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Indian Army Soldier GD Syllabus, Exam Pattern, Sample Papers PDF 2020

Join Indian Army GD Syllabus 2020:- Start preparation using Army GD Syllabus PDF In Hindi and get Indian Army Exam Pattern 2020 and Indian Army GD Sample Paper/Old Question paper PDF File for better practice. Every year the Indian Army Service holds the recruitment/bharti every now and then for the vacancy in the different post in the service and the recruitment /bharti is held in the different regions of the Indian sub continent.

The bharti rallies or the recruitment attracts a massive gathering of the youths of the country who look forward to be recruited into the service with their dreams of serving the country and there are some who carry the dreams of their beloved ones.

However the recruitment process is of toughest level but not impossible because the recruitment process or the bharti is cleared by huge number of new cadets who are eligible and have the quality to overcome the toughness of the recruitment procedure.

Any candidate with the required eligibility,quality and qualification is able to be recruited in the service with a good preparation and the determination to be selected for the service in one of the honorable and glorious field of  service known as the Indian Army. Since there are various stages of the recruitment procedure  such as the physical test,medical test ,the written test and finally the commission training which should be cleared by any cadet to be commissioned in the service of Indian army.

But in this article we will discuss  only about the written test which is a tricky test for the candidates,here we will provide the interested candidate with the information regarding the syllabus for the exams,exam pattern,sample papers,marks distribution subject wise and the marks required to clear the written test.Some suggestions will be provided for the candidates to help them regarding the preparations for the written test. Buy Indian Army GD Book and check Indian Army Recruitment 2020 for all post.

Indian Army Soldier GD Exam Syllabus In Hindi 

Due to the reason there are number of students who are unable to clear the written test because of poor information encase of the written test,as the test for the recruitment covers some of the major subjects that provides a vast section for the questions. Check out the Indian Army GD Syllabus In Hindi and prepare for the Written exam.

Even the scale of the syllabus the candidate has to cover to  pass the written test the recruitment of the new candidates are the living proof that with the wright preparations and dedication a candidate can clear all the recruitment stages and then clear the written test because at the end all you need is preparation for the the whole recruitment specially for the written test and some faith in yourself that makes you believe that its not impossible to pass the written test.

  1. The written exams for the GD is conducted based on the syllabus  under the subjects that is set according to the authorities of the Indian military service.
  2. The written test conducted are for overall 100 marks which is distributed subject wise and the total time for the written test is of 1 hour.
  3. The candidates are given the question pattern of the multiple choices where the candidate has to select one of the given 4 options as the answer to that specific question.
  4. There are 100 questions given in the written test and each of the question carries 1 mark and a candidate must score a minimum of total of 32 marks to clear the exam.
Download Indian Army Syllabus PDF 2020:

 Indian Army GD Exam Pattern 2020 (PDF File)

1).General Knowledge for 30 marks
2).Greneral Science for 40 marks
3).Maths for 30 marks respectively.

*Total marks of the written exam is:100 marks
*Total number of questions:50 questions.
*Question type:Multiple choice
*Duration of the exam :1 hour
*Marks required to pass the written test :32 marks/32%.

Passing Marks
General Knowledge
32 Marks
General Science

The candidate must answer all the question according to his knowledge and intelligence since any misbehavior of the candidate during the written test shall see the rejection of the candidate and shall be expelled form the recruitment/bharti  so it is advised that a candidate appears the written within the rules of the examination. You can Download and save the Indian Army GD Exam Pattern 2020 and Exam Pattern PDF File from here.

The questions that are set are usually based on the syllabus similar to that of the syllabus of the 10th standard,so it can be assumed that the question are all not that tough and out of the syllabus question may not be the problem.

But the preparation shall be done thoroughly for a certian period of time but with the determination adn dedication if the candidate wants to pass the written test will flying colours.

Indian Army Soldier GD Exam Syllabus 2020

Now lets discuss in brief about the subjects that we need to focus upon and in which the written exams are conducted and all the questions that are set from. There are three major sections of subjects in which the candidate has to prepare and has to appear during the written test. Check below Indian Army GD Soldier Syllabus 2020 and Download the Army GD Syllabus PDF File for your better help.

Following are the sections of the subjects for the written test:

1). Army GD General Knowledge (GK) Syllabus:- 

This section of among the others yields the most diverse question ass the question are based upon the general knowledge where the candidate must improve his Gk for passing the written test.
The question are of multiple choice so there is some relief in it but it also makes confusing for the candidates,so it is suggested that the candidate must remain calm during the written test and while answering the questions.

Some of the important topics upon which the question for for the GK section is set for the written test are;

a).Award and Prizes:- National awards,Gallantry awards,Noble prizes.
b).Terminology:-Geographical terms,Economical terms,Legal terms.
c).History:- Indian history,world history,National movements pre-independence & post-independence.
d).Geography:-World geography,Indian geography.
e).Sports:-National and International.

Question From
National and International both
Battles & dates in Indian as well as world History. Important dates and national movement
Common object and phrases, Scientific, places, people etc
Geographical, economic and Astronomical terms, Legal terms etc.
Solar System, Desserts, Peaks Lakes, waterfalls, questions on biggest and tallest etc
Awards & Prizes              
Gallantry Awards, National-International Awards, Nobel Prizes etc
Other Topics     
Books and Authors, UNO, Indian Armed forces, States and Capitals, UTs, Researches, Festivals of India and the world, Current Affairs etc
The mentioned above are the important section which is the source for the questions set in terms of GK(General Knowledge question pattern).Although the section is vast,still there are good source of  information that can be gained and utilized by the candidate for the preparation of written test.

NOTE:- Newspapers, weekly or monthly magazines such ;wisdom ,Readers digest,watching the national or international news channels may provide the candidate with some of the beneficial information regarding the national and international issues.

The candidates can go through the books of 9th and 10th classes for the information regarding the History and Geography sections.The section of GK provides varieties of questions that needs to be answered precisely by the candidate and the section of GK is the reliable section where there is possibility for scoring maximum marks by the candidate which only helps himself during the written test results.So preparations should be done for the toughest question pattern possible.

2) Indian Army GD General Science Syllabus PDF:- 

This section of General science contains the highest marks allotment among the other sections which carries a total marks of 40% from a total of 100%.So it is considered to be the most important subject for the written test.But with the wright preparations and the proper source of information regarding this particular section can make a candidate eligible to handle the section with ease.

Thus the proper preparation should be done and the information gathered should be of reliable source. Here are listed below some of important topics under which the section of General science from which  the questions are set for the written test:

a).Biology:- Basic biology such as the human body(organs ,functions,structure,parts of the body,etc.)and day to day activities.
b).Scientific section:- Scientific names of basic organisms(8th,9th,10th standards) and terms used often in daily life and Research institutes (established,founder,fulform,etc.)
c).Physics:- Basic or general physics related to  the day to day activities(8th,9th,10th standard based).
d).Chemistry:- Basic or General chemistry for day to day activities(name of the chemical,scientific  symbols of the chemicals,based upon 9th,10th standard).

Question From
General Biology
General Questions related to day to day activity (General Physics)
General Chemistry)
Scientific Terminology   
Commonly used scientific terms in day to day life

NOTE:- Since this section is based upon the general science  and the syllabus are extracted mostly from the primary syllabus of the 9th and 10th classes.So the basic need of information for any candidate can be gathered mostly form the books of the 8th,9th,10th standards. Even there are books recommended for this section which come with reasonable price.

If the candidate is willing to prepare for a certain period of time with the dedication to pass the section of general science then it is possible for any individual to pass it with the proper preparation and information.A well prepared individual would have the wright information to pass the section scoring better marks.

3) Indian Army GD Mathematics Syllabus:- 

The most confusing section among all would be preferred as the section of mathematics which includes the numeral problems,fractions and of all the topics of the geometry ,algebra tends to makes it a tough section when compared to the other sections.

However without the solution there is no existence of the problems in case of life and since maths was the creation of man it is advisable that the problems of maths always lies in the question and with the practice under good care shall see a candidate clear this section without any problem.

Since the questions set in this section is mostly form the syllabus of 8th,9th,and majority from 10th standard,so the suggestion would be that it is easier to go through all the basic maths and solving problem from the mathematics books of 8th,9th,and 10th standard. Here are some of the topics under this section which may help a candidate to have a light of information for the candidate to focus on:
  1. Mensuration:- Study of area and perimeter of squares,rectangle,cubes,circles(is found in the books of 9th ,10th standard books of any board).
  2. Geometry:- study of lines,triangles,quadrilaterals,parallelograms,and circles(available in 9th and 10th standard books of any board). 
  3. Arithmetic:- Study of simple interest,compound interest,HCF,LCM,fractions,square roots,ratio and proportion profit & loss,work & distance(based upon the books of 9th,10th).
  4. Algebra:- Study of basic operations,factorization,HCF,LCM and quadratic equations(9th ,10th standard based).

Question From
Lines and angles, triangles, circles, quadrilaterals, parallelograms
Area and perimeters of rectangles, squares, circle, parallelogram. Volume and surface area of cube, cylinder, sphere etc.
Questions on Work, time & distance, simple and compound interest, HCF, LCM, Decimal, Fraction, Square roots , questions on average, ratio, proportion, profit, loss etc.
Basic Algebra operations, factors and quadratic equations etc.
NOTE:- The questions set for the section is based upon the basic problems from the maths of the 9th and majority from the 10th standard. Since it is the section of the maths the questions should be solved with every step being accurate along with the answer.

How To Prepare For Indian Army Soldier GD (Written Exam)

A candidate can start the preparation straight form learning the basic formulas of the different topics within the section and solve problems based or related to the topics and the syllabus of the section.
Preparation for a certain period of time shall improve the ability of solving mathematical problems faced by a dedicated candidate.

As the questions are generally basic one and studied by the candidate during his schooling periods.
The best form of practicing maths will be preparing with the students of 10th standard or 12th standard from science background which may help the candidate to figure out the mistakes and to improve in this particular section.


Since the recruitment process for the Indian Army bharti or recruitment is of the toughest level that includes the written exam among the other section.The section or the written test selection is based upon the intelligence ability of the candidate who should clear the written test with the required marks from the total mark of the exam.

The written exam is conducted with form the syllabus of the three major subjects as mentioned above with the marks distribution as given,due to the written exam being a intelligence test the questions are of its toughest level.

The reason for that makes its a tough one is the syllabus and the topic the three section covers as it provides with a expandable section with various or numerious choices quetstions  that that can be set.
However the written exam can be passed by any candidate if the preparation are done according to the syllabus an the topics within a suitable period of time before the written exam.

Indian Army GD Written Exam Sample Papers PDF File Download 2020

All candidates who want to clear the Indian Army GD Written Exam, they all need to prepare very well for the exam. One of main part of preparing is old question paper of Army GD Sample Paper 2015, 2016 and 2017 years. Here we will update very soon all 4 to 5 previous year Army GD Sample Paper or Question paper. 

Large number of new recruits are taken into the service every year and it is one of the reason to believe that with the preparation and the reliable information and knowledge the written exams can be cleared.

Download Indian Army GD Sample Paper:- PDF

Here are some of my personal and reliable source for some important informations that may  be of some help:
Although these are my personal thought for the source of information  gathering.

  1. Newspapers,readers digest.
  2. News channels (National,regional,international).
  3. Television is also a good source for information.
  4. Libraries for public assistance.
  5. Learning app Specially for the general science section).
  6. Books of 9th,10th standard for all the three section as mentioned above(Any board )
  7. Internet site  provides with information in every field.
  8. Monthly or weekly magazines.
  9. Information can also be gathered from newly recruited service men
Any candidate who prepare with the sheer will and dedication with the proper routine and determiantion can clear the toughest written test for the Indian Army recruitment/bharti.
There are number of books that can be recommended for the preparation of written exam but the books can be fetched for a reasonable price so the best source to get it are from the public libraries. Hope this article of Indian Army GD sample Paper pdf 2020 and army syllabus related details will helpful you all guys. Comment for any queries and best of luck for your future, Jai Hind. 


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