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Join Indian Coast Guard Navik (Gd) Exam Syllabus, Pattern PDF 2020

Join Indian Coast Guard Navik (Gd) Syllabus 2020:- Download Indian Coast Guard Exam Pattern 2020 For General Duty (Navik) post PDF File 2020. The Indian coast guard is a independent armed forces who have been trusted with the responsibility  of the coastal territory of the Indian waters that adjoins the international water.

Indian coast guard are the unit of service men who are active in the various operations that is conducted with the collaboration with the Indian Navya and in terms of anti smuggling they are the major assistance force for the Department of customs to apprehend the responsible individuals and to control these cases of national theft.

Although they are the active unit when it comes to national threat,the ICG is also responsible for the safety of the national assets in terms of the marine territory and the preservance  of the Marin ecology and the environment.

Various unit of service is the major driving force of the ICG that assists major operations such ad the rescue mission and in some cases of national interest.

ICG conducts the recruitment of new cadets for the various post vacancies who are selected through the recruitment process for the selection of new cadets for the available posts. However for the post of the Naviks (GD General Duty) is the common the recruitment are held,although there are recruitment conducted for the specific post based on the availability of the vacancy for the new interested cadets.

The recruitment is held normally 2 time a year or more depending upon the vacancies.
ICG requires specific eligibility and criteria for the cadets to be eligible to apply for the recruitment.
The recruitment consists of major stages that is conducted under the supervision of the ICG and Indian Navy officials for the recruitment of the best cadets for the service.

One of the major stage of the recruitment is the written test of the new enrolled cadets and it is the first step of the recruitment procedure which a candidate must clear to be selected for the next stage of the selection.

Being the first stage of the recruitment the level of the exam is as tough as it comes because the written exam are based on the major subjects with a wide field of topics which generates a massive number of questions leading the way for the wide options of questions to be set. However the exam pattern is set to be as an objective type with multiple choice which is a relief but the negative marking shall also be implied.

But with hard work ,determination and better preparation can see a candidate clear the written exam  onto the next stage of the upcoming Indian Coast Guard Recruitment 2020 and Army Bharti 2020 details.

Join Indian Coast Guard Navik GD Exam Syllabus 2020 PDF

Here in this article we will be providing the candidates with some of the important and helpful information regarding the written exam ,syllabus and the topics that a candidate has to cover for the perpetration of the written exams for the Navik(GD) candidates of the ICG Indian Coast Guard.

For the written exams the major subjects a candidate must cover are:-

1).Genral Knowledge
5).Basic Chemistry
6).Numerical aptitude

The mentioned above are the major subjects a candidate has to prepare form for the written exams.
Under the mentioned subjects are the wide field of topics that altogether sets the question of the written test.

So now we will discuss about the topics that falls under each subject so that it provides the candidates with a proper idea of the subjects and the topics for their better preparation.

1).General Knowledge:-

The subject basically covers the general awareness or intelligence of the candidate and mostly this subject is focused on the current affairs of the national or the international status.
Such as:
  •     History & Geography (Indian & World)
  •   Current Affairs(national & International)
  •   Economy (National & International)
  •   Indian Constitution
  •   Science & Technology and Its Development
  •   National Movements of India
  •   Cultutal Heritage
  •   General Policy
The candidate must have a proper source of information for the preparation of these topics under the subject of General knowledge.

Gk in term of the written exam is known to be the basic section where a candidate must cover up  logically the current status and the past time where some of the events have turned the world around .
To perform well in the written exams candidates must have a massive and a wider field of knowledge in terms of national and international affairs.


English is considered as one  of the basic need in the modern era which has altered the difference of language and  between the nation in the field of business ,education,alliance in short it is the one of the backbone for the survival of an individual as it is the most commonly used language and which has been adopted in the various regions of the world so due to the reason it has been regarded as one of  a major asset.

The subject cover mostly the basic terms and the sections which is consider vital for the written exam,so some of the major topics are:
  •   Verb
  •   Adverb
  •   Tenses
  •   Direct/indirect Speech
  •   Articles
  •   Synonyms
  •   Vocabulary
  •   Comphrehension
  •   Idioms & Phrases
  •   Active & Passive Voices
  •  Transformations of Sentences
The section of english mostly covers the basic grammer portion so it is advisable that the candidates should mostly focus upon the grammer section of english while preparing for the writen test or the entrance test.


The section of mathematics contains the wider field of the topics and is considered to be a major subject that is included for the written exam and which offers a vast field of questions that can be set for the exam.

However with the proper practice and determination the subject of the mathematics can be cleared by the candidate. Topics that are to be covered for the preparation are stated below.:
  •  Algebra
  •  Trigonometry
  •  Complex Numbers
  •  Mathematical Induction
  •  Parial Fractions
  •  Theory of Equations
  •  Matrices
  •  Hyperblic Functions
  •  Additions of Vectors
  •  Binomial Theorem 
  •  Proability
  •  Properties of Triangles
  •  the Product of Vectors
  •  the Straight Lines
  •  Coordinate Geometry
  •  Parabola
  •  Locus
  •  Hyperbola
  •  Transformation of Axes
  •  Pairs of Straight Lines
  •  Integration
  •  Circle
  •  the System of Circles
  •  Limits and Continuity
  •  Definite Intergals
  •  Differentiation
  •  Three Dimensional Coordinates
  •  Applications Od Derivatives
  •  Differential Equations
  •  Random Variables and Probability Distributions
  •  Direct Cisines and Direction,ratios Etc.
As mentioned  above that the mathematics is a major subject that covers the wider field of topics  which makes it more lengthy and requires ample time of preparation for the written exams.However with the basic knowledge the problems of mathematics can be solved with ease.


Although the section of the physics does not cover a vast field of topics but it comprises of the major topics of the subject of physics of the modern time which makes it a tougher section that a candidate must prepare for the written exams.
This section is comprised of some of the most complex theories of the molder physics so while preparing the candidates must focus completely upon the topics of physics.

For the section of the subject of physics the candidates are advised to prepare from the following topics:
  •   Mathematical Methods
  •  Electromagnetic Theory
  •  Atomic and Molecular Physics
  •  Condensed Matter Physics
  •  Quantum Theory and Its Application
  •  Classical Mechanics and Relativity
  •  Electronics
  •  Nuclear and Particle Physics
  •  Experimental Physics
  •  Thermodynamics and Statistical Mechanics.

5).Basic Chemistry:-

The section of the chemistry is the section that is generally based upon the basic topics under the field of chemistry.
All the topics are related to the day to day activites and is  related to the some portion of the physics.
The topics under the section of chemistry are as follows:
  •  Photo chemistry
  •  Electro chemistry
  •  Thermodynamics
  •  Organic Synthesis
  •  Quantum Chemistry
  •  Chemical Kinetics
  •  Vio Organic Chemitry
  •  Chemistry of Transition Elements
  •  Inorganic Reaction Mechanism
  •  Nuclear Chemistry
  •  Acids and Bases
  •  Redox Reactions
  •  Structure and Bonding
  •  Analytic Chemistry
  •  Analytic Techniques
So the mentioned above are the topics for the section of chemistry under which the candidates have to prepare for the written exams.

6).Numerical Aptitude:-

The numerical aptitude section is the derived subject of mathematics that covers up mostly the basic numerical problems under the mathematical rules and can be solved with the implementation of the mathematical formulas.
Although for the better preparation in terms of this section the candidate must practice through the rules or by the formulas of the mathematics.

Topics that are covered by this particular section are:
  •   Arithmetic and Numerical Problems
  •   Ratio and Proportions
  •   Lcm & Hcf
  •   Decimals
  •   Fractions
  •   Discounts
  •   Percentage
  •   Average
  •   Profit and Loss
  •   Simple and Compound Interest
  •   Mensuration
  •   Time & Work
  •   Time and Distance
  •   Table and Graphs
  •   Number System Including Quextions of Simplification.
As the topics that are under the aptitude section are seen to cover mostly form the arithmetic section of mathematics and with the basic knowledge of mathematics the preparation of this particular section can be beneficial for the section of the mathematics,physics and chemistry.

Candidates must give ample time for themselves for the preparation so that the written exam can be cleared.

Join Indian Coast Guard Exam Syllabus 2020 PDF For General Duty Navik 

NOTE:- Since the details of the written exam regarding the syllabus and the topics that all together set the questions are informed above for the candidates who are interested for applying in the ICG recruitment.

After going through the syllabus it can be seen that most of the syllabus are based upon the syllabus of 12th standard which provides a reliable source of information for the candidates which can be obtained form the books of 12th standard.

There are other source from where the candidate can prepare but preparing form the books of the 12th standard can be more profitable for the candidates through the preparation period as the books provides a wider field of information and they are easily available.Although there are books that are recommended particularly for the preparation of written exam/entrance exam of the ICG(Indian Coast Guard) which comes for a reasonable price in the book stores.

Hope the information that has been provided will be of some help and assists the interested candidates for the better understanding of the written exams regarding the topics that are covered and the subjects upon which the entire entrance exam questions are set.
So prepare well and best of luck to all those youthful candidates who will be applying for the recruitment of the ICG (INDIAN COAST GUARD) service.

Join Indian Coast Guard Navik GD Exam Pattern 2020 PDF

All candidates who are preparing for the GD post in Indian Coast Guard, they all need to check here exam pattern for the exam and clear the written exam of the exam. 

Indian Coast Guard GD Exam Pattern 2020:-

Sr. No.
Test Type
Objective Type
Basic Chemistry
Quantitative Ability
General knowledge
Current affairs
Hope this exam pattern and exam syllabus will helpful you all candidates, if you have any query regarding the Indian Coast Guard GD Exam Pattern 2020 and Exam Pattern PDF then you can comment here and ask your queries. 


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