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10 Reasons Why To Join Indian Army - Life In Indian Army

10 Reasons Why To Join Indian Army - Life In Indian Army :-  Top 10 Advantage to Join Indian Army and some disadvantage to Join Indian Army Life. List of Benefits to Join Army and Benefits for Army Family. There is no doubt for the fact that every nation that exists is safe from every aspects of threat or insecurity  only due to the presence of the support form the shadows that comes through the service of our beloved military personnel.

So who are these personnels? where do they come from?and why do they not just serve the nation but eventually serving the souls of the nation,those people who know nothing about the world that lies just behind their back door.

These service are non other than the normal persons among us who are brave and courageous enough to taken on the training of the army to transform themselves to their finest level to serve their nation with all they have to offer even if its their own life  which they will lay down for the sake of the safety of their motherland and the souls that take shelter within their motherland which they refer as their country.

There are times when a nation has to face the times of greater threat that if not taken under control disrupts the peace and the stability of a nation and in certain time can be the sole reason that will burn a nation down to the ground with the flames of unhumanitory actions  and because of the  recent modern events which is a concrete evidence of it.

There are such events that can reduce one nation to ashes which leds to a absolute dark future of the nation and the souls that binds the nation itself.

It is wise to say that every nation needs security either from the treats are form behind the boundaries of a nation or from the heart of the nation itself,but the question that arises is who is going to protect the souls within the nation keeping in mind the safety of the Nation itself.

This is where the service men who serve the nation and the people without a doubt of selfishness and greed ,they serve and serve throughout their service period until they are released by the Army or by laying down their life for the nation and for the souls to strive forward to a better future.

10 Reasons Why To Join Indian Army  

The Indian Army is one of the major and massive force of service men who have been serving the nation from the period of pre-independence till this day without any demand in return.

These force of service men are the absolute foundation upon which the Indian nation is laid upon,for the times of national security they have served the nation and it people with some of the glorious and honorable events that took place in due course of time.

No wonder the Indian Army is regarded as one of the bravest and most courageous force of service men who are known all over the universe for their bravery and the dedication interms of serving their Motherland. Here is the 10 Reasons Why To Join Indian Army.

  1. Job Security
  2. Retirement Benefits
  3. Good Salary Package
  4. Educational Facilities
  5. Fitness
  6. Reputation
  7. Accommodation Facilities
  8. Medical Facilities
  9. Canteen Facility
  10. Proud Feel 

Indian Army is also considered to be the 3rd most powerful military enforcement in the world and with the service of some of the finest personals makes this field of service to be considered as a deadly and fearsome force to encounter in their respective field of service.

The past events that has carved itself in the pages of history exclaims the honour and the glory brought to the nation by these service with the bravery and the courage they have left behind for the generations and to remind them that there is nothing better than to serve their motherland through anything that lies ahead.

Through the course of time the world has changed through the various aspects of life but still the nation stands still upon the support of the pillars of the military served by the bravest of them all.
Every nation feels proud of their service men and  without any doubt  they deserve to be appreciated,respected and loved by all because of the fact that even they leave their loved for the slake of nation and to serve their motherland and for the people who shelter within his motherland.
Since we are to know more  about the life of an army service man let us learn more about our own guardians who have been keeping us safe from each and every threat and it is has to be the Indian Army.

Life Of An Indian Army Service Man

There is no sort of any explanation that is required to let the world know about the Indian Army because the service itself has built the reputation of being one of the deadliest and courageous force in the world. Indian Army has been the major force that made the Indian sub-continent  to be regarded as one of the supreme power among the other supreme nation  in the modern era.

The massive support of the Indian Army is the fact which keeps the Indian Nation safe and ensures the safety of the citizens of the Indian democracy.

The Indian Army comprise of various units under different regions but the common bond that binds the army as one is the gift of bravery and courage that has been intrusted to each and every service men of the force.

The bravery and the courage of the army that is buried underneath their hearts when brutes out can send chills  through the spines of anyone who may dare to face them toe to toe. Life of an army service men is one to be considered as every unstable with the uncertainty that lies ahead for which each second of their life is important because the major priority of these service men is the total safety of their nation.

It can be wise to say that the life of an army is one of the most challenging and the toughest one which is close to impossible for any normal person to endure even for a day.

Each new day brings along the new challenges of life for which the service men are always trained for and the uncertain future is  the most common future that a service man holds on to. Under the service of the Indian Army life is very tough but also provides with the opportunity of new adventures and various challenges to be faced by every army without ta single sign of hesitation of backing down.
The service men are required to go through some of the toughest training which transforms a normal person into one of the toughest personality fit for serving the country.

The life of an army personnel is all about serving their nation as the whole day of an soldier is about the security and safety of the nation for which the duties are for which is intrusted to the service men.
Every day starts with the training and  routine set by the Indian Army service that is applied to every service men be it the higher ranks or the lower army personals.

List of Military Benefits - Join Indian Army Benefits

As we mention above the List of Military Benefits and List of Join Indian Army Benefits. The one of the most important aspect of an army life is time because every second is important and the service men are trained to value every second. These are the facts and the reasons that makes these service men to be very disciplined and well mannered as the it is said that "Manners make the man".

To be a complete service men they  require to be at their finest state be it interms of physique,mental health for the purpose of carrying on their general duty and to face some of the most extreme of challenges.Major priority of an service men is their duty which they must fulfill under any circumstances without any failure.

Being a service men is to know that you can never back down from any situation that is in-front of you even interms of loss of your own life,which clears the air and proves that a life of an service men is not to be taken lightly.

In times of extreme grief that casts its shadow throughout the nation which grabs the nation with its uncontrollable burning flames which creates the panic within the nation which can be impossible to be handled by the authorities  and who seek the assistance of the service of the army personnels.
Only the army personnels are the ones who without any hesitation shall take on the job when every one else attempts but fails to complete the task.

Disadvantage to Join Indian Army - Army Life drawbacks

So the life of an army is one of the out most importance that binds the nation together and ensures a better and brighter future of the generations who have yet to see the world. Some peoples have many question like Disadvantage to Join Indian Army and drawbacks of joining indian army.

Being a service men they are taught or trained to be the most disciplined personality and the best soldier to serve their nation with all their heart and with all their might.
The duty of an service man is the most important priority which can not be forfeited,for a service man their is no such fixed relief as almost 9 months shall be the total duty period.The remaining 3 months are the relief days that is given to every service man and which is not guaranteed because they could be cancelled due the unfortunate events.Even those who are back home to relax for the total 3 months shall be recalled.

  1. Rank Is Always Greater than Age
  2. Fitness Is Top Priority
  3. You Can’t Quit
  4. Busy Schedule Life
  5. Being Far Away From Family and Friends 
  6. Standardized Rules

Their are many life events that a soldier has to face and which is still unknown to the normal  people who are living with peace with the courtesy of these unselfish service men who give their everything for the protection of their loving motherland and her citizens.

When a person leaves to serve the nation under the Indian Army he leaves nothing behind but the memories till the time he comes back with open arms or wrapped himself in the arms of the tricolor.
But still every year massive number of new men join the Indian Army to serve the country for their love towards to their motherland who are transformed into a complete service men and a concerned citizen who cares about his country.

Now lets us try to understand that why a man joins the army or rather the reason for which a man should join the army which is one of the most honorable service that can be provided by any citizen to his nation.

Why Do You Want to Join Indian Army 

As said above that the Indian army or any army of respective the nation does not require any introduction because these service men have established themselves in the world  as one of the most respected personalities who are equally respected and loved by all.

The service of the army is considered to be the most honorable field of service there is and  which is to serve the nation with the  distinct level of their duty one can offer.

Although the life of the service men are of harsh nature but the service also offers the respect and the love form all corners of the nation and the world. Being in the army is the best line of duty where you serve the nation or your motherland and in return the motherland that offers you a place for shelter or in other words the heaven that you and you loved ones sustain life.

The motherland has offered all the necessities for its people and the safety of the mother that provides lies in the hands of her children who are referred as the army.

The service of the army is of the highest level that provides all the necessary materials and also is a very responsible field of service that looks after each of its service men.

More than the service that army can be considered to be a much bigger family when compared to the normal families,where the souls are bonded not by blood but by the love towards to their nation.
In a nation the army personnels are the most respected service men who without any doubt the respect that are shown to them by the normal citizens.

So who would not want the respect of their fellow countrymen and of the world. Joining the army is all about the service and the love that a person can offer to his nation by serving under the army.
However the service not only takes care of the service men but also provides with the best possible assistance to the respective families of the service men that makes the life easier of the families of the service men.

Advantages of Indian Army 

The army service offers assistance in various aspects of the lives of the families of an army personnels such as in the field of education for the children of the service man and there are many other service that are provided by the army service to their families.

If one has the courage to serve the nation that shelters their loved ones than to join the army is the best way possible to return the favor. Joining the army is the field where the service will enlighten the personnels with the insight of the outer world that lies behind their world giving a broader view of the world.

It is also one of the most challenging service where the personnels are taught to survive and strive forward in short being in the army is all about moving forward and never backing down which is ironic because even life is about moving forward and not backing down from many situation that lies ahead.
So being in the army is not just a service but is a life in a  different world which is totally  incomparable to the normal life of the normal world. Therefore if you are a service man  or want to be a service man in the army than be proud of yourself and hold your head high it honor.



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