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How To Join Indian Air Force After 12th Science, Commerce & Graduation

How To Join Indian Air Force After 12th 2020:- Get details about Join Indian Air Force Pilot, Flying Officer Entry Type and Eligibility Criteria For Join Indian Air Force After Graduation and After 12th Commerce. The Indian Air Force came into existence on the 8th day of the month of October of the year 1932. This unit of the Indian Military was established for the safety of the aerial and the air space of the Indian Democracy.

Since the establishment of this armed force the service that has been exhibited by the service men of the IAF has been of the distinct level and is a vital unit that has had a huge impact interms of national security.

Altogether with a approximate number of about 140,139 active personnel and an estimated number of 1,720 plus aircraft the IAF has been entrusted with the safety of the national territory through the watch over the aerial or the air space of India.The Indian Air Force is also considered to be the fourth largest unit of active personnels among the other air forces of the world.

Until the Indian democracy was declared as Republic nation the armed unit of air force was then known as the Indian Air Force(IAF) which during the per-Republic was known as the Royal Air Force serving under the Dominion of India.

Even the unit of the air force of India was established in the pre-independence phase but the unit came to be known after the independence and became an Republic nation in the year of 1950,therefore the IAF officially came to existence in the respective year.

The foremost priority of the IAF is to secure the airspace of the national territory in cases for national emergency and to secure the safety of the nation form the threats upon the nation through the air space.

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About Indian Air Force 

The IAF has made some of the major contribution  to the nation of India throughout the some of the extreme phase of warfare and has honored the country with their distinct level of service making the nation proud and ensuring the safety of not only the nation but safety of the citizens.
The Headquarters of Air Force is based in Delhi,the capital of India and the President of India is honored as the Supreme Commander of the IAF.

CAS or Chief of Air Staff are the four star officers who are appointed as the Air Chief Marshal which is the higher rank of the Indian Air Force with the responsibility of the overall operational command of the unit.

On the 26th day of January of the year 2002 the IAF was honored with its first ever Marshal of the Air Force who is the only five star officer of the unit and was conferred by the President of India to Mr. Arjan Singh,who is the only five star Marshal of the Aif Force in the history of the IAF till date.

The IAF is considered as a absolute enforcement to the other units of the Indian Military such s to the Indian Army,Indian Navy during the periods of national protection and the events of warfare interms of Indian boundaries.

Every year number of new cadets are selected for their service through different types of entry that offers great opportunities to those individuals who have the courage and the will to serve ones nations through the IAF.

Since the service under the IAF is without any doubt among the most challenging and adventurous section of service among the other armed force services,where the individual must have a clear conscience of serving the nation without failing but giving all that can be offered for the sake of nation safety and the protection of the lives of the national population form any means of threat.

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How To Join Indian Air Force After 12th Science/ Commerce 

Hence due to the quality of service men required to serve the country under the wings of IAF is the most important factor that compels the recruitment of new cadets to be of the higher level with a tough competition among the cadets who have enrolled themselves for the recruitment held by the officials of the IAF.

There are various level of entries that can be chosen by an individual to enroll for the recruitment of the IAF,one of them being through the NDA,but only the eligible and qualified cadets are allowed to enroll for the recruitment.

So the cadets must possess the required eligibility criteria and the qualification such as educational level,age of the cadet,and some others are among the various requirements to apply for the selection.

NDA is one of the  important Defence Academy which in due course of time had produce number of service men for the IAF,for the new cadets to be selected for the NDA are shortlisted through the entrance exam conducted by the UPSC(Union Public Service Commission),this entrance exam is held twice a year. Join Indian Air Force After 12th Science and get details how to join Indian Air Force After 12th Commerce.

Every year huge number of interested cadets apply for this exams for the NDA selection but only the best candidates are  selected through this exams conducted by the UPSC.

There are other Defence Academies which may been of a massive support for the recruitment of new and qualified cadets to serve under the IAF such as the IMA, AFA. The competition is always tough among the enrolled cadets during the selection which makes complete sense due to the requirement of the qualities to serve the nation under IAF which is one of the challenging and also a demanding field of service.

Since the entry level for the cadets beings from 10th passed educational qualification with certain eligibility criteria which is similar to those cadets with higher educational level of 12th pass.

Hence the entry level of 12th pass is the ultimate level of entry, a cadet can apply for the recruitment of IAF,due to age eligibility criteria which is a vital requirement.

Therefore further on the details related to the recruitment for 12th passed cadets will be provided regarding the eligibility criteria,qualifications,age limits for the cadets interested to apply for the written exams and other phases of the recruitment of the IAF.

NOTE:- Commerce students not eligible to Join Indian Air Force after 12th.

How To Join Indian Air Force After Graduation 2020

Although there are various types of entries to apply for the recruitment of IAF for the cadets who have higher educational level of 12th pass,but there are criteria under which a candidates must qualify  to be eligible to apply for the selection.

Thus the eligibility criteria is the basic requirement for a cadet applying for the 12th level entry through any type of entry there is for the recruitment.

However,the different types of entry are basically similar among each other,hence let us firstly focus upon the types of entry an individual can choose for the recruitment of the IAF service men with 12th pass educational level.

There are several type of entry one can apply for the recruitment of the IAF such of the entries are as

  1. NDA (National Defence Academy)
  2. AF-CAT (Air Force Common Admission Test)
  3. CDSE (Common Defence Service Exam)
  4. FTS (Fast Track Selection)

The mentioned above are the types of entry for the cadets applying for the recruitment in the IAF. But there are eligibility criteria a cadet must qualify under to appear for the entrance exams conducted for the selection of cadets for the IAF service. Their are so many ways to Join Indian Air Force After Graduation.

Generally the eligibility criteria for these type of entries are somewhat similar only being different in case of age limits,subject combinations,academic performance,etc.

So the main priority of this article is to provide the necessary information regarding the different types of entry and their diverse eligibility criteria for a cadet to be eligible to apply for the selection exams for the service of IAF (Indian Air Force).

Indian Air Force Entry Types 12th Pass/ Graduation Entry Level

1. Joining Indian Air Force After 12th 2020 - NDA (National Defence Academy) Entries

The NDA or the National Defence Academy has been a intergal part of the Indian Military providing the armed units of the Indian Military i.e, Indian Army,Indian Navy and the Indian Air Force with numerous new cadets very year who graduate form this Defence Academy acquiring their initial or the basic academic training and such other training related to the field of service the cadet has been selected for.

The NDA provides the cadets with the training for a certain period of 3 years or 4 years depending upon the entry level of cadets who are selected through the entrance exams conducted by the UPSC.

The NDA conducts the entrance exam twice every year for the new recruits of different entry level,therefore even for the selection of cadets of 12th entry level this exams are held twice a year with the eligibility criteria and the required qualification of the cadets being the initial significance one must consider to apply for these exams.

The required eligibility criteria and the qualification for a 12th entry level applicant under which the cadet must qualify to be eligible to apply for these exams are:-
  • Educational Level:-12th Passed (Science Stream).
  • Age Limit:- 19 Years & 6 Months. 
  • Martial Status:- Unmarried
Only the candidates who had science as their stream during class 12th are eligible to apply for the recruitment of IAF service.

The candidates must clear the entrance exams with at-least the minimum passing marks or with higher which is valuable for the cadet during the final selection.

2) Join Indian Air Force After Graduation - CDSE Entry 2020

The CDSE or the Common Defence Service Exam is also conducted under the supervision of the UPSC,this type of entry is also among the other types of entry which is held twice every year.
This entry type is one of the common type of entry that attracts huge number of candidates with 12th or higher educational level such as graduates.

However even to be eligible to apply for this exam the cadets must qualify under the required eligibility criteria under the following sections of the eligibility criteria:-

  • Educational Level: 12th(Science Stream) pass or Graduate with PCM Physics, Chemistry & Maths in 12th standard).
  • Age Limit: 19-23 Years.
  • Martial Status: Unmarried
  • Eye Vision: 6/6
  • Height: Minimum: 158 cm.
The cadets qualifying under the mentioned above eligibility criteria are qualified to apply for the entrance exams conducted for the recruitment of new cadets into the Indian Air Force of the Indian Military for their service.

3). Joining Indian Air Force After 12th / Graduation - AFCAT Entry

The entry of the candidates through the AF-CAT entry type known as the Air Force Common Admission Test which is conducted under the supervision of the Air Force Headquarters.

This type of entry is similar to the previous two of the entries where the cadets are required to appear the entrance test conducted by the IAF Headquarters,this examination is conducted twice every year for the recruitment of new cadets for the different branches of the IAF based on the vacancy only the required number of cadets are selected through this exams.

AFCAT conducts the common test for the three major departments with different eligibility criteria for each department:

1). Technical Branch
2). Flying Branch
3). Ground Staff

These are the three major department upon which the IAF comprises of but as mentioned the eligibility criteria are different for the entry into each of these departments of the IAF:-

a).Educational Level:- 
  1. Technical Branch: 12th Passed (Science)& Pre-Final Engineering cadets.
  2. Flying Branch: 12th Passed (Science)& Graduates (PCM In Class12th).
  3. Ground Branch: 12th Passed (Science)& Graduates (PCM In Class 12th).          

b).Age Limit:-
  1. Technical Branch: 19-27 Years
  2. Flying Branch:19-23 Years
  3. Ground Branch:19-23 Years               

c)Martial Status:-
  1. Technical Branch: Unmarried
  2. Flying Branch: Unmarried
  3. Ground Branch: Unmarried

NOTE:- Pre-final engineering cadets are eligible to apply the AFCAT exams through the UES entry but the cadets are only eligible to apply for the Technical  branch of the IAF.

On the other hand the cadets if being a final final year students of engineering or other educational section with PCM as major subjects during their 12th are eligible to apply for all the mention above branches of the IAF but the other eligibility criteria will be consider however.

4). Join Indian Air Force After Graduation - FTS (Fast Track Selection) Entry

Unlike the first two entry type the entry type through the FST or Fast Track Selection is also one of the important type of entry which is also conducted by the Air Force under the supervision of the IAF Headquarters.

The FTS is conducted depending upon the number of vacancies that are available based upon which the FTS exams are conducted. Therefore there is no certain fixed time of the year when this selection of new cadets are selected.

However this test or the selection is held whenever there are vacancies available for the new cadets in the different branches of the IAF.
Thus to know about the schedule of the FTS which is to be held shall be informed or advertised to the concerned cadets through the websites and other means.
Lastly the eligibility criteria shall differ according to the selection to be done for the respective branch of the IAF.
So the eligibility criteria shall be similar to that of the AFCAT entry type:

a).Educational Level:-
  • Technical Branch: 12th Passed (Science)& Pre-Final Engineering cadets.
  • Flying Branch: 12th Passed (Science)& Graduates (PCM In Class 12th).
  • Ground Branch: 12th Passed (Science)& Graduates (PCM In Class 12th).    

b).Age Limit:-
  • Technical Branch: 19-27 Years
  • Flying Branch:19-23 Years
  • Ground Branch:19-23 Years           

c)Martial Status:- 
  • Technical Branch: Unmarried
  • Flying Branch: Unmarried
  • Ground Branch: Unmarried

Indian Air Force Entry Types Eligibility Criteria For 12th Passed & Graduate Candidates 2020

The above mentioned information are the different types of the entry that one can choose from according to their qualification and eligibility criteria. Cadets interested for enrolling for the recruitment of the IAF shall have a better and wide idea and the necessary before applying for the entrance exams that is conducted for the selection of the new cadets.

As much as challenging the IAF service is considered is he information just enough to assume that without a sign of doubt the written exams that are conducted under the different types of entries shall be equivalent to the challenges and the toughness the service men of the IAF need to face during their duty.

Therefore it is advised that the cadets preparing for the written exams should prepare well is one desires to clear the exams and then be included in the final selected cadets for the IAF.

Mostly the written exams are conducted upon the selected subjects covering some of the major topics under the particular subjects.The syllabus mostly covers the syllabus of the 8th,9th,10th,11th,& 12th standard of the educational board of any board generally of the science section.

Concerned individuals are welcome to Keck on this website time and again when in need of information regarding the IAF or the Indian Military unit as the information regarding the field of service shall be updated on a regular basis interms of recruitment dates and other related information.
The information that has been provided maybe of some help and give the individuals a rough idea regarding the types of entries for the IAF recruitment.

Thank you all and best of luck to all the candidate preparing for their respective exams.


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