year Solved Question Sample Paper PDF

Join Indian Army Clerk Previous Year Question Paper PDF In Hindi:- Download Army Clerk/SKT Sample Paper, Model Paper, Solved Paper PDF File In English & Hindi For Written Exam Preparation. Indian Army has been the most important  armed force component of the entire Indian Military which has been the driving force behind the overall safety and the protection of the Indian  territories throughout the years since it was founded under the British during the pre independence phase of this great Nation.

About:- It is described as one of the prestigious field of service one can offer to the nation by providing the necessary protection and safety from the aggression and the threats that occurs through various sources and which effects the normal life of the entire nation.

Therefore the Indian Army are the most reliable armed force unit which is responsible to demolish such aggression in order to maintain national peace throughout the country. The absolute priority of the Indian Army is to operate over the regional territory or in other words the armed unit operates the overall land based operations and mission that involves national security.

Indian Army has been active in major warfare conflicts over the past years such as during the extreme conflicts involving the neighboring nations in 1st & 2nd Opium war,Indo-Pak war of 1962,1965,and even during the 1st & 2nd World War. Below are the Indian Army Clerk Sample Paper PDF In Hindi and English for all candidates who are preparing for Army Clerk Post.

During this major conflicts the Indian Army have made some of the honorable contribution for the Nation which has built the present state of the country and is also considered to be among the largest and a powerful democracy in the world all to the courtesy of the Indian Military which has been the concrete foundation for the establishment of the sub continent of Indian Democracy.

The Indian Army is regarded as the most decorated armed unit among the other units of the Indian Military which has made the entire nation proud and is also considered to be the 2nd largest military enforcement among the various  armed units of the supreme nations in the world.
Therefore it is wise to state that the life as an army service men is a life of dignity,honor ,self respect and most importantly the passion for patriotism for one's motherland.

Download Indian Army Clerk Sample Paper & Question Paper PDF 

Since it is a large unit of the Indian Military which is served by huge number of active and reserve personnel under various units or the trades that makes up the entire Indian Army function as a single unit certainly requires the best men there are available who desire to serve their nation.

Therefore  every year the Indian Army holds the recruitment of new cadets under the supervision of Zonal recruiting office(ZRO),Area Recruiting Office (ARO)and Headquarters Recruiting Office (HRO) under the strict rules and regulations that should be followed during the selection as set for the selection of new recruits by the responsible selection board committee.

These recruitment are held for the number of vacancies that are available for the various trades of the service which offers the eager youths the best opportunity to get in the most honorable and prestigious armed force with the desire to serve their nations through any field of the service they can possibly offer the Indian Army for the sake of national protection. Here we will update the List of Last 5 yeas Indian Army Clerk Question Paper PDF.

Among the various trades of the Indian Army one of the trade which is known as the Clerk/SKT post is a mass recruiter of new candidates under various categories of the trade. Number of eligible individuals apply for this trade during the recruitment of new batch of candidates but only the selected number of cadets are recruited who are selected through the selection process that comprises various criteria necessary for the post of Clerk/SKT.

So since the Clerk/SKT post is among the general trade for which the recruitment are conducted based on the number of vacancies available for this post let us describe in brief the overall general duty of a Clerk/SKT personnel under the Indian Army.

Download Clerk Sample Paper 1 :- Click Here

NOTE:- Last 10 Years Paper will be uploaded here very soon.

Indian Army Clerk/SKT (Store Keeper Technical) Solved Question Paper In Hindi

The Indian Army is based on the various units that are responsible to carry out different duties or task in order to maintain the smooth functioning of the whole unite ,therefore it is absolute for every unit to complete their respective daily task or general duty to make sure that the unit functions as a single unit with complete cooperation. Above are the link of Indian Army Clerk Model Paper PDF and SKT Sample Paper In Hindi.

Therefore in case of the Clerk/SKT trade the most important and the vital duty of the trade is over the administrative section of a single unit based on different regions. Each of the unit comprises of 600 - 1000 personnel in the trade of Clerk/SKT with the responsibility over different section such as the administration,large inventories of stores and equipment of the respective unit.

Therefore the Clerk/SKT post are reserved for the candidates who will be in-charge of the overall administration section that is responsible for the handling of documents of the entire personnel under the unit which is an important and vital section of the unit which requires eligible and qualified personnel to maintain these documentations. The Clerk/SKT or the Store Keeper Technical trade personnel are responsible for holding  the large inventory of stores and equipment,maintaining inventory,book keeping and to carry out other routine correspondence.

Therefore the Clerical/SKT tared is the integral trade of any unit and requires candidates well qualified and eligible to carry out the task of one of the vital section of any unit of the Indian Army. Download Army SKT Sample Paper PDF File from official website.
However to be recruited for the Clerk/SKT trade of the army the candidates must be eligible and qualified as per the requirement that are set for the cadets who apply for this particular trade.So only those candidates who are found to be eligible will be selected to enroll for the recruitment process.
There are certain requirements or eligibility which the cadets are required to qualify under in order to take on the selection process which will be conducted further on for the shortlisting of the cadets who have applied or the trade of Clerk/SKT.

Although the priority of the article is to provide the individuals with the necessary study material but we will be providing the brief information regarding the information that the candidates will require prior to their enrollment for the recruitment of  new cadets for the trade of Clerk/SKT.

Indian Army Clerk Model Paper & Solved Paper PDF File Download

Since the written exam are always conducted with the highest level of toughness and the candidates along with the toughness of the exams have to face a extreme competitive atmosphere among the candidates who will be appearing the written exam which is also the Common Entrance Exam for the recruitment of new cadets.

Therefore the preparation that are made by the cadets will be the most important factor in order to face the written exams which requires the best possible information and study materials that will be the most effective method for the preparation for the candidates. Visit this site for Indian Army Clerk Solved Question Paper In Hindi & English Language.

Since there are various study material that are available for the cadets who desire to prepare the best and effective way,thus the cadets can prepare according to the following:-

1). Previous Year Question Paper:- This paper provide the candidates with the overall idea regarding the entire exam pattern that is set and the information regarding the marks distribution ,total number of questions form each of the section which can prove to a vital information for the candidates in terms of their preparation.

2). Sample Paper:- The sample paper are the suitable study materials for cadets to prepare from through the practice they can carry on based on the questions that are provided by the sample paper which will be related to the syllabus and the topics that are prescribe for the written exams for the recruitment of cadets for the Clerk/SKT trade.

3). Model Paper:- The another set of study material is the model paper which provides the cadets with the necessary information and diverse set of question which can help the candidates during their preparation and can be beneficial for the candidates in case of scoring higher marks,since the entire questions will be set according to the syllabus and the topics as prescribed.

4). Solved Paper:- This set of solved paper will contain various question which have been solved by the experts in order to provide the cadets with the best assistance so that the individuals acquire the best of knowledge and all the questions that are solved will be based on the syllabus and the topics that are prescribed for the written test.SO in that way the cadets who are preparing for the CEE can benefit from these study material to ensure that they secure the passing marks required for their selection.

Indian Army Clerk Previous Year Solved Question Paper And Sample Paper In Hindi

These materials are available in the form of pdf files which the cadets can download through the link that are provided by the website. The question paper of the previous year ,sample paper,model paper are the best possible way to prepare for the written exam since these study materials are strictly based on the syllabus and the topics that generates the entire question for the written exams.

Preparing through the sets of the study materials as mentioned above will only benefit the candidates with the exact information and the exam pattern and can influence the candidates during the competitive nature of the written exams which the cadets are bound to face during the  common entrance exams. All candidates who want Indian Army Previous Year Paper PDF, hope you will get here all paper pdf and prepare well for your exams.

One thing the cadets should consider is that these study materials are  available in the websites due to their importance and the impact of it during the written exam and during the preparation of cadets who have appeared the written exams and have found it very useful and helpful to ensure their selection through the written exams. Therefore the cadets are advised to prepare through the study materials are mentioned above.

Lastly, we hope that the information and the study materials that has been provided will  be useful to the cadets who are preparing for the written exam of the Clerk/SKT recruitment and hope the cadets will prepare the best way possible to ensure their selection through the Common entrance exam that is conducted for the recruitment of new cadets.

Individuals with any sort of information requirement are requested to leave their queries below in the comment so that we will be able to assist the exact information that is required by the candidates.
Thank you and Best of luck for the preparation, Jai Hind. 


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