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Indian Army Clerk/SKT Exam Syllabus, Pattern, Sample Paper PDF

Indian Army Clerk/SKT Syllabus 2020:- Download Indian Army Clerk Syllabus PDF File and Exam Pattern In Hindi. Check Indian Army Clerk/SKT Sample Paper PDF File for better practice. The Indian army offers with distinct post in the various field of service where number of new candidates are recruited every year. Every occasion during the bharti rallies or the recruitment many interested candidates take  part with the hope of being selected for the further recruitment process.
Preparations are done with the goal of being recruited into the honorable service of the Indian army into their respective field of service they have to offer. Check Upcoming Indian Army Open Bharti 2020 and buy Indian Army Clerk Book.

Its is one of the toughest recruitment stages a candidate must clear to be selected.These stages consists of physical test,medical and the written test as the primary stages of recruitment.
However the physical and the medical test are those dependent upon the candidates health and physique of the individual.The confusion and the trouble is created by the written test that are conducted specifically for the different field of service.

Written exam is one of the stage of the bharti where the maximum candidates are rejected who fail to secure the required marks to be qualified and to be mentioned in the merit list.

The written test are conducted based on the  subjects and the topics set by the authorities, such as for the GD(General Duty)post the written exams are conducted upon the subjects of GK(General Knowledge ),General science and Mathematics respectively.

Recruitment of new candidates for the GD post one of the major post for the recruitment where a massive force of new candidates are recruited whenever the recruitment or the bharti is held in the different regions of the Country. After the post of GD the post for the clerk in the service is the common post where the new candidates apply for,which is a different field of service but of higher importance.

Indian Army Clerk/SKT Exam Syllabus PDF File Download 2020

The eligibility criteria to be able to apply for the clerk post is similar to that of the GD(General Duty)candidate but the educational qualification differs. There are three major subjects For the clerk position in the Indian army the candidate must be 12th pass with at least 50% in each subject and aggregate of 60% from 10th and 12th standard combined.

Unlike the subjects for the written exam for the GD(General Duty) that is based upon the three major subjects as the first three subjects mentioned below. All candidates who are preparing for the clerk then Download Indian Army Clerk Syllabus PDF File For your better practice.

Encase of Written exam for the post of the clerk is a tough one to be cleared by the candidate for what the makes the written test tougher is the addition of the 2 other major subjects i.e,Computer science and English.

So altogether the written exam for the post of clerk 9s conducted upon five major siubjects.
Not only the addition of the subjects makes it more tough but the required mark for a candidate to pass is higher and the presence of the negative marking makes it a tricky written exam and that can jeopardize any candidates the state of mind during the exams.

> Download PDF File:- Syllabus & Exam Pattern

Indian Army Clerk/SKT Exam Pattern 2020

The  majority syllabus and the topics are based upon the educational syllabus of the CBSE board of education. Check here Indian Army Clerk Exam Pattern 2020 and get the pdf file from the given link.

The written test are conducted upon the major subjects of;
  1. General  Knowledge,
  2. General science,
  3. Mathematics,
  4. Computer science
  5. English.

The written exam for the post of clerk is conducted in two section where the candidate has to appear during that whole period of 1 hour.

The section are as such;

*Part I contains General Knowledge,General science ,Mathematics and Computer science.
*Part II contains the subjects of English.
Min Marks in Each Part
Total Pass Marks
Part I
General Knowledge
General Science
Computer Science
Part II

  1. Total marks for the written test: 200 marks(100 marks for each section 1 & 2).
  2. Total number of questions: 25 (section 1 & section 2).
  3. Duration for the exam:1 hour
  4. Negative marking: 0.5(Hlf marks shall be deducted for every wrong answer).
  5. Total Passing marks: 80
  6. Question type: Multiple choices.
  7. Marks per question:4 marks/question.
  8. Minimum passing marks for each section:32
  9. Aggregate passing marks after combining both section: 80 or more.

Indian Army Clerk/SKT Exam Syllabus 2020

All candidates who are searching Indian Army Clerk Syllabus 2020 related details. They can get here all syllabus topics and also get the Army Clerk Syllabus PDF File. Open the above given link of pdf file and download the file and start preparation. 

a) Part I:- 

1). General knowledge

  • Sports  
  • History 
  • Abbreviations  
  • Terminology      
  • Geography        
  • Awards & Prizes              
  • Other Topics     

2). General science:-

  • Biology               
  • Physics                     
  • Chemistry            
  • Scientific Terminology   

3). Mathematics:-

*Study of simple interest,compound interest,
*Square roots,
*Ratio and proportion profit & loss,
*Work & distance(based upon the books of 9th,10th).

*Study of basic operations,
*HCF,LCM and
*Quadratic equations(9th ,10th standard based).

*Study of area and perimeter of squares,rectangle,cubes,circles(is ound in the books of 9th ,10th standard books of any board).

*Study of lines,triangles,quadilaterals,parallelograms,and circles(available in 9th and 10th standard books of any board).

E).Trigonometry:- *Trigonometric ratios of an angle .
*Simple applications of trigonometry ratios for solving the problems of different types.
*Simple identities.

Lines and Angles:-

*Different characters of lines and angles.
*Parellel and perpendicular lines.
*Inserting lines
*Angles and triangles.
*Interior and exterior angles.
*Tiriangle properties
*Parallelogram its types and properties.
*Circles its properties ,arc,chords,tangents,secants,and angles subtended by arcs.


*Classification of data.
*Frequency polygons
*Mean,median and mode of grouped and ungrouped data.
*Statistical techniques for solving problems.

*Note:-The questions set for the section is based upon the basic problems from the maths of the 9th and majority from the 10th standard. Since it is the section of the maths the questions should be solved with every step being accurate along with the answer.

A candidate can start the preparation starting form learning the basic formulas of the different topics within the section and solve problems based or related to the topics and the syllabus of the section.
Preparation for a certain period of time shall improve the ability of solving mathematical problems faced by a dedicated candidate.

As the questions are generally basic one and studied by the candidate during his schooling periods.
The best form of practicing maths will be preparing with the students of 10th standard or 12th standard from science background which may help the candidate to figure out the mistakes and to improve in this particular section.

4). Computer Science:-

The subject of computer science is included in the written exam syllabus for the post of the clerk where the candidate must have the knowledge of the basic function of the computer and its use for the different tasks.

Since the subject of computer is all  about the machine and the functions it offers for a candidate to fulfill the tasks place upon his duty. The post of the clerk is among the technical field as the service of the clerk is required mostly in the field of technical task.

The question set for the paper of the Computer science is based on the basics of the computer knowledge which covers mostly the topics under the following:

  • Computer system,
  • MS Excel
  • Concept of memory
  • MS Word
  • Input ,output devices
  • MS,Windows
  • Introduction to windows
  • MS power point.

The mentioned above are the important topics for the written test incase of computer knowledge paper.The subject cover the syllabus of the 10th standard.As the candidate must be qualified enough in this subject to secure the required mark to pass the test.

Computer is a major help while performing any technical task during the duty hours ,so for the post of the clerk in the Indian army the candidate but be able to complete the task with he assistance of the machine.

The computer science is  one of the common requirements these days ans a candidate interested for the post of clerk must possess the knowledge of the computer system and its functions.

NOTE:- For the knowledge of computer any candidate can  take the course of basic computer knowledge(3 months) from any good computer course institute.
As the best form of preparation for the subject of the computer science is the practical way.

b). Part II


The section of English is the one subject upon which the written exam is conducted upon for the post of clerk. Its is one of  the major subject with a vast scope and important which deals with the knowledge of a candidate in the field of English especially in the field of grammar.

A candidate must have a humble English background if the candidate is to clear the English section of the written test.
Here are some of the topics or the syllabus  that cover up the English section during the written exam.

1)Parts of speech:-

b).Noun and pronoun

2).Verbs Tenses:-
a).Present,past forms Simple,Perfect forms


a).Types of sentences,
b).Use of phrases
c).Direct and Indirect
d).Active and Passive voice

4)Other topics

a).Idioms and phrases
b).Synonyms and antonyms
c).One word substitution.
 The best form of preparation for the section of English is the practice of the grammar as the grammar is the main focus during the written test for the post of clerk.
A candidate must clear the section of English that comes under the written exam section 2.

NOTE:- For the better preparation for the written exams the candidates can go through the books of English and the syllabus books of the 9th and 10th standard of the CBSE board as the number of question that are set for the written test are based on the CBSE board of education.

Indian Army Clerk/SKT Sample Paper PDF File Download 

All candidates who want to Join Indian Army, are want Indian Army Clerk Sample Paper PDF File. Then very soon we are going to upload here last 5 years question paper file for all Clerk and Store Keeper Technician candidates. You need to start your self according the given syllabus and exam pattern. First read all the syllabus and exam pattern and cover all syllabus. Practice daily for clear the written exam. Once you have done, then solve the old year question paper and sample papers.

All clerk candidates can get easily last 5 year Army Clerk Sample Paper and Solved Question Paper PDF File. Once we update here you can check the files. Now before this you can check the official website of the board that is Best of luck guys for your future. 


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