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Indian Army Merit List 2020 Army Open Bharti Merit List PDF

Join Indian Army Merit List 2020: Download Indian Army GD, Clerk, Tradesman , NA and Technical Merit List/Result PDF 2020 from official website. Indian Army holds the recruitment/open bharti rallies throughout the year and they are conducted under the supervision of the respective ZRO or ARO of the region. These recruitment are most commonly held for the recruitment of the new candidates for the service in the GD(General Duty) unit,but the recruitment are also conducted for the different post based on the vacancy under the different unite of the service such as for the post of the clerk,soldier technical,tradesmen,nursing staffs,etc.

As different as these units are when compared to each other interms of the field of duties,the eligibility criteria, the recruitment process is also different which is conducted based on the recruitment for the particular post.

However this differences do not hinder the interested candidates for enrolling themselves for the recruitment because there are huge force of youths who gather up in the number of 100s or 1000 in the venue where the recruitment/bharti rally is held up.

The number of the candidates that can be taken as the logical explanation that why the Indian Military is considered to be in the  3rd position in terms of the military power. Although these recruitment/bharti rallies attracts massive number of interested candidates only the selected few number of candidates are recruited very less compared to the number of enrolled candidates.

The candidates have to through the various stages of the recruitment process and has to clear each and every test to be selected for the next phase of the recruitment process. Below is the list of Indian Army Merit List and Indian Army Result 2020.

Since the recruitment is considered to be of the toughest level there are candidates who are not able to clear the first stage of the recruitment that is conducted by the authorities under strict supervision. These test are held for the sole purpose of shortlisting of the candidates who are to be selected for the next phase of the recruitment based on the performance of the candidate during the particular test.

Download Indian Army Merit List 2020 PDF File - All States

Every candidate who performs well and scores the minimum passing marks for the specific test shall be selected for the next phase of the recruitment process. Although there are candidates who pass and clear all the phases of the recruitment stages still the shortlisting of the most eligible and qualified candidates are done through the final merit list of the candidates.

Among the number of candidates who are shortlisted through these phases of the recruitment, only handful of candidates are shortlisted for the final selection that is done through the merit list.
The final merit list is the last and most important stage were the names of the candidates are listed who have been finally selected for the further training known as the commission training for 9 months. All candidates will get here Indian Army Merit List 2020 and Final Merit List/Cut Off List PDF File.

These listing of the names of the final selected candidates are based upon the overall performance of the candidate during each and every test stage of the recruitment.So as the merit list is made with the names of the candidates who have not just cleared the test stages but also have scored better or higher scores when compared to those candidates who have been rejected or who have not been listed in the final merit list.
Therefore if a candidate desires to be listed in the final merit list then the candidate must perform well and should try to score as much as high score in all of the test stages of the recruitment viz,


The final merit list is made with the names of the candidates who have cleared the above mentioned stages of the recruitment. Check Indian Army Merit List 2020. 

Indian Army Merit List 2020 - Indian Army Result 2020 PDF

Scoring just the minimum passing marks for the specific test  cannot ensure the candidate being selected in the merit list because the merit list is made based on the overall performance and the score of the individual candidates who have  cleared and passed all the recruitment stages.

Join Indian Army Gd (General Duty) Merit List 2020

The unit of GD(General Duty) is the massive number of soldier who are trusted with one of the most toughest duties interms of national security and the unit of GD consists of the majority number under the service of Indian Military who are serving the nation with all thy have to offer even their lives for the sake of the country and their fellow country men.

It is also  one of the common unit of service which recruits many new service men selected through the different recruitment/bhrti rallies held by the Indian Army in the different regions of the country.

The candidates have to go through the different stages of the recruitment and clear each stage with the minimum passing marks required and then finally have to be shortlisted in the final merit list which is the final list of the candidates selected for the commission training that is for the total period of 9 months before the commission of the candidates.

Get Indian Army GD Merit List 2020 and Indian Army GD Result from the above result/merit list table. The final merit list is based upon the overall performance of the candidate who have cleared and passed all the stages of the recruitment procedure.

However to be fully commissioned under the service of the Indian Army the candidate must also clear the commission training if a candidates fails to complete the commission training  then it shall lead to the rejection of the candidate.

Indian Army Soldier Clerk Merit List 2020

The unit of the soldier clerk is a unit that is considers to be the lifeline of the units who are responsible for the smooth functioning of any unit. It is one of the most delicate field of service which requires the service men under the unit of the clerk to be versatile in every field be it the physical task, paper works, mental health,or any task trusted to the service men(soldier clerk) during their duty hours as the unit of the clerk soldier.

Clerk Soldier are the main force who maintain the overall administrative section which no doubt is a challenging task as the vast administrative section of the Indian Army is dependent upon the unit of the soldier clerks. Download you Indian Army Clerk Merit List 2020 from the above pdf file.

Indian Army Tradesman Merit List 2020

This unit of service men is also regarded to be a challenging one as the tradesmen are the unit responsible for the day to day activities of the service men who have been posted to their distinct region. All candidates who applied for the tradesman post, now can check their Indian army tradesman merit list  or Army Tradesman result 2020 from the given list.

They are the unit of service men who are the main driving force that runs the daily duties of every unit under the service of the Indian Army and without this unit which is the basic need  for every unit  and is the foundation upon which every unit is been laid because the unit of the tradesmen plays a vital significance for the overall duties that is to be carried by each and every service unit of the Indian Army.

Indian Army Soldier Technical  Merit List 2020

The unit of the soldier technical is a trade of the Indian Army that deals with the overall technical field of the Indian Army. Is can also be considers to be the an important trade as it is the eye of the whole of the Indian Army due to the information that is obtained through the technical field.
Although this unit is specifically appointed for the technical field and the tasks that are to be carried out through the assistance of technological assets.

The duty of the soldier technical can be a very challenging and a hectic job for that the candidates must be well qualified in terms of technology and should have the state of mind to carry  to out any technical task that has been trusted to them for the safety and protection of national security.

This unit is one of the major support for the overall Indian Army units which makes this unit a unique field of service but one has to face one of the most challenging takes time and again when it comes to national security.

Indian Army Nursing Staff Merit List 2020

The Medical unit of the Indian Army is a unit which is responsible the support that is provided to the service men through the field of medical requirements.

The unit can also be considered to be the lifeline of the total Indian Army service men interms of the medical assistance required by the service men of the different units. Medical unit of the Indian Army is responsible for the well being of the soldier in the field of physical as well as the mental health so that the service men are absolutely fine to carry out their different duties of their unit.

Nursing staffs can be regarded as the saviors of the Indian Army as they are major force behind the aftercare of the lives which they have been entrusted with. It is again one of the most challenging unit where the staffs may have to deals with uncertain events and may even be effected by the spoils of war in some cases.

This unit requires individuals with strong beliefs with firm mentality to carry out the task or the duty they are appointed for. All trades Indian Army Merit List will be updated here.

The mentioned above are the different trades or the units of Indian Army along with a simple idea of the unit and their duties they will be appointed for. Each of the unit are different due to their diverse field of duties and their responsibilities.But the recruitment of these each and every unit are somehow similar in some case as all the candidates have to go through the recruitment procedure as mentioned at the top.Although the  recruitment stages of the units may have some differences which is conducted based on the unit or trade.

However the selection of the names of the candidates for the final list for all the units are the exactly the same which means that the final selection for the new candidates for the final merit list is based upon the overall performance of the candidates during the recruitment stages conducted for the specific trade or the unit mentioned above of the Indian Army.

How To Download Indian Army Merit List 2020 PDF File

Since it is easier to check the merit list from the official website of the Indian Army as they publish or update it according to the recruitment/bharti rallies held for the new recruitment. To check or to download the Indian Army merit list 2020 that has been updated on the official website all you need to do is follow these simple steps. Same steps for download Indian Army result 2020 from the official website.
  1. Go to the official website of the Indian Army(
  2. Enter the captcha code displayed on your screen and click "Enter"
  3. Homepage of the website will be displayed with the option of "Rally Schedule" at the bottom left  corner of the page.
  4. For merit list details click on the option of "VIEW ALL" which is just below the RALLY SCHEDULE option.
  5. The page will be opened in a new tab where you will find the options for various details.
  6. Click the download option to download the file.
  7. Check you download folder to check the list or you can print form the website.

These are the details of the criteria and the outer information regarding how the final merit list are made for the final selection of the candidates who clear their respective recruitment process for their specific unit or trade.

Along with the steps for downloading the merit list from the official website of the Indian Army,thus being the official website sometimes due to some technical problem the website might not be able to provide the required information in which case interested candidates can check up here as we will be posting and updating any information related to the Indian Army.

Hope this information may help the candidates who seek some information regarding anything about the Indian Army. Thank you and All the best all those candidates who are applying for the Indian Army recruitment/bharti rallies.Jai Hind. 


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