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Indian Army Tradesman Syllabus, Exam Pattern, Sample Paper PDF 2020

Indian Army Tradesman Syllabus 2020: Download Army Tradesman Exam Pattern 2020 and Sample Paper/ Previous Year Question Paper PDF File for the written exam. Indian army is one of the major and frequent service providers in the field of their various service Units where many new candidates are recruited from every recruitment or Bharti rallies held in the different region of the country.

Among the various field of service, there is a post known as the Tradesman/Tradesman mate which is one of the major posts that recruits new eligible candidates who clear the recruitment process and are finally commissioned under the service of the Indian army.

Although there is a various field of service under the post of the Tradesman post which recruits new candidates based on their qualification and the eligibility.

For a candidate to apply for the post of the tradesmen requires at-least with the educational qualification of class 8th passed. The unit of the tradesman is a collective section of the servicemen who are responsible for carrying out the day to day duties of their specific units or the field of service.
They are also referred to as the backbone of the Indian army who supports each and every sector of the Indian army from the shadows.

Under the unit of the tradesman there are several fields of service where a candidate can apply for as the tradesman provides the opportunity under the various trades as mentioned below;

  •  Chef
  •  Hair Dressers/barber
  •  Store Keeper
  •  Animal Store Holders
  •  Ferrier
  •  Pioneers
  •  Postal Steward
  •  Painter
  •  Tailor
  •  Musician
  •  Mess Keeper
  •  House Keeper
  •  Washer Man
  •  Kennel Man
  •  Equipment Repairer

Join Indian Army Tradesman Sample Paper PDF File 2020

The recruitment for the tradesman post is held four times in a year in different regions of the country. Hence every recruitment /bharti takes in new candidates for the post of the tradesman. All candidates who are preparing for the tradesman post they need previous year Indian Army Tradesman Sample Paper and Solved Question Paper PDF File For better preparation.

The field of service for the tradesman is a very different sector when compared to the other fields of service under the Indian Army Service that provides the interested candidates with various options or field for their service and due to which makes it more confusing field of service of the Indian army.
However, to be recruited for the service of the tradesman a candidate must clear the stages of the recruitment process that comprises of the following;

1).Physical test
2).Medical test
3).Written exam

Since the 1st two tests as mentioned above are the common test conducted by the Indian army during the recruitment / Bharti for any post and is well known by the candidates.

Therefore the main priority of this article will be the Written exam regarding the exam pattern, syllabus, topics and some tips for a candidate to prepare for the tradesman post.

Due to the reason that the written exam conducted for the post of tradesman is a confusing and tough test as the written exam is conducted to test the ability of the candidates in the field of not only intelligence but also the knowledge of the candidate in the field  of the trades that come under the unit of the tradesman/tradesman mate. For such field, the candidates must attain some knowledge before applying for the specific post under the service of the tradesman of the Indian army.
So from here on we will discuss all the written exam/common entrance exam(CEE) for the particular post of the tradesman/tradesman mate. Such as the exam pattern, syllabus, marks distribution, etc.

Indian Army Tradesman Exam Pattern 2020 Table PDF

Compared to the written test for another post under the Indian army the written test for the recruitment in the field of a tradesman is simple but somehow a unique one to be faced by the candidate during the written exams. Here we update Indian Army Tradesman Exam Pattern 2020 and you can download exam pattern pdf file from the official website and given a link.

The pattern and the of the written exams are not only for the recruitment of the new candidates for is for the future prospects of the selected candidates. There are certain points to be acknowledged by the candidate so that it gives the clear idea  to  the candidate in case of the exam pattern and the marks, etc. such details of the written exam are provided below:
  1. Duration of the exam: 1 hour
  2. Total marks for written exam: 100 marks
  3. Total number of questions: 50
  4. Each question carries: 2 marks
  5. Question type: Multiple choices
  6. Negative marking: 0.5( Half marks will be deducted for every wrong answer)
  7. Minimum passing marks 32 marks. 
Passing Marks
General Knowledge
32 Marks
General Science

NOTE:- The best way to avoid the negative marking is to leave the questions that you don't know because due to negative marking may reduce your score. So answer the question you are sure about. However, the candidate must secure a total of 32 marks in the written to be selected for the next phase of the Bharti.

Join Indian Army Tradesman Exam Syllabus 2020

Generally, most of the written exam is based upon the three major subjects that contain various topics which a candidate has to prepare from but the syllabus is widely related to the syllabus of the 8th,9th and 10th standard of the CBSE board of the institution.

Even the syllabus is mostly related to the standards of the CBSE Board it offers a variety of question that is set for the written exams. So the candidate must be well prepared for the written test that is to be conducted.

The listed below are the subjects the candidate must prepare for the written exam for the post of the tradesman. Check Join Indian Army Tradesman Syllabus 2020 and start preparation according to the Exam Syllabus.

1).General knowledge
2).Grenral science
3).Mathematics/Aptitude test

A candidate must clear the written test for the selection as for the tradesman post the knowledge of the candidate in the field of the service is required to fulfill the duty of the tradesman in the different unit under the tradesman post.

Stated below is the complete information regarding the subjects and the marks distribution subject wise and the topics a candidate must cover up for the preperation of the written test.

1).General knowledge:-
  •  *Total marks for the subject: 40 marks
  •  *Total number of questions: 20
  •  *Each question is for 2 marks 
Question From
National and International both
Battles & dates in Indian as well as world History. Important dates and national movement
Common object and phrases, Scientific, places, people etc
Geographical, economic and Astronomical terms, Legal terms etc.
Solar System, Desserts, Peaks Lakes, waterfalls, questions on biggest and tallest etc
Awards & Prizes              
Gallantry Awards, National-International Awards, Nobel Prizes etc
Other Topics     
Books and Authors, UNO, Indian Armed forces, States and Capitals, UTs, Researches, Festivals of India and the world, Current Affairs etc

Since the subject of GK (General knowledge) is based upon the general intelligence of the candidate in case of the present affairs be it the national or international levels, history, geography and so on.
Although the subject of the GK is somehow known to be the basic knowledge because it covers up a vast section of knowledge and information gathering.

So if the candidate can obtain more general knowledge starting form this moment it can be assumed that it will only benefit the candidate in the field of GK.

2).General Science:-

  •   *Total marks:30
  •   *Total number of questions:15
  •   *Each question is for 2 marks
Question From
General Biology
General Questions related to day to day activity (General Physics)
General Chemistry)
Scientific Terminology   
Commonly used scientific terms in day to day life

This section of the subject deals with the basic knowledge of the candidate in the field of the general science which covers up the subjects of biology, physics, and chemistry. However, the subject of general science covers the basic information regarding the necessity of science in the modern-day.

Therefore the candidates are advised to prepare themselves through the syllabus of 8th, 9th and 10 the standard of CBSE Board for the subject of general science. As the written test syllabus for the tradesman post is mostly related to the syllabus of the CBSE Board of 8th,9th, and 10th standard respectively.

3)Mathematics/Aptitude test:-

  •  *Total marks:30
  •  *Total number of questions:15
  •  *Each question is for 2 marks.
Question From
Lines and angles, triangles, circles, quadrilaterals, parallelograms
Area and perimeters of rectangles, squares, circle, parallelogram. Volume and surface area of cube, cylinder, sphere etc.
Questions on Work, time & distance, simple and compound interest, HCF, LCM, Decimal, Fraction, Square roots , questions on average, ratio, proportion, profit, loss etc.
Basic Algebra operations, factors and quadratic equations etc.

Similar to that of the general science syllabus the subject of mathematics for the written exam in case of a tradesman is conducted covering up most of the syllabus of the CBSE board. The question set is of the basic knowledge in the field of mathematics which contains the simple problems of reasoning, algebra, and other topics.

For the better preparation, a candidate can go through the syllabus of the CBSE Board for the 8th,9th and 10th standard. The basic knowledge for the subject of mathematics is the different formulas that help to solve the problem of mathematics.

So the knowledge of the formulas is one of the basic need for the maths section.

NOTE:- Since the written exam conducted for the tradesman post is based mostly upon the syllabus of the 9th and 10th standard of the CBSE Boards.

It is seen to be a good source of information for the candidates preparing for the recruitment into the tradesmen unit of the Indian army.

Important Tips to Prepare For Indian Army Tradesman Written Exam

  1. A candidate must have a regular routine set for the different subjects for a certain period of time.
  2. Proper timing should be set for each of the subjects.
  3. Each day a candidate should at least study for 3-4 hours(set according to the candidate).
  4. The routine set by the candidate must be followed every day till the date of the written test.
  5. Candidate should mostly focus upon the syllabus of the CBSE boards(Maths & General science) which will be of good use for the candidates.
  6. Keeping records of the important notes will help the candidate to obtain more knowledge.
  7. Sharing the knowledge with young ones or the students around will be beneficial and may give way for other information's from different sources.
  8. Day to day information of the present affairs helps the candidate with new information incase of general intelligence.
  9. Gathering information and keeping notes of the information is a good source of information for the preparation.
  10. Group discussions are the best source of information which provides various information incase of every subject.
Hope this article will help you all candidates if you have any query regarding the Indian Army Tradesman Syllabus and Exam Pattern. Then you can comment here and ask your queries. Our team will help you to solve your all queries regarding Tradesman and the Indian Army. Best of luck for your future. 


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