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Join Indian Army GD (General Duty) Book In Hindi - PDF Download

Join Indian Army GD Book In Hindi:- Download Indian Army General Duty Book PDF File and Old Question Paper for your 2020 written exam preparation. Since the establishment of the Indian Army under the provisions of the Indian Constitution this field of service has created some of the most glorious times and has left a mark in the history of the great nation and has made some honorable sacrifices in the field of service that has changed the course of time and for which the Indian Army is considered to be one of the deadliest and one of the toughest military enforcement among the super powers in the current era.

The strength of the Indian Army are the service men under the different units of the Indian Army serving the nation, but the ultimate strength and the power of the Indian Army is lies with the number of the massive service men who by the whole world are considered to be one of the bravest and courageous men serve their nation with their distinct service in the field of national security.

The Indian Army has been able to produce the finest service men to serve the nation in the modern time due to which the strength of the Indian Army along with the Nation grows rapidly.

These service men under the Indian Army go through one of the toughest level of training which is the sole reason of the Indian Army service men are regarded as one of the toughest an the bravest service men. So the level of training is the major fact that affects the recruitment process and makes it more competitive and tough to clear through by any candidate.

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Join Indian Army GD (General Duty) Book In Hindi - PDF Download 

Although the recruitment or the bhati rallies are held frequently in different regions of the country only the best are selected or recruited for their service to the Nation under the Indian Army.

These recruitment/bharti rallies are held by the respective ZRO or ARO of the region under the supervision of the responsible officials who have a keen eye for the deserving new candidates.
Candidates who have enrolled for these recruitment or bharti have to for through the different sages of the recruitment/bharti procedure which in other word is to prove themselves eligible for to serve the nation by every means possible.

During these recruitment huge gathering of eager youths can be seen but only the best candidate are selected for the final phase of shortlisting.Most of the candidates are rejected in the different phase of the selection phase due to different aspects.

But the most common phase where the maximum shortlisting is carried is during the written exam of the recruitment process because the candidates with low intellect or intelligence they are not able to score the minimum passing marks to be selected for the next phase.

So further on we will discuss roughly about the written exam,subjects ,topics,exam pattern and most important the books that will be useful for the candidates to prepare from to score better marks during the written exams.

Join Indian Army GD Book PDF Free Download

The written exam is conducted to test the intelligence  ability of the candidates through the set of questions that the candidates have to answer during their written test. It is one of the major phase of the recruitment process and it is also considered to be the absolute test for the candidates because the final merit list will be made based on the scores that has been obtained by the candidates during the different phases of the recruitment process.

Although the candidates must clear all the stages to over on to the next phase of the recruitment because the absolute purpose of these tests shortlist the candidates starting from the 1st phase of the recruitment process.

As mentioned earlier only the candidates who have scored the best scores throughout each test shall be selected in the merit list because the final selection of candidates are based upon  the overall score and performance of the candidates.

Therefore the candidates should try their best to score higher marks and perform at their highest level during the phases of the recruitment process which comprise of the following;

1) Physical Tet/physical Fitness Test (PFT).
2) Medical Test
3) Written Exam.

The mentioned above are the major stages of the recruitment process which the candidates must clear and each of these phases comprises of certain marks and to clear the phase the candidate must score the least passing marks.Example: Is a candidate is not able to obtain the least passing marks during the PFT/physical test then the candidate will not be qualified to appear the remaining stages i,e. the medical test and the written test,hence the candidate shall be rejected for the further process of the recruitment.

Therefore the candidate must clear each phase.The candidates who  clear all the above  phages by scoring the minimum passing marks shall be shortlisted in the merit list which is created based on the overall performance of the candidates during the above mentioned stages of the recruitment process.

So the candidate must give the best not just to obtain the minimum passing marks but to secure the position in the merit list which is the ultimate selection of the candidates.

Although the performance of the candidates during the stages of the physical and the medical test will fully depend upon the physical and the medical status of the candidate and the preparations made for the phase by the candidates the main hindrance for the candidates lies ahead during the written test as it is totally a different set of test when compared to the other tests.

So here we will be providing the interested candidates with  a rough but a useful information regarding the written test of the written exam.

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  2. Indian Army NER Soldier GD
  3. NER Soldier GD Practice Set
  4. NER Soldier GD Kit
  5. Indian Army NER Soldier General Duty
  6. Soldier SKT/GD Kit
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Indian Army Best Books for General Duty (GD) 2020

The written exams are conducted with the questions that are set based upon the different subjects which provide the different topics for setting the questions. Major subjects for the written exams are:


These are the major subjects that covers the entire topics and upon which the written exams are based on. Now let us provide you with the basic information regarding the exam pattern,and the marks distributed based on each subjects:
  • Total Marks: 100
  • Total Questions:50
  • Marks Per Question: 2 Marks
  • Minimum Passing Marks: 32 Marks.
  • Duration of Exam/ Total Time : 1 Hour

1. General Knowledge: 30%
  •       Total Marks: 30 Marks.
  •        Questions: 15
2. General Science: 40%
  •    Total Marks: 40 Marks
  •      Questions: 20
3. Mathematics: 30%
  • Total Marks: 30 Marks
  •   Questions: 15

Check:- Indian Army GD Syllabus PDF

So this is how the exam pattern is set and the marks are distributed according to each subject.
The candidates must score the minimum passing score for the  their selection.

The marks that can be scored by the candidate during this written test can have some affect on the candidate being shortlisted on the merit list.The higher the score the candidate obtains the higher the chances increase of being selected.

So what it means is that the candidate  can cover the marks difference by scoring the highest mark possible in the written test.

The marks scored in the written exam is not just important for clearing the phase by it also affects the aggregate marks or score that has be obtained by the candidate in the overall performance.
Most of the candidates are rejected due to low aggregate score therefore we will provide the candidates with some useful tips and the books that are considered to be the best books available for the preparation of the written exams.

How To Prepare For Indian Army GD Written Exam 2020

Here are some of the helpful tips for the preparation for written exams:-
  1. The syllabus that covers the topics for the written exams are generally from the syllabus of 8th,9th,and 10th standard(any board).
  2. The books of he 8th ,9th,and 10th standard will provide the most information for the subjects of general science and mathematics.
  3. For the section of the GK the candidates must have a broad knowledge of the current affairs of national & international status.
  4. Newspapers,readers digest, magazines are the best source for the GK section.
  5. Group discussion and group studies are the best form of preparation for any candidate as massive information can be gained by the candidates.
  6. Proper routine set by the candidate will be best for the preparation,but the candidate just follow the routine till the written exam date.
  7. Each day a minimum study for at-least for 4 hours or more will be beneficial for the candidate.
  8. There are books that are published by different authors which the candidates can prepare from.
  9. Candidates can download the pdf file of thee books for a reasonable price when compared to the price of the books in the stores.

So these are some of the information that may give the interested candidates so idea about the written exams,exam pattern,syllabus and the recommended books that are available for the candidates who can prepare form for the written test.

Candidate can check on this site for any information related to Indian Army as the site will be updating the information on a regular basis to provide the assistance and guidance needed for the candidates to understand well about every queries that hold and the information they need to acquire before enrolling for the recruitment or the bharti in the Indian Army.

Hope this article provides the candidates with some information and the provided tip are helpful for preparation. Thank you and best of luck to the candidates for their preparation.


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